Stock Analyzer Hadoop MapReduce Implementation


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To find the adjusted closing price for each day that a stock not reported a dividend using Hadoop MapReduce and Hive Implementation

Stock Analyzer Hadoop MapReduce Implementation

  1. 1. Hadoop Project Stock Analyzer (Mapreduce and Hive Implementation) Presented by Punit Kishore(A13011) Debayan Datta(A13006) Sunil Kumar P(A13020) Maruthi Nataraj K(A13009) Ashish Ranjan(A13004) Praxis Business School
  2. 2. AGENDA  Understanding of the problem  Technical Architecture  Basic Structure  Pseudo Code  Final Result  Business Implications Electronics Template
  3. 3. UNDERSTANDING OF THE PROBLEM  Objective : To find the adjusted closing price for each day that a stock not reported a dividend.  Data Sources :  NYSE daily prices dataset with the below schema exchange stock_symbol date stock_price _open stock_ price_high stock_price _low stock_price _close stock_volume stock_pric e_adj_close  NYSE dividends dataset with the below schema exchange stock_symbol date dividends  Isolation of dividend data from total data will give better picture of the company because sometimes firms avoid cutting dividends even when earnings drop. Framework– Mapreduce/Hive Electronics Template
  4. 4. TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE Eclipse Indigo 3.7.2 Hadoop 1.2.1 plugin Electronics Template
  5. 5. TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE Electronics Template
  6. 6. TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE Electronics Template
  7. 7. TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE WinSCP Electronics Template
  8. 8. TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE Electronics Template
  9. 9. Putty Electronics Template TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE
  10. 10. TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE Unix Environment /Amazon AWS EC2 Praxis Hadoop Cluster Electronics Template
  11. 11. TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE Sample data - NYSE_daily_prices_AT.csv (Testing is done on sample data only due to load and time constraints). Electronics Template
  12. 12. TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE Sample data - NSE_daily_prices_BT.csv Electronics Template
  13. 13. TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE Sample data - dividendstest.csv Electronics Template
  14. 14. BASIC STRUCTURE Input Key Value Pair <Memory Pointer,NYSE,AIT, 12-11-2009,X,X,X,X,X,20.69> Intermediary Key Value Pair<AIT12-11-2009,1~20.69~0> <AIT12-11-2009,1~Null~1> Output/Result Key Value Pair AIT 12-11-2009 20.69 Electronics Template
  15. 15. PSEUDO CODE import java and hadoop packages Mapper Mapper public static class StockAnalysisMapper extends MapReduceBase implements Mapper<LongWritable, Text, Text, Text> { // declaration of Mapkey and Mapvalue @Override public void map(LongWritable key, Text value,OutputCollector<Text, Text> output, Reporter reporter) throws IOException { // declaration of private variables // switch case to parse the input lines and store the data // check for null values in the key // check the header and send the key value to output collector } } Electronics Template
  16. 16. PSEUDO CODE public static class StockAnalysisReducer extends MapReduceBase implements Reducer<Text, Text, Text, Text> Reducer Reducer { //Declaration of required private variables @Override public void reduce(Text key, Iterator<Text> values,OutputCollector<Text, Text> output, Reporter reporter) throws IOException { //Declaration of sum and flag variables while (values.hasNext()) { // Parse the inputs which are count,stock adjusted closing price and check // Store them as required after parsing //check for null values of stock adjusted closing price } } } //Increment the sum // write to output if sum is 1 Electronics Template
  17. 17. PSEUDO CODE public static void main(String [] arguments) throws Exception { JobConf conf = new JobConf(StockAnalyzer.class); conf.setJobName("Stock Analysis"); conf.setOutputKeyClass(Text.class); conf.setOutputValueClass(Text.class); conf.setMapperClass(StockAnalysisMapper.class); conf.setReducerClass(StockAnalysisReducer.class); Path MapperInputPath = new Path(arguments[0]); Path OutputPath = new Path(arguments[1]); conf.setInputFormat(TextInputFormat.class); conf.setOutputFormat(TextOutputFormat.class); FileInputFormat.setInputPaths(conf, MapperInputPath); FileOutputFormat.setOutputPath(conf, OutputPath); JobClient.runJob(conf); } Electronics Template Driver Driver
  18. 18. FINAL RESULT • NYSE Daily A – 14 inclusive of 1 header • NYSE Daily B – 39 inclusive of 1 header • Dividends file – 22 inclusive of 1 header Total – 75 Electronics Template
  19. 19. FINAL RESULT • Total – 75 • Matching records – 7 • Headers – 3 • Dividend records – 21 • Final Output – 44 records Electronics Template
  20. 20. FINAL RESULT Electronics Template
  21. 21. HIVE FINAL RESULT HIVE Electronics Template
  22. 22. BUSINESS IMPLICATIONS  The daily close stock prices are adjusted for dividend distributions/stock splits because they are a part of total return and affect the historical volatility estimates .  The primary use for the adjusted closing price is as a means to develop an accurate track record of a stock's performance. The comparison of a stock's historical adjusted closing price to its current price shows the true rate of return.  Graphing the volatility history of the target firm simultaneously with that of its competitors and Market Index can provide unique insights into risk and comparative advantages(frequency distribution of returns can also be used).  Historic stock price volatility might have implications to business valuators. Electronics Template
  23. 23. Electronics Template