Cookies 2013 Table Top Training


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This is the Troop 2702 Table Top Worksheet Usage Training. The worksheet and presentation are copyrighted/trademarked property of Girl Scout Troop 2702 (Saginaw, TX) and may not be reproduced or used without the express written permission of the Troop.

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Cookies 2013 Table Top Training

  1. 1. Girl Scout Troop 2702 Cookie Season 2013Tabletop Worksheet Usage Training
  2. 2. Tabletop Worksheet Front Side
  3. 3. Tabletop WorksheetBack SideDo Not Write In Any Of The Areas OnThe Backside Of The Form.You may use surrounding white areafor notes if desired.
  4. 4. Tabletop WorksheetPre-Sale SetupDate: Write in the date of the sale. January 19, 2013 Wal-Mart, Saginaw – North DoorLocation: Write in the name of the 50host where the tabletop is located.Use white space for additional info.Weather: Carefully circle all that apply.Circle “Rainy” to indicate snow.Write in the approximate temperature.Do Not Write In The Grey Areas!
  5. 5. Tabletop WorksheetPre-Sale SetupTotal # of Boxes Received:Use these spaces to record initialinventory count as well as any otherproduct received or returned 36throughout the day. 12Scout Sign In: Write the name of thescout(s) that are selling during shift. 24Use pencil only, no ink pens on theworksheet. Desiree’ Mary GraceDo Not Write In The Grey Areas!
  6. 6. Tabletop Worksheet Never Count Money While ConductingTable Top Setup Sale A Table Top Sale (including T2T ).Shift: Write in the start time when theshift starts, and end time when the siftends. The shift does not have to be in 1hour increments. If sales are slower, 1column may be sufficient.Cookies Sold: Use tally marks in groups of5 (4 vertical and 1 horizontal), recording 11:00 – 1:00 50 1:00 –cash, credit cards, and checks** here. //// //// //Shift Inventory: Check the White spacesto signify that the inventory count isaccurate at the end of a shift change*. √*A Shift change is defined as any time aScout arrives or leaves the table top sale.**If check is accepted, must have DriverLicense number and a working phonenumber written on the check, made outto: Girl ScoutsDo Not Write In The Grey Areas!
  7. 7. Tabletop Worksheet Never Count Money While ConductingTable Top Setup Sale A Table Top Sale (including T2T ).Cookies Paid With Credit Card: Usetally marks in groups of 5 (4 verticaland 1 horizontal) to record credit cardtransactions here. //// ///Do Not Write In The Grey Areas!
  8. 8. Tabletop Worksheet Never Count Money While ConductingTable Top Close A Table Top Sale (including T2T).Total Ending Boxes: Write in thenumber of cookie boxes at the close ofthe table top sale. 14The start count, including anyadditions or subtractions must equalnumber of boxes sold Plus (+) the Totalnumber of ending boxes. 4Save all empty cases (cardboardboxes). They are needed to helpbalance the cookie count. 1Total Number of Credit CardTransactions: Write the total number 9of credit card transactions here. 22 8Do Not Write In The Grey Areas!
  9. 9. Tabletop WorksheetTable Top Check-In (Close)Return the cookies, tally sheet, and allmoney including Troop-to-Troopdonations.Cookie inventory should be completeprior to returning.The adult(s) should be prepared toassist with final accounting of the tabletop sale. If everything is in balance, itusually take about 30 minutes. If there Have Fun And Be Safe!is a discrepancy, it can take up to 2hours to locate and correct.During the final accounting, thescout(s) should unload your vehicle,and assist as necessary with cookiesorting, table returns, etc.It is during this time that we will alsodeal with M3 issues, such as cookiereturns, monetary payments, etc. Images in this presentation are courtesy of Scout Mom’s Scribbles