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Blooms digital taxonomy for ESL teachers


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Integrating technology to Bloom's taxonomy for ESL teachers (professional development workshop by Barbara Paola Garcia (@madaboutelt) November 2012.

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Blooms digital taxonomy for ESL teachers

  1. 1. Integrating technology To Bloom’s taxonomy For esl teachers PD workshop November 2012 Barbara Paola Garcia @madaboutelt
  2. 2. Bloom’s taxonomyA classification of learning objectives proposed by Benjamin bloom in 1956 and revised by anderson & Krathwohl in 2001
  3. 3. To higher order thinking skills (Hots)Each level builds onThe previous levels We go from Lower order thinking skills (lots)
  4. 4. Suggested digital SKILLS BULLET POINTING HIGHLIGHTING BOOKMARKING SOCIAL BOOKMARKING Listing Telling SOCIAL NETWORKING Reciting Stating Repeating Recognizing SEARCHING Naming Identifying Labelling GOOGLING LocatingRetrieving Finding
  5. 5. Suggested digital SKILLS ADVANCED SEARCHING BOOLEAN SEARCHING BLOG JOURNALING Classifying Summarising TAGGING Comparing Interpreting Paraphrasing Inferring ANNOTATING Labelling Relating Explaining Describing COMMENTING Identifying Matching SUBSCRIBINGExemplifying Predicting
  6. 6. Suggested digital SKILLS RUNNING LOADING PLAYING OPERATING Solving Reporting Implementing HACKING Sketching Carrying out Producing UPLOADING Using Building Executing EDITINGModifying Constructing
  7. 7. Suggested digital SKILLS LINKING MASHING MEDIA CLIPPING Organising CRACKING Outlining Comparing Finding CategorisingDeconstructing Investigating Structuring ExaminingIntegrating Differentiating Sorting Debating
  8. 8. Suggested digital SKILLS COMMENTING REVIEWING POSTING Judging Hypothesising MODERATING Testing Experimenting Revising COLLABORATING Checking Detecting Following up TESTING Monitoring JustifyingCritiquing Supporting Assessing
  9. 9. Suggested digital SKILLS FILMING ANIMATING BLOGGING Planning MIXING Inventing Devicing Designing PUBLISHING Producing Constructing Making Arranging PODCASTING Composing GeneratingCollaborating Formulating BROADCASTING
  11. 11. REMEMBERING •Vocabulary by topic •Synonyms and antonyms •Spelling •Letter-sound correspondence•Flashcards•Multiple-choice•Tests
  12. 12. UNDERSTANDING•Mind-mapping•Concept-mapping•Graphic organizers •Compare texts, genres, styles •Analyse frequency •Predict •Guess
  13. 13. APPLYING •Upload •Report •Edit • •Plan •Sketch •Produce •Present
  14. 14. ANALYSING•Examine•Sort•Categorize•Compare Many eyes •Organize •Deconstruct •Visualize
  15. 15. EVALUATING •Post •Review •Comment •Critique•Comment•Moderate•Support•Defend
  16. 16. CREATING•Design•Arrange•Compose•Produce•Mix•Collaborate•Publish•Share
  17. 17. Thank you! Barbara Paola Garcia TW REFERENCES: A model of learning objectives – IOWA State University Ed Origami – Wikispace on Bloom’s Taxonomy University of Southern Indiana – Distance Education