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03-How to Develop Good Research Idea (Informatics Doctoral Bootcamp 2017)


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Tips untuk menemukan ide penelitian yang original dengan melakukan analisis paper dan research gap.

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03-How to Develop Good Research Idea (Informatics Doctoral Bootcamp 2017)

  1. 1. How to Develop 
 Good Research Idea Sunu Wibirama Department of Electrical Engineering
 and Information Technology
 Faculty of Engineering 
 Universitas Gadjah Mada 
 INDONESIA Rooted, Globally Respected Informatics Doctoral Bootcamp
 Yogyakarta, 8-10 December 2017 Referensi
  2. 2. Outlines Developing a novel idea Delivering a good proposal (next meeting)
  3. 3. Research is about surviving in academic life What is research ? Research is a considered activity, which aims to make an original contribution to knowledge (Dawson, 2009) • Original Contribution: Kontribusi Orisinil • To Knowlegde: Untuk Pengetahuan
 (bedakan antara: 
 data, informasi, dan pengetahuan)

  4. 4. Scientific Contribution Border of world’s knowledge Your
 contribution to the 
 knowledge Your knowledge Your 
 progress (Dawson, 2009) Contribution of Paper B Contribution of Paper A General research process (Dawson, 2009)
 AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY How to start good academic research?
  6. 6. Steps of research Identify the broad area of the study Select a research topic Find research gap from previous works Plan a solution to solve the gap Experiment, data gathering Analyze the data, interpret the results Present the finding Where to start? • Start from what subject you really like most during your undergraduate study. • Finding a broader view of your research topic: 
 read “a survey paper” / “a review paper”. • Find: – Position of your research topic 
 (you should avoid a “mature” topic) – What is trending topic (emerging topic) in your area – Disadvantage of previous research work – Various methods to solve various problems
  7. 7. Review paper Finding literatures • Appropriate keywords • Read the abstract before downloading • Start from well-known publisher or database: – Scopus | ScimagoJR – Springer Verlag – Sciencedirect (Elsevier) – IEEEXplore à IEEE Transactions • Google scholar / Microsoft Academic Search • Academic social networks: 
 researchgate, academia, mendeley online • Website of research groups • Contacting author of the paper • Follow up references in a paper
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Text Analyzer (JSTOR) Text Analyzer (JSTOR)
  10. 10. Contacting author directly (1) Contacting author directly (2) Introduce yourself You tried to find some 
 papers but failed You are interested
 with the papers and 
 you ask the author 
 to send the papers.
  11. 11. Developing a research question • Doing a critical review of a technical paper • Always being a skeptical reader. Don’t put your 100% trust • Find 4 – 5 papers, not older than 5 years (for fast growing research area). • Find the research gaps, e.g.: – Disadvantage of algorithm (inaccuracy) – Complicated experimental design – Incomplete implementation (only simulation, not real- implementation) – Long computational time – Expensive cost Research Gap Reference: M.J. Katz,“From research to manuscript”, 2nd Edition, Springer, 2009 Research(gap( Research(Gap( Plan(of(a0ack(–(untuk(menjawab(gap(yang(ada,(Anda( mengkombinasikan(berbagai(metode(/(pendekatan(yang( dibahas(dalam(“Metode(Peneli?an”(( Metode(#1( Metode(#2( Metode(#3( 140 Chapter 2 Method 1 Method 2 Method 3
  12. 12. Critical reading • Answer these questions in a piece of paper while reading a technical paper: – Write the name of journal, authors, and year of publication – Is there a contribution? Is it significant? – Are the results correct? – Is the appropriate literature discussed? – Does the proposed method actually answer the research question? – Are the proposal and results critically discussed? – Are appropriate conclusions drawn from the results? – Could the results be verified ? – Are there any serious ambiguities or inconsistencies? – What is the disadvantage of the proposed method? Use critical reading form! THANK YOU /EOF