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Who was henry_vii


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Who was henry_vii

  1. 1. The Founder of the Tudor Dynasty
  2. 2.  Shrewd, calculating, intelligent, deep Cautious, distrustful, distant An outsider, a foreigner  Brought up in France in exile – foreigner  Unknown in England – outsider Guarded his emotions, inscrutable Hard working, eye for detail, careful Avaricious, greedy Cultured, educated Faithful to his wife Close, tight-knit circle of friends
  3. 3.  England torn apart by civil war  England divided but war-weary  Wars of Roses: York v. Lancaster  Henry: House of Lancaster  Took throne in battle 1485 Law and order broken down  Henry VI weak King – nobility strong  Overmighty subjects fought each other  Did as they saw fit Wales under English rule, Ireland also (in theory)  Henry Tudor – Welsh heritage  Scotland independent
  4. 4.  York kings before Henry VII (Lancaster) Edward IV  Robust, popular, died suddenly  Two sons: Edward and Richard  Strengthened England’s finance’s and government Edward V?  Boy king (12) never crowned – murdered?  Princes in the Tower = Edward V and Prince Richard (10) Richard III  Edward IV’s brother  Murderer of his own nephews?  Popular in York / north  But elsewhere was rebellion
  5. 5.  Not strong! Mother = Margaret Beaufort  Descended from Edward III  But through an illegitimate line  John of Gaunt and Catherine Swynford  Not married when children born  Though made legitimate by Act of Parliament during reign of Richard II  However Henry VII added a rider: that the heirs of the Beauforts could not inherit the throne So Henry descended through female, illegitimate line
  6. 6.  Born to 13 year old mother Separated aged 4 – forced to flee  Went to Herbert, Earl of Pembroke  1471 Herbert killed; Henry VI and son also  Henry now Lancastrian heir – fled to Brittany Henry grew up outsider in Brittany  At duke’s court watching intrigues and politics  Duke weak ruler – nobles duplicitous  1584 Duke’s minister did deal hand Henry  Richard III Henry fled to France  Stayed at French court  Again saw courtiers not to be trusted  Decided rulers must be distant, suspicious
  7. 7.  Strong, determined, intelligent, religious  Later married Thomas, Lord Stanley  Was to play important role in Henry’s government Fought her son’s corner in England  Played key part in conspiracies against Richard III  Drummed up support with English nobles for him Deal with Elizabeth Woodville – Yorkist  Mother of Princes in Tower  Agreed marry her daughter, Elizabeth, to Henry  Thus her grandchildren  throne  And unite Houses of York and Lancaster
  8. 8.  22nd August 1485 Richard III (York) against Henry Tudor (Lancaster) Richard’s army double Henry’s  Yet Henry won through  Richard’s support not strong though  Henry won valuable ally  Right at last moment  Sir William Stanley  And 3,000 men Wars of the Roses finally over  Or did that happen in 1487...?
  9. 9. Pluses Minuses