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A Line Is A Dot That


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While I was long term subbing, my first grade art/music students wrote this book based on the quote by Paul Klee, "A line is a dot that went for a walk." The first graders and the kindergarteners loved viewing this PPT. It does have animations when downloaded.

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A Line Is A Dot That

  1. A Line Is a Dot That… Written by The First Graders of Comanche Springs Elementary School Art Class Copyright September 2011
  2. Inspired by the quotation by artist Paul Klee “A line is a dot that went for a walk.”Dedicated to the Kindergarteners of Comanche Springs Elementary.
  3. A line is a dot that went for awalk.
  4. A wavy line is a dot that wentfor a swim.
  5. A dashed line is a dot thatjumped on a trampoline.
  6. A curved line is a dot thatmade a bridge in P.E. class.
  7. A straight line is a dot thatdrove down the road.
  8. A diagonal line is a dot thatwent sledding down a hill.
  9. A curly line is a dot that rolled intoa ball and rolled around the floor.
  10. An up and down or vertical lineis a dot that jumped up and fellback down.
  11. A wavy line is a dot that wentroller skating.
  12. A zig-zag line is a dot that gotstruck by lightning.
  13. A jagged line is a dot that gothis elbow bumped.
  14. A broken line is a dot thatbroke his arms and legs.
  15. A side to side or horizontal line isa dot that laid down and went tosleep.
  16. The End