User Journey - Sachini


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This journey explores how Sachini Corea would interact with the site.

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User Journey - Sachini

  1. 1. Sachini is a Trade & Investment Adviser for UKTI. She is based at the British Embassy in Sri Lanka and has been requested to prioritise trade of e-Government and Retail and Logistics.
  2. 2. Sachini gets an email telling her about a new service to help UK tech companies start up in overseas markets. This email features a link to see how the service works.
  3. 3. The Going Global how-to page loads up. It features a short orientation video, which Sachini watches.
  4. 4. Sachini clicks on the profile of the most active UKTI member to get an overview of what the service is about and see how she could get involved.
  5. 5. Sachini signs up and subscribes to all activity relating to Sri Lanka.
  6. 6. She also subscribes to e-Government and Retail and logistics in all countries.
  7. 7. Sachini receives an email from the service, alerting her to several requests for information on subjects she has subscribed to. She clicks through to see these requests.
  8. 8. Sachini’s profile loads up. It features a list of all information requests (new, pending and those that have already been responded to). The first request is from a UK company looking to sell digital radios, asking for information on shipping and taxation. The second, from Max Jacobs in Cambridge, is for information on how to protect software IP in Sri Lanka. Sachini addresses Max’s request first as it’s one of her priorities. She clicks through to read the full request.
  9. 9. Sachini thinks she knows someone better placed to answer Max’s request, so she forwards it to Keerthi Mendis, an IP practitioner at a local law firm.
  10. 10. Sachini is notified that Mendis has signed up to the service and posted a response. She clicks through to read his response.
  11. 11. Mendis’s article loads up.
  12. 12. Sachini reads it and comments, asking Max whether he has all the information he needs. She suggests he contact her for further help.
  13. 13. She receives a contact request from Max Jacobs with his Skype, Twitter and LinkedIn details.
  14. 14. Sachini then puts Max in touch with two people: the founder of a Sri Lankan software company that’s been tasked with developing a new voting system, and a member of Transparency International, an NGO that’s particularly interested in e-Government and electoral reform.