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Annual Girl Scout Cookie Training for Girl Scout Troop 2702 (Saginaw, TX) updated for the 2013 sales year.

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GS Cookies 2013 updated11.03.12

  1. 1. Everything You Wanted toKnow But Were Afraid to Ask
  2. 2. Troop 2702 Cookie Chairs Contact us with ANY questions regarding the cookie sale. Signing an M-3 or a Cookie Sales Permission Slip commits the signee to paying for ANY and ALL cookies which are checked out to that individual.
  3. 3. What Cookies Do We Sell?
  5. 5. NAME CHANGE?Sometimes you are asked for a cookie you don’t recognize. As there aretwo bakers who provide Girl Scout Cookies, you might hear these names(which are the trademarked names of Little Brownie Baker – NOT ourcookie supplier). Little Brownie Baker ABC Baker (The other Girl Scout cookie supplier) (GS-TOP Supplier) Do Si Dos Peanut Butter Sandwiches Tag Alongs Peanut Butter Patties Samoas Caramel deLites Trefoils Shortbread
  6. 6. How Do I Get My Scout’sCookies? (aka Pick Up)
  7. 7. PICKING UP COOKIES Cookies NOW! Troop Cookie Cupboard (aka “Zoo” Cookies)  Pick up cookies at the Troop  Pick up 12 cases of cookies distribution date (the week at the FW Zoo on Saturday, of January 14-18, 2013) January 12th based on the Cookie Depot distribution.  You are responsible for the  You are responsible for any 12 cases of cookies (144 boxes) cookies picked up.  Unsold cookies due in by  There will NOT be a Troop table top. You are welcome February 14th or you to set up a table top and sell purchase them for your your cookies on your own. Scout.  All money is due in by  Cookies NOW! Money and/or cookies due in by Saturday, February 24th January 19th  Additional cookies available upon turn in of $ or return of boxes.
  8. 8. Cookies NOW! 12 Cases as listed below; NO exchanges, substitutions, or deletions. All money or cookies MUST be exchanged, returned or paid to Troop by Jan 19th. Cookies NOW! Cookies3 Thin Mints2 Caramel DeLites2 Peanut Butter Patties1 Peanut Butter Sandwiches1 Lemonades1 Shortbread1 Thanks A Lots1 Mango Creme
  9. 9. YIKES! My Cookies Aren’t Selling! What Do I Do?(aka Exchanging or Returning)
  10. 10. EXCHANGING COOKIES  Go to our Troop’s website ( or Facebook Group  Email Subject Line or Facebook Post should read:  WANTED (Cookie Type) (# of boxes)  EXCHANGE (Cookie Type) (# of boxes)  RETURN (Cookie Type) (# of boxes)  Please EXCHANGE cookies that are not selling for ones you need to fill orders BEFORE you ask for additional cookie orders from the cupboard.  Please RETURN cookies that are not selling to the Troop cookie cupboard.
  11. 11. How Much?(aka Money Matters)
  12. 12. COST/MONEY $3.50 per box 12 boxes per case so a case is $42.00 Cash, check, or major credit card is accepted as payment. We MUST have a current driver’s license and current contact phone number on each check accepted. Checks are payable to Girl Scouts. The Troop will have four (4) credit card scanners. If you wish to purchase a credit card scanner for individual sales use, please pay $20 and register the scanner to the Troop so that we can track it. Turn in money OFTEN. Parents are responsible for any cookies which they check out.
  13. 13. M-3 Slips – The Dos Remember! M-3 slips are YOUR receipt and proof:  That you checked OUT money  That you turned IN money  That you checked OUT cookies  That you turned IN cookies  That you checked OUT/IN credit card scanner Save your M-3s!
  14. 14. M-3 Slips – The Don’ts Remember! M-3 slips are NOT processed at:  Troop meetings (These are the girls’ times to meet – not to conduct individual or group financial business transactions.)  Table Tops (These are the girls’ times to conduct their collective business and mixing individual transactions and group transactions causes balance sheet issues.)
