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Media Body Image

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  1. 1. Media’s Influence On Body Image By: Maddie Dalie and Katie Dublirer
  2. 2. Life as a model • Models believe that their only goal in life is to look good in pictures. • Models strive to be skinny. They are mostly anorexic or boulimic. • Models have gotten to the point of unattractive because of how skinny they are. • People try and be like models because they want to pull off the latest styles. • An average women is twice the size of a model
  3. 3. Models cont. • The worst part about models is... • Everyone thinks it’s right to be that skinny. • People try to follow their lead. • They are just doing it to look good in clothes. • They ruin their body so it looks good.
  4. 4. Attractive???
  5. 5. The Average Person • The average person that feels forced to have a eating disability gets.. • Weaker teeth • Weaker nails • Fuzz hair • Paler • Diseases • & so much more...
  6. 6. People get eating disorders from... • Problems at home • Fighting with friends • Being compared to other girls/guys • Sporting events • Problems at school • Comparing themselves to magazines • Half the girls faces in magazines are fake and are edited by famous picture editors.
  7. 7. http:// watch? v=qLCKJe8KEgY
  8. 8. Anorexic • You can tell by... • Them playing with their food but not eating. • Always talking about their size. • Bringing up excerizing and how they need it. • Cutting their food into small pieces.
  9. 9. Do you want to look like her?
  10. 10. Bulemia • My opinon of bulemia is a short cut.. • People throw up meals to get the carbs and fat out of their system. • Little do they know... • Their stomach suffers severly from this. • People look down on them. • When they stop the fat is restored twice as much and makes them look twice as fat.
  11. 11. Jessica Simpson • Beautiful, young, and talented. • You would think ten or twenty pounds wouldn’t make a difference. • People are tourchering her for a couple of pounds. • She claims she is happier then ever. • Why can’t we let a celeberty live in peace and happiness?
  12. 12. Too Skinny
  13. 13. perfect size
  14. 14. Still fine
  15. 15. “Too heavy...” Most people would beg for this size
  16. 16. http:// watch? v=550fWytqqq0
  17. 17. Nicole Riche & Lindsay Lohan • These girls were put under so much pressure to be like everyone else or to be better then the other celebraties that are compared too. • Now their bodies will never be the same • They go back and forth and don’t get the right things every body needs.
  18. 18. What happened?
  19. 19. Stop Judging People...