Yearning man speaks


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Yearning man speaks

  1. 1. Far flower When you think you can grape your self in harmony situations, you will find thisvery wrong, because were talk about the butcher that he can kill you in a minute without weapons, just by feelings and .you will find your self as a victim I wrote this words becouse I cant bear this killer This subject is very different, hard becouse we have anther partner to this killer We have not loss our dream to find this killers instigator Can you imagine with me that the ?!instigator is just flower
  2. 2. But, how we can find it? However she arespreading and exiting in everywhere andwe know her as we forever see her in oureyes, but its very hard to catch her or at least see her Sometimes you will feel that you are searching for nothing and stray Our advice to you; dont be careful Face and agree with your fate and you have to secure that you can change the life Its depending on your heartThis problem returned to that the flowerwill appear to you in one time and make you mad with her And suddenly dont ask about her .because she will be lifted you
  3. 3. I love this killer because he made me know this flower And dont dried me becouse I am very crazyIts excitement because all events will be really however being its strangeThe real appointment will come in rainy (day (no way its your fateThe flower will stay to try to kill you but she cant; becouse she love you And however she love you she will forever try to go away from youYou cant change this manners becouse the owner are very stubborn Dont ask where or when you can find this flower? Its impossible I will stay and stay love you my flower
  4. 4. To be more far my flower; I am not deserve you Dont blame yourself my flower; I just want you my queen Please; dont ask me again about this flower becouse no word can describe it This flower will make you love the butcher And the butcher will take you to happy tripe in your mind The flower will ask you without sound and you have to answer without word You have to make all things to satisfy this flower but dont wait for any satisfaction from this flowerShe is the queen (how can you obtain her (!admiration
  5. 5. The heart of flower very kind So dont try to effect on herYou will be comfortable without seeing her But you have not to be comfortablebecause its imperative to try to see her Dont say to me you can overcome on yourself and you can withstand her absence to along timeI can admit that I feel with regret aboutmy all fleeting moments with out seeing her kind, beautiful hands at least Dont say any word about her face, hhhhhhhhh because she has not face. She is flower; dont forget thisIf you could see my flower, dont try to pick it
  6. 6. You dont know the long waitingMy flower cant instigate the butcher to kill me, because she will be the victim before me I was close to forget: my flower not selfishThe killer in all places, he is surrounding us My flower want to be a victim but notwith me because she fear of me from the harmony shockSo that I will stay to love her as servant to all the long life, even she became a victim with anther manSo that we can know the value of flower as she made the killer popular
  7. 7. All body in addition me, was wanting to pick the flower but we dont satisfy to the flower to live with us You can inhale the cure ear by just overlooking on the flower I want to say to you that you have to love the flower but dont wait any love from herEssentially, if you love her you havent to attract her or affect in her because she isnt deserve itMore love means that you will know her but dont approach from herAll this not mental but if you withstand to love her without waiting any love, Iwill say to you, you have strong mannersThe flower like cat and she are naughty and spoil
  8. 8. She likes to play with you and make funny tricks with you So that you have to concern with your dreams, she will appear to you in itsYour game with the flower like story and the star in it will be the days and the costar will be the sleepless nights Now I understand why she very intelligent Because this game is just available to intelligent peopleWe havent loser or winner, just playing with her. Is a big honorThe game about how to escape from the ?killer and control you heart The game will start by I hate you asflower said but you say I will hope to die If you hate me really
  9. 9. And you will say I am here to love youbut I am not witting from you any love Please help me; its out of my handI love you, so go away from me (It’s the (heart wordsCant you understand that I have never loved you? – flower words Its her words but dont loss the game before we begin it Dont be deceived by the tricks butaccept her tricks to make her feel betterIts no way that some secrets inside you will appear in the runny dayIf you was travelling in desert way and you see the sands, and suddenly youremembered her you will see this sands reflected to grasses
  10. 10. I miss you but I dont love you because you my life lover The love is not just loves wordIts days, faring and imagining that you are talking with your flowerSometimes you resent from this dreams because its make you love more your flowerIf someone came to me and asked wayyou want to tire yourself by this story, I will say no one can live without hard days and he will accept his fate in the endThis story in not just love story but youcan learn and recognize the morals and the polite mannersAll youths have to love but how they can love- this is the story