  15. 15. Why Is My Scout Doing This?(aka Purpose & Recognition)
  16. 16. PURPOSE Entrepreneurship skills Leadership skills Financial awareness and budgeting skills All Scouts earn recognition toward their financial literacy badges.
  17. 17. How May My Scout Sell Cookies?
  18. 18. WAYS TO SELL Table Top (Direct to Customer) Sales Take Order (Cookie Order Form) Sales Cold Calling Sales Phone Sales Internet Sales (Note: Using the internet order system does NOT process an order for your Scout. Orders placed on the website are forwarded to the phone bank and should be followed up by a Scout. At this time, we cannot process an order via the internet.) Door to Door Sales (Note: Scouts should NEVER be allowed to sell door to door alone. Please accompany your Scout(s) or send her with a buddy to sell cookies.)
  19. 19. Table Top Sales Information
  20. 20. Remember the Girl Scout Law I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do, and to respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout. When selling cookies, we expect that members and representatives of Troop 2702 will honor the Law in ALL ways.
  21. 21. TABLE TOP SALES 1 Cookies NOW! (January 12, 2013) offers Scouts the opportunity to get cookies in hand one week earlier than those waiting for a Troop Depot pick up and thereby get a head start. Individual Scouts may arrange their own direct to customer sales following their Cookies NOW! pick up.
  22. 22. TABLE TOP SALES 2 Table Top Sales are organized by the Troop Table Top Sales require a minimum of two (2) Scouts to be held. If there are not two (2) Scouts registered at least 72 hours prior to the table top, it will be cancelled. Any registered Scout may check out cookies from the cupboard to cover a cancelled table top and host an individual sale. All cookies checked out will be the responsibility of the Scout and will be included in her individual cookie count.
  23. 23. TABLE TOP SALES 3 Table Top Sales are posted on the Troop’s Facebook events calendar due to previous“raiding” of our Troop calendar. Troop leadership may add additional dates. All Table Top Sales sign ups are first come/first reserved. Please check the Troop Facebook page about the most up-to-date times & locations. Scouts who make initial contact for a Table Top will be given FIRST PRIORITY and CHOICE for time slot. (In other words, if you bring the contact to Troop leadership, you earn the right to choose your time slot.)
  24. 24. TABLE TOP SALES 4 Cookie/money discrepancies will be the responsibility of the Scout(s) and her parent or guardian. The Troop does not cover cookie/money discrepancies. There will be NO cookie sign outs or returns at Table Tops. (Nothing that requires an M-3 will occur at a Table Top sale!) Scouts MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian AT ALL TIMES. (If you leave the table top, your Scout leaves with you.) Siblings are not allowed at Table Top sales. Please make alternate child care arrangements.
  25. 25. TABLE TOP SALES 1st SHIFT First shift Scouts & parents/responsible adults will be responsible for: Picking up the money bag, table top inventory, and supplies the NIGHT BEFORE the scheduled table top AT A SCHEDULED TIME. Arriving at the table top location at least five minutes prior to scheduled start time to set up. Notifying location management, if necessary, of Troop 2702’s arrival. (Check Facebook Events calendar for details regarding management notification.)
  26. 26. TABLE TOP SALES LAST SHIFT Final shift Scouts & parents/responsible adults will be responsible for: Returning the money bag, table top inventory (closing), and supplies within one hour or at the scheduled Close/Counting Appointment of the table top completion. Notifying location management, if necessary, of Troop 2702’s departure. (Check Facebook Events calendar for details regarding management notification.) Counting all table top funds with Troop leadership before they will be excused. Checking in all inventory with Troop leadership before they will be excused.
  27. 27. TABLE TOP SALES - SHIFT CHANGE At change of shift, inventory count MUST be taken and recorded. Any shift with a discrepancy will be the shift held responsible for the discrepancy. Do not count money at shift change – COUNT INVENTORY!
