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Online questionnaire survey 2


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online questionnaire

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Online questionnaire survey 2

  1. 1. Nearly everyone chose low key lighting this is because the majority of horror films contain this, also it makes the opening sequence more mysterious.
  2. 2. Quick cut came out with the highest percentage for edits so therefore we shall use multiple quick cuts to make the audience feel visceral pleasure, also it goes with our narrative theme.
  3. 3. The people who completed it decided that a close up was the best shot to do, this is because it shows how the character is feeling and may make the audience feel emotional pleasure. Therefore we are going to include multiple close ups.
  4. 4. Most people said that they would want a female protagonist, this is a stereotype and to make out opening sequence different and sophisticated we are going to make the male character the protagonist. This subverts the stereotype and makes the male look vulnerable.
  5. 5. Due to our opening sequence subverting the stereotype of a man being brave and saving the woman, our antagonist will be a female just like the survey says. This makes it more sophisticated for our niche secondary audience.
  6. 6. Orchestral music came out with the highest percentage, this is what we were going to use as it is different and it attracts our secondary audience. Also it will make the audience feel visceral pleasure.
  7. 7. Our third scene is in a house so our survey results collaborate with that, also a house is the stereotypical setting for a horror so the audience can have intellectual pleasure.
  8. 8. Due to our settings and the narrative we decided that smart clothing would be best suitable due to a funeral taking place, however this contradicts the survey.
  9. 9. Our survey analysis says that the audience would prefer our actors to be age 21-25. We will follow this through as our narrative is sophisticated and it wouldn’t make sense to have a young actor.
  10. 10. Most people want dialogue in our opening sequence, however we feel like this will take away the tension and suspension that will build. Therefore we are not going to include it.