  11. 11. I will stay to bless my god to the long life because god created some one like this flowerIts not necessary to make all think write but the real success appears when youmake all think without meaning to evilsDont fear from the wrong doing but youhave to be quickly to repent to your godMy flower will ask me-with no word- do ?you dare to love anther girl I will say I can but its up to you if you want thisShe love to play with you and you has to make all think to satisfy her But dont play if you werent have a strong relation with your god Because this game is just available to religious people
  12. 12. This game will teach you how to know yourself with your characterThis game will make you near from yourgod because you want to be a good man in your life Because you will take over all the responsibility if you like this hard loveNo day will come to my without invoke my god to my flower I swear with my god to my god that I love her by respectful wayI want to be the best man in the world to satisfy her I want her to be my wife to keep her away from the peopleNo one will understand easily that in the true love we cant abandon us quickly
  13. 13. The love teach you how to keep your closed friends and how to respect the others feelingsThis love will make you strong to bearing the days especially in the waiting The taste of life will be changed in the (runny day (no way this day will come You cant know the time of this day because you wait it as you wait something unknown This love will make you blind about anything hard to get The blood will know that you can withstand anything to your flowerWithout saying she will know my feelings I said this with sorrow feeling, because Idont want her to know whats happen to me
  14. 14. I dont want her to love me because I love her My heart thanked me because it wassearching for the flower, and I found it to himI am jealous of this words because I see its doesnt enough my flowers value The killer knows her as a girl wears red dress and plays a princess role in romantic storyOne man will love her in this movie, but everybody loves her in her usual lifeThe story in this movie with endless but I will make everything that I can do to overcome this endless in the real life The killer loved himself after he have heard the story of us and after he have seen my yearning to the strong girl
  15. 15. However I cant see her I cant forget herbecause my blood will remember me by her Even if I cant see her she is in my heart and in my eyeAfter the killer killed me I get the real life and I realized the high meaning of love The confident between us is something you cant describe itBecause the flower trusts in me as I willnot pick her because she know the wayof picking very hard to me because she love meBut I want to tire myself by her love andI will make all efforts to pick it and I will return to myself and say its not fear tolove this flower , she deserves someone better than me
  16. 16. And stay to plagiarize a new idea and this idea will make me think in farawayfrom her but the poison of killer was very affecting on meIts just days, and return to the attraction of rose And return to speak with the moon about her character and imagine her magic way in speaking and her kind heartMy lovely spoil girls cant beat me in the game because she wants to plays with me to the longest available timeDont tell anybody that I loved my flower because I want to marry any girl; but Iloved her because of her being in the life only But because she has a high degree in
  17. 17. manners, she will ask me about me qualifications to marry herBut she relies in me about real love andshe understand the love is not equal to the marriage And its not necessary when you love someone to marry him because its return to the fate But she has to respect her manner andestimate the morals because she teaches its to the people The spoil flower is very respectful, because she love to play without noiseShe doesnt want to know anybody that she plays with me Because of the jealousy of days shepreferred to make me the secret servant Im servant and anything other if she
  18. 18. want The unknown lover is known but in the heart No one will understand the glorious heart like me This heart carries many meanings and the owner doesnt get out all the thoughtsNo one dont know the flower but no one can imagine her feelings I know that she exit behind the sea andthe water in the bottom of sea movies by realizing the tearsThat tears loved there self after she has knew the feelings of the instigator All this words describe something not able to describing
  19. 19. If some one rode these words and liked it I will hate my self Because the flower bigger than words Previously the feelings is something inthe dream so all these words like wishes in the future to beBut the authentic matter that I loved thekiller because he gave me the obligated free to express about my storyThe story of us with endless because its about real loveAnd the real love will hold to the longest knives lifeSo the end of story will be known to the human and the demons and the devilsThe witness will be known the story from initial
  20. 20. And he just will help me to hit my challenge and get my proposalEventually and without end to the sense of harmony of the kind heart I can say that I began to leave my fear of nonsense fleeting moments without mental alienations I recommend you; my flower to forget me