My Favorite SEO tools


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My Favorite SEO tools

  1. 1. Here you will find free tools to assist you when dealing with the optimization of web sites and internet advertising on Google. Im sure youll love it...
  2. 2. Google Keyword toolThe keyword tool is actually thefirst tool I use both when workingon a site to optimize it (SEO), andwhen starting an advertisingcampaign in Google Adwords.By using this tool, you can learnexactly what words people aresearching for. There is apossibility to filter the results bycountry and language, or see thevolume of search. With this toolyou can also create groups ofkeywords, which can be used inthe content of your web pages.
  3. 3. Google Analytics• Tool for website statistics - this is my favorite instrument. Use Google Analytics for each of your sites to see how the users found you, where they clicked, how long time they spent on your pages, and dozens of other interesting data. You can compare data with previous periods and that can help you to track your progress.
  4. 4. SEMRush• Tool to study your competitors - one very good tool that gives you an idea about the main traffic of your competitors. The full version is paid but some free information is easily findable. Unfortunately, lots of web sites are still not indexed.
  5. 5. Alexa & SEOMoz• Web information - Alexa offers a similar service as SEMRush, as well as other interesting data.• SEO tool for backlink check - OpenSiteExplorer of SEOMoz. With this tool you can view your current back links and those of your competitors. The full version is paid.
  6. 6. Google Webmaster• The use of Google Webmaster tool is necessary especially when you have a problem with one of your sites. In Webmaster Tools you can track whether a page that doesnt open and send error(404) is a result of broken links. If Google has imposed penalty on your site, you can always send them a request asking to review it.
  7. 7. Google AdPlanner• This tool is very useful if you work on a website that focuses on target audiences located in a country other than your own. Google has different domains by country and shows different results in the different countries, so it is very difficult to know the placement of your site if your location doesnt match the location of your target audience. Moreover, the tool displays the results as free and ads, and specifically in advertising, it helps you to avoid unnecessary impressions that would reduce the CTR (click through rate).
  8. 8. . More...• SEO tool to compare search volume- (Google Insights for Search) - this tool allows you to see how search volume has evolved over time and compare several keywords in search volume• The Escape Page Analyzer shows you whether you have gaps in the structure of your HTML documents.• Google Page Speed - for some time now Google emphasizes the importance of the page load as a factor in ranking results. With Page Speed tool you can see the loading speed of your website and consider recommendations on how to improve it.
  9. 9. Read more at...