  28. 28. Table Top Tips
  29. 29. TABLE TOP SALES TIPS Successful table top (direct to customer) sales include: Scouts who have eaten before they arrive or who have a light snack to eat during the table top Scouts who are well rested and ready to promote cookie sales Scouts who have used the restroom or bathroom facilities prior to starting their shift Scouts who are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions (hats, mittens, layers of clothing, double socks, boots or other weather appropriate footwear, windbreaker, rain gear, etc.) Scouts who are energetic and enthusiastic Note: Scouts who are not actively participating in cookie sales will be asked to leave and will be replaced by other Scouts. Our previous years’ sales tracking proves that Scouts who are sitting DO NOT sell cookies… this lowers your Scout’s opportunities to earn Cookie Bucks and Troop trip participation.
  30. 30. TABLE TOP SALES TIPS 2 Successful table top (direct to customer) sales include: (continued…) Tracking cookie sales as they occur. Attempting to match money with cookies or “back counting” throws off the cookie to money count. Breaking down case boxes and save them if that flavor’s case is emptied. These are used to cross check total sales. Please do not throw away empty cases. Separating cookie money and Troop to Troop donations. All “keep the change” requests should be placed in the Troop to Troop donations can. Any donation or “tip” is not for the individual Scout – it is a Troop to Troop donation! Put all T2T in the Ziploc marked bag at the end of the shift.
  31. 31. What Else Haven’t I Asked?(aka Other Important Information)
  32. 32. STORAGE Store cookies where they aren’t exposed to: High heat (NO garages or cars!) Direct sunlight Dampness (use cardboard under cookies if stored on concrete) Potential water exposure – heavy rain, freezing pipes Strong odors – moth balls, cedar chips, gasoline Ants – it won’t take them long to find the cookies Dogs and young siblings who love cookies!
  33. 33. TROOP CUPBOARDS For respecting the Troop Leadership’s time with their families For understanding that the Troop Leadership also has Scouts who are participating in cookie sales For calling ahead to make sure that the Troop cupboard is available For making and keeping an appointment to pick up cookies from the Troop cupboard For calling to let the Troop cupboard know if you are running late or will not make your appointment
  34. 34. TIMELINE Jan. 12 – Zoo pick up/Cookies NOW! Week of Jan. 14th – General troop cookie pick up Jan. 19th – 100% money and/or cookies due for any Cookies NOW! Jan. 26th – 50% of money due in for additional cookies Feb. 9th – 75% of money due in for additional cookies. Return UNSOLD cookies no later than Thursday, Feb. 14th to Troop for disbursement. Feb. 28– 100% of money and/or cookies due in. Sale ends FEBRUARY 28, 2013
  35. 35. Individual Recognitions Troop 2702 has opted OUT of individual Brownies through Ambassadors prize recognitions for 2013. who sell 1200 packages or more will be invited to celebrate her success with an overnight trip to 60 boxes Theme patch Austin, TX at the Children’s Museum doing hands-on activities and a theater arts program. We will leave on Saturday, April 27 and return on Sunday, April 28.
  36. 36. Cookie Bucks Packages Sold Cookie Bucks for Using Cookie Bucks for GS-TOP’s Resident and Day/Twilight Camp* use in GS-TOP Shops - Each day of Resident Camp = 125 packages 115 $10 - Each session of Day/Twilight Camp = 500 packages 175 $20 *All summer program activities have not been finalized. 260 $30 Cookie Bucks are valid from April to September. 335 $40 Please check your summer guides for final Cookie Bucks requirements for summer 425 $50 activities. Girls who have at least 115 packages remaining after applying toward Resident, Day/Twilight Camp, and High 575 $70 Adventure Trips fees may convert them to Cookie Bucks (see chart) to use in GS- 800 $100 TOP Shops or for activities. 1000 $150 1500 $200
  37. 37. MORE QUESTIONS? Images in this presentation are courtesy of Scout Mom’s Scribbles
  38. 38. Thank you andgood luck on your 2013 Cookie Sales!
  39. 39. VERIFICATIONSUBJECT: 2013 Cookie Presentation (Scout’s Name)NOTICE: By viewing this presentation and sending the Viewing Verification email, the viewer stipulates that he/she has read and understands the information presented in this presentation. Further, he/she understands that by sending this email, he/she is responsible for all information contained within this presentation.Please send an email to Rachelle Whiteman. ( include the Scout’s name in the subject line of the email. Thank you!