User Journey - Max


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This journey explores how Max Jacobs would interact with the site.

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User Journey - Max

  1. 1. Max Jacobs has been working towards his PhD at Cambridge. His focus is economics and patterns of corruption. He comes up with a way to detect electoral fraud and he works with Silicon Fen technologists to develop his idea. Max gets some grant funding to prove his product. If successful, he aims to spin off his product commercially. Max knows he needs to look to countries with a history of electoral corruption, but he’s concerned about IP protection in this context.
  2. 2. He to uses Google to search for information on IP laws in developing countries. One of Max’s results is an article on IP law in Sri Lanka: Today’s IP Reality in Sri Lanka. Max clicks on this link.
  3. 3. This article article loads up. It’s on the Going Global service and is accredited by Deloitte, which gives Max a sense of confidence. There are also a few comments. While the article answers a few of Max’s questions, it doesn’t get into the detail he needs. He sees a prompt on the page to request more information, and clicks this link.
  4. 4. Max signs up and creates a profile in order to request information on how to protect his idea in Sri Lanka.
  5. 5. Max profiles himself as interested in e-Government.
  6. 6. Max describes his request.
  7. 7. Max tags his request.
  8. 8. Max gets an email telling him his request has received a response. Max clicks through.
  9. 9. Max’s request has been responded to by a Sri Lankan IP practitioner named Keerthi Mendis. Mendis’s article on some of the more detailed aspects of IP protection in Sri Lanka is just what Max is looking for.
  10. 10. Max comments on and rates it accordingly. He’s becoming convinced that Sri Lanka is the best place to test his idea.
  11. 11. Sachini Corea, the Sri Lankan UKTI representative who received Max’s request and passed it to Mendis, comments on the article, asking Max whether he has all the information he needs.
  12. 12. Max reads Sachini’s comment and sends her a contact request with his Skype, Twitter and LinkedIn details.
  13. 13. Sachini contacts Max and learns a little more about what he’s doing. She then puts him in touch with two people: the founder of a Sri Lankan software company that’s been tasked with developing a new voting system, and a member of Transparency International, an NGO that’s particularly interested in e-Government and electoral reform.