Five Engagement Techniques for online webinars


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You've heard that more engaged members lead to better retention. And maybe you'd like to build more interactivity into your webinars. But what if your subject matter experts are not "social". What if your participants are not so participatory? How do you even start?

Maddie Grant, CAE and Lindy Dreyer—the experts behind social media strategy firm SocialFish—will share specific ideas designed to encourage engagement around your online education. As educators themselves, Maddie and Lindy have methods your subject matter experts can use, along with ideas for integrating social tools into your webinar platform and instructional design. Hear what other associations are doing, and how they are training speakers (and participants!) to be more interactive.

The SocialFish will answer your questions, share ideas and inspiration, and give you actionable ideas that you can put to use right away.

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Five Engagement Techniques for online webinars

  1. 1. Five Engagement Techniques for Online Learning Maddie Grant, CAE & Lindy Dreyer
  2. 2. POLL: How many people in yourorganization are responsible for your online learning program?
  3. 3. CHAT IN: If you’re on yourown, type the word “SOLO” into the chat window.
  4. 4. POLL: How engaged are your online learners?
  5. 5. The Five Techniques• Start with the obvious—but plan how you’ll use it.• Change how you work with SMEs.• Vary live formats.• Leverage social media in a variety of ways.• Reward participation.
  6. 6. Start with the obvious. PollsMultimedia Chat
  7. 7. Less Obvious = How? • Start with poll or chat • 10 minutes of content • Engagement interlude • 10 minutes of content • Engagement interlude • 10 minutes of content • Ending Q&A
  8. 8. 4 ideas for changing how you work with SMEs1. Ask for less.2. Use the buddy system.3. Pre-record.4. Recruit some ringers.
  9. 9. 2 Alternative formats to maximize engagement1. Interview-based with audience advocate.2. Pure discussion with facilitator and expert participants.
  10. 10. CHAT IN: What other formats have worked well for you?
  11. 11. 4 Social Media Tips1. Set a Twitter hashtag for all live webinar events.2. Leverage existing social media communities for topic ideas . And recruit leaders to present.
  12. 12. 4 Social Media Tips3. Find more topic ideas from popular posts.4. Host “overtime” discussions hosted by your SME in your most popular outpost. For example, on LinkedIn.
  13. 13. CHAT IN: Besides marketing, how are you using social media for learning?
  14. 14. Reward Participation • Show how much you value your participants’ contributions.
  15. 15. CHAT IN: What one thing do youfeel could increase engagement in your programs the most?
  16. 16. Maddie Grant, CAE ChiefSocial Media Strategist atSocialFishmaddie@socialfish.orgLindy Dreyer,Chief Social MediaMarketer at