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User Journey - Ben

This journey explores how Benjamin Wright would interact with the site.

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User Journey - Ben

  1. 1. Ben has a successful business that uses reclaimed PDAs and RFID chips to track stock and inventory, bringing costs far below anything else in the market. Because the UK market is so saturated, he has found it difficult to grow his business, even with a cheaper, greener product. Ben knows that because his price point is low, the best place to go is a developing economy. His primary need is to find out where the opportunity is, and he’s happy to take his time doing this.
  2. 2. Ben learns of the service when visiting a retail intelligence blog, where he sees the Going Global plugin used to flag up global opportunities in retail. He’s intrigued and looks up the service.
  3. 3. He goes to the homepage and sees a prompt to choose a sector. He selects the sector he’s interested in: retail and logistics.
  4. 4. The sector dashboard lists the hottest markets in this sector. Each is rated according to how easy it is to do business there. The first few don’t appeal as Ben is confident their economies are too developed for his product. Of the last three, Turkey appeals most as it is the easiest to do business in. Ben clicks on Turkey to learn more about the market.
  5. 5. The next page to load is the Turkey country dashboard, filtered to the retail logistics sector. This page lists a series of articles, videos and other pieces of content. One, Turkish Retail Market Still Unconquered by Foreign Chains: A Response, an article written by a UKTI representative in Istanbul, catches his eye. Ben clicks this link.
  6. 6. The article loads up and Ben reads that whilst the Turkish economy is still developing, the retail market is coalescing into four major groups, one of which is owned by Tesco. This is interesting news. The page also features an option to look at a Get to market guide. This interests Ben so he clicks on it.
  7. 7. Ben signs up and creates a profile in order to use the guide and access some of the service’s more advanced features.
  8. 8. The page reloads with the guide, a series of prompts, wrapped around the article. One of these suggests he consider going to a trade show. This seems like a good way to get a feel for the market. Ben clicks on the prompt.
  9. 9. The next page lists all events relevant to this market (Turkey) and sector (retail and logistics). One event in particular appeals: IDCs Retail and Logistics Roadshow: Istanbul 2010. He clicks on this.
  10. 10. This page features information on the event and links to book hotels and flights. There is also a list of attendees, including Alison Gardner, an International Development Manager with Tesco.
  11. 11. Ben realises this could be a great networking opportunity and adds his name to the list of attendees.
  12. 12. There’s also a prompt to download UKTI marketing collateral. As his business doesn’t yet have an international reputation, Ben realises this could raise his credibility. He downloads some banner designs to get printed up by a local printer.
  13. 13. Ben books a stand at the event using the contact details on the event page. After Ben attends the event he returns to the event page.
  14. 14. He adds a comment saying he enjoyed it, but has found it hard to follow up with several Turkish contacts.
  15. 15. A UKTI representative in Istanbul sees Ben’s comments and responds with a comment and a request to get in touch, as he is happy to follow up locally.

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    Jan. 7, 2010
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    Mar. 29, 2010

This journey explores how Benjamin Wright would interact with the site.


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