Aggregating Best-in-Class Open Educational Resources @Open Access Week @aims 2012


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Aggregating Best-in-Class Open Educational Resources @Open Access Week @aims 2012

  1. 1. Aggregating Best-in-Class Green Open Educational Resources Madalina Oana Ungur Agro-Know Technologies (Greece) October 25, 2012
  2. 2. Content Introducing the authors Agro-Know Technologies ISKME OER Commons Green OER Commons Analytics Vision Green topics & subtopics Material Type and Format Openly licensed, free to use What makes OER C Green different for Teachers, for Learners, for Content Curators & Metadata experts Training opportunities
  3. 3. Madalina Ungur, Content Expert Agro-Know Technologies, Greece MSc in Education, Technology & Society from the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol (UK) Dr. Vassilis Protonotarios, Agricultural Biotechnologist Agro-Know Technologies, Greece PhD in Agricultural Biotechnology, Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, Agricultural University of Athens (Greece)
  4. 4. Agro-Know Technologies (Greece) • Research-oriented SME • Knowledge-intensive technology innovation for agriculture and rural development • Deployment and testing in various fields education & training, commerce, public administration • Active in international standardisation efforts (AIMS, EU CEN) • Capacity building and networking events for agricultural stakeholders
  5. 5. Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (U.S) • Independent non-profit research institute • Open – Support of open and distributed knowledge management and sharing tools and networks • Study/research – New frameworks and models to transform teaching and learning • Build – Innovative trainings and professional development workshops
  6. 6. OER Commons In September, 2012 40,498 Resources 43,670 Unique Visitors 80.18% New Visitor / 40,697 Visits 19.82%Returning Visitor / 10,060 Visits Visitors/month (avg.) In 2010 - 34,555 In 2011 - 35,737 In 2012 - 38,996 Top countries United States 55.16% UnitedKingdom 5.23% Canada 4.79% India 4.49% Philippines 2.58%
  7. 7. OER Commons Green Vision: To aggregate best-in-class green open educational resources on topics like climate change, pollution, and eco-culture from diverse providers around the globe. Joint initiative since 2010 Build on the renowned open learning network OER Commons Co-design a vocabulary for categorising green learning resources Develop all aspects of the site
  8. 8. Green topics & subtopics
  9. 9. Material type & grade level
  10. 10. Openly licensed, free to use
  11. 11. What makes OER C Green different for Teachers • 3800+ environmental resources with a teaching focus for all educational levels in various formats • Use of open licenses (Creative Commons) enabling use, share, reuse and remix • Quick and easy annotation through bookmarking button for all browsers • Open Author, online tool enabling teachers to create, share and download resources • Rating and reviewing • Alignment of resources to Common core curriculum standards
  12. 12. What makes OER Commons Green different for Learners • Environmental resources from collections around the globe (e.g. PBS, MIT OpenCourseWare, Teacher’s Domain, NASA, Open University OpenLearn, Association for Biology Laboratory Education etc.) • User feedback through social bookmarking, tagging, rating, reviewing; sharing through popular social networks • Advanced search option and tag clouds
  13. 13. What makes OER Commons Green different for Content Curators, metadata experts (1/2) Use of metadata to describe all resources
  14. 14. What makes OER Commons Green different for Content Curators, metadata experts (2/2) Use of clear curation policy and quality assurance process involving careful selection, annotation and review of resources: 1. check in relation to the scope of the collection 2. check against curation policy 3. metadata record creation 4. review by education and metadata experts 5. periodic checks of resources
  15. 15. What makes OER Commons Green different for Content Providers Visibility for your collection through the OER Commons Green to >30,000 users monthly 1. review resources 2. describe with metadata 3. publish and promote on OER C Green
  16. 16. Coming up... Training opportunities AgEdWorkshop 2012 Pollenzo, Bra, Italy, October 25, 2012 Green learning resources from creation to publication Addressing teachers, trainers, advisors, content developers, providers and publishers in environmental sciences. ONLINE Intro to ICT tools in agriculture October 29 – January 18, 2013 Use of ICT and Web2.0 tools for agricultural experiments Addressing under- & postgraduate students and all professionals in agriculture sciences