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Campaigning with social media


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Case study: Amnesty UK's online Campaign to Stop Violence Against Women

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Campaigning with social media

  1. 1. Campaigning with social media Case study: Amnesty UK's online Campaign to Stop Violence Against Women
  2. 2. { } is Amnesty UK’s social media campaigning platform Amnesty UK launched in September 2008 to create a community platform for its digital activists. This short case study summarises how we recently used it to support our campaign to stop violence against women in March 2009. New design - coming soon
  3. 3. With ProtectThe , Amnesty Intern ational UK aims to increase awar eness of human rights across the globe and create a community of d igital activists.
  4. 4. Amnesty UK and its supporters are active across a 'cloud' of hundreds of social spaces, networks and websites like Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter, as well as blogs.
  5. 5. In order to understand how to use this network as an effective campaigning tool we we had to audit our networks, groups and pages and create a map of our social universe.
  6. 6. Twitter @amnestyUK We also started building our Twitter network, as we knew this would be a vital piece of our social platform. We grew our Twitter followers from around 300 in December 2008 to just over 3,000 by mid-March 2009. (You’ve been brilliant, thank you!)
  7. 7. And we held a brainstorm one evening at our London HQ with a group of digital savvy supporters. This generated a whole bunch of ideas and allowed us to bounce some of our thinking about the campaign around with some experts.
  8. 8. With everything in place, we were ready to start campaigning...
  9. 9. March 2009 As a member of the End Violence Against Women coalition, Amnesty used the opportunity of International Women’s Day to campaign with the message women in the UK experience rape or other violence Amnesty is campaigning for better support for women at a local level. Currently 1 in 4 local authorities leave female victims of violence without the specialised support they need.
  10. 10. Key online actions: Get as many people as possible to email their MPs through
  11. 11. Key online actions: Get as many people as possible to change their Twitter and/or Facebook avatars to the 1:10 logo
  12. 12. Key online actions: Get as many people as possible to tweet the message ‘Each year, around one in ten women in Britain will experience rape or other violence. Act now’ at 1.10 pm on 6th March 2009
  13. 13. 1. Protect the Human blog We launched the campaign with a post on the blog which explained how people could help - this was intended to be the landing page.
  14. 14. 2. PledgeBank Amnesty created a pledge that people could take on, with the aim of people motivating each other to take this action.
  15. 15. 3. Social network outreach We reached out to our networks on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter and to individual and group blogs that showed an interest in women’s rights. We asked them the reach out to their networks, to spread the message. On Twitter, we encouraged people to use the hashtag #oneten to mark all Women’s Day-related tweets.
  16. 16. Impact: Twitter Approx. 3000 mentions of #oneten on Twitter, 6th March (SourceTwitScoop) @amnestyuk = 3rd most retweeted user, 6th March (Source Retweetradar) Around 600 new Twitter followers for @amnestyuk over the course of the week #oneten in Top 10 trending topics, 6th March (Source Twitter search) = most tweeted link, 6th March (Source Retweetradar)
  17. 17. Impact: Twitter Source Twitscoop
  18. 18. Impact: Protect the Human blog Impact: 2nd March 9th
  19. 19. Impact: 215 emailed their MP on 6th March Nearly 2,000 referred from Thanks to your participation, hundreds of you took action and 6 times as many as usual took action on 6th March In total 2,273 emails have been sent so far across the country since launching the campaign. This pressure will hopefully translate into real change, in the form of more services, for the women that need it the most.
  20. 20. We are amazed and humbled at the rate at which people have shown their support for our Stop Violence Against Women campaign, and the extensive debate we witnessed on various blogs, including our own. Clearly, people have opinions on the issue and they are not afraid to show their support or make their voices heard. The important thing to remember is that this support translates into real change for women who are victims of violence. There is power in numbers. The power to create lasting change.
  21. 21. If you'd like to support our other online campaigns or become involved in Amnesty's online activism you can do the following: 1 Follow @AmnestyUK on Twitter 2 Join our Amnesty UK Facebook group 3 Register at and start taking online actions 4 Become a member of Amnesty UK 5 Tell your friends about all of the above
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