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Betty Nichols Memorial


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July 14, 1920 - January 10, 2013 ... Sister / Wife / Mother / Grandmother / Godmother / Great-Grandmother / Adventurer / Traveler / Sports Fan / Card Shark and Hostess with the Mostest. I hope that this presentation honors my amazing grandmother's contribution to the world

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Betty Nichols Memorial

  1. 1. Betty M. NicholsJuly 14, 1920 ~ January 10, 2013In Memoriam
  2. 2. Sister of…Robert, Bud, Geneva, and Zoe
  3. 3. Wife of…James H. NicholsMarried September 5, 1943
  4. 4. Mother of…Michael Patrick
  5. 5. Grandmother&Godmother
  6. 6. Great GrandmotherMichael and Margaret NicholsMacArthur, Mary Grace, and TheodoreFosterLiam Nichols-Belo
  7. 7. Family~ Members of the Brady and Nichols Families ~July 1995
  8. 8. High School Graduation
  9. 9. Centennial CelebrationPatrick and Beth NicholsJim and Betty NicholsMike and Judy Nichols
  10. 10. Nichols Farmhouse
  11. 11. Remains of Bygone DaysThe Barn The SiloCreated as treasured memorabilia, the Nichols family barn wasreborn as a bird feeder and the silo tiles became stepping stones.
  12. 12. AdventurerThe Impossible Dream carriedBetty and Jim on an anniversaryballoon ride.Betty’s zest for life and desire tolive it to the fullest had herpursuing her own “bucket list”long before it becamemainstream.
  13. 13. TravelerAs snowbirds, Betty and Jimtraveled many years to the stateof Texas, which became theirsecond home. There they builtfriendships that crossed theglobe. As the saying goes with abit of literary license, “She wasn’tborn in Texas but she got there asfast as she could.” Although not anative, Betty truly earned herTexas green card.Betty and Jim also visited Europein 1981, 1983, and 1986 whiletheir son, Patrick and his familywere stationed there during theirdiplomatic assignments throughthe U.S. State Department.
  14. 14. MushroomerMayhap not members of the Michigan Mushroom Hunters, these intrepidsouls (Betty and son, Mike, with Jamie MacArthur and Pete Radecki) foundmorels deep in the north woods of Lake Avalon. Although intrepid enoughto seek the fungus, none were adventurous to eat it.
  15. 15. Worthy MatronServed Flushing Order of the Eastern Star
  16. 16. Sports Fan
  17. 17. Card SharkBridge…Euchre…Cribbage…Whatever the game and whoeverthe opponent, she played to win!
  18. 18. AfterglowI’d like the memory of me to be ahappy one,I’d like to leave an afterglow ofsmiles when life is done.I’d like to leave an echo whisperingsoftly down the ways,Of happy times and laughing timesand bright and sunny days.I’d like the tears of those whogrieve, to dry before the sun;Of happy memories that I leavewhen life is done.~Unknown