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Gandhi (not the final version)


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  • Hi Anita! I like your slides, they are informative enough even without the presentation. The illustrations create an atmosphere for the facts. Well done! ;-)<br /><br/>
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Gandhi (not the final version)

  1. The Life and Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Presentation by Anita Horváth
  2. Mahatma Gandhi 2.October 1869.-30.January 1948. • Born as :Mohandas Karamachand Gandhi
  3. Early life • Married at the age of 13 • His wife:Katurba Makhanji
  4. Early life 2. • 1888. University Collage London – age of 18 • 1893.South-Africa => became the spokesman of the Hindu minority
  5. India • Went back to India in 1925 • Became the leader of the Independence Movement • He got the name Mahatma (= „Great Soul”) from his followers
  6. India 2. • It was a British crown colony • Gandhi:the representer of Hindu nationalism • Claimed the independence of India
  7. India 3. • 1922.civilian disobedience=> 2 years in prison • Harsh conflicts between the British authorities and the Indian nationalists • Passive resistence • 1942-1944.prison because of „Quit India”
  8. The Independent India
  9. Pakistan
  10. Assassination • 1948.New Delhi - he was shot down by an exaggarated nationalist, Nathuram Godse
  11. Gandhi’s legacy • 2 October - national holiday in India • 2 October – „The International Day of Non- Violence” • Mahatma Gandhi Prize in India to social workers, world leaders and citizens
  12. Gandhi’s legacy 2. • His statues can be found all over the world, such as New York and London
  13. Gandhi’s legacy 3. • Nominated 5 times to the Nobel Prize between 1937-1948, but never received it • He was to receive it in 1948, but he was killed
  14. Followers and Influence Martin Luther King
  15. Followers and Influence 2. Nelson Mandela
  16. Followers and influence 3. John Lennon
  17. Gandhi’s writings • Edited several newspapers in English and Hindi: Harijan,Indian Opinion, Young India
  18. Gandhi’s writings 2. An Autobiography or My Experiments with Truth (1960s)
  19. Gandhi’s writings 3. The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi (1960s)
  20. Sources: •