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50s states maddy magnifico

  1. 1. 50 statesBY: MADDY MAGNIFICO
  2. 2. Florida (The sunshine state) Capital city: Tallahassee Mott is “in god we trust” Flower: Orange Blossom Florida is the 27th state in the US. Bird: Mockingbird
  3. 3. New York (I love new York) Capital city: Albany Motto is “excelsior” Flower: Rose New York is the 11th state in the US. Bird: Bluebird
  4. 4. Hawaii (the islands of aloha) Capital city: Honolulu Motto is “The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness” Flower: Hawaiian leis Hawaii is the 50th state of the US. Bird: Nene
  5. 5. Alaska (north to Alaska) Capital city: Juneau Motto is “North To The Future” Flower: Myosotis alpestris Alaska is the 49th state of the US. Bird: Willow ptarmiqan
  6. 6. Wisconsin (just stay a little bit longer) Capital city: Madison Motto is “Forward” Flower: wood violet Wisconsin is the 30th state in the US. Bird: Robin
  7. 7. Rhode island (and providence plantations) Capital city: Providence Motto is “Hope” Flower: Viola Rhode island is the 13th state of the US. Bird: Rhode island red
  8. 8. Texas (its like a whole other country) Capital city: Austin Motto is “Friendship” Flower: Bluebonnet Texas is the 28th state of the US. Bird: mockingbird
  9. 9. California (find yourself here) Capital city: Sacramento Motto is “Eureka” Flower: California poppy California is the 31st state of US. Bird: California Valley Quail
  10. 10. Delaware (the first state) Capital city: Dover Motto is “Liberty and Independence” Flower: Peach blossom Delaware is the 1st state of the US. Bird: blue hen chicken
  11. 11. Tennessee (sounds good to me) Capital city: Nashville Motto is “Agriculture and Commerce” Flower: Iris Tennessee is the 16th state of the US. Bird: Mockingbird