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Macrosolutions Consulting Service: Support and Consulting for Specific Projects Management


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Accelerate your results. Let the professionals who most understand of project management in the market to support you.

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Macrosolutions Consulting Service: Support and Consulting for Specific Projects Management

  2. 2. CONSULTING ABOUT Accelerate your results. Let the professionals who most understand of project management in the market to support you. Macrosolutions developed in the last 10 years a single project management model. We combine expertise and leadership with practicality and simplicity, therefore we are able to generate completely different results for the projects that we support. We work together with your organization optimizing schedules, restructuring budgets, supporting and guiding the leadership for an intensive team professional management and managing the projects threats and opportunities. All with one goal: Exceptional results. © Macrosolutions SA. All rights reserved. 2/9
  3. 3. CONSULTING KEY ISSUES ADDRESSED »»Leadership inexperience on project management »»Project Size / complexity beyond the team capacity »»Lack of internal training »»Informal Project Management »»Decisions making with no supporting information »»Lack of time and cost estimates © Macrosolutions SA. All rights reserved. 3/9
  4. 4. CONSULTING SCOPE OF WORK ✓✓Project scope definition ✓✓Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) creation ✓✓Time management approach definition ✓✓Detailed schedule development ✓✓Budgeting ✓✓Risk Planning, identification, analysis and responses planning ✓✓Resource Planning ✓✓Defining the 3rd- party scope ✓✓Potential suppliers’ statement of Work definition ✓✓Communication Plan definition and implementation ✓✓Contingency process implementation ✓✓Risk triggers definition within the project scope ✓✓Leaders training and coaching ✓✓Assisted Operation © Macrosolutions SA. All rights reserved. 4/9
  5. 5. CONSULTING FACT SHEET DESCRIPTION Approximate period required for completion of the ESTIMATED DURATION OF THE WORK consultancy work Indeterminate. Level of complexity of work to be performed either WORK COMPLEXITY by Macrosolutions or by the client. Involves internal High. cultural, technical and technological challenges of the project to be implemented. Minimum team the client must provide for the work. CLIENT’S TEAM (MINIMUM REQUIRED) The workload of the client’s team depends on the 1 Project Manager and 1 Planning Analyst. structure of the visits and the work to be performed. It is estimated that the client’s team engages at least 80 to 100 hours / month for the project (individually). Determines the percentage of participation of the two CLIENT’S TEAM ALLOCATION X teams on the project. For example, allocating a 25% MACROSOLUTIONS TEAM ALLOCATION / 75% indicates that 25% of the project work will be 25% Client’s Team. performed by the client’s team while 75% of the work 75% Macrosolutions’ Team. will be conducted by Macrosolutions. Estimated number of monthly visits of the team PROJECT ESTIMATED NUMBER OF VISITS Macrosolutions at the client’s installations for Indeterminate visits. diagnostic, process validation, meetings, delivery of results and other work. Minimum level of project management maturity that MATURITY LEVEL (MINIMUM REQUIRED) the organization needs to have to accomplish the work. Low. In more complex jobs the required minimum maturity is a factor determining the success of the work of Macrosolutions. Highlights the work’s comprehensiveness within the ORGANIZATIONAL LEVEL OF COVERAGE organization. Corporate: Departmental: Some types of Macrosolutions’ consulting services can Project: be specific and located in the project or department while other works will involve/impact the various sectors of the organization. Languages in which the work of Macrosolutions are LANGUAGE(S) developed. Portuguese, English, Spanish. © Macrosolutions SA. All rights reserved. 5/9
  6. 6. CONSULTING SUPPORTED STANDARDS AND METHODOLOGIES Project management standards and methodologies discussed and addressed in this consulting service. Project Management Institute (PMI) UK Office of Government Commerce (OGC) PMBOK Guide PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) PMI Practice Standard for Estimating MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) — PMI Practice Standard for Earned Value Management * M_O_R (Management of Risks) PMI Practice Standard for Configuration P3M3 (Portfolio, Programme, and Project — Management Management Maturity Model) PMI Practice Standard for Risk Management P3O (Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices) — PMI Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structure MoP (Management of Portfolios) — PMI Practice Standard for Scheduling MoV (Management of Value) — PMI Standard for Portfolio Management — Scrum Alliance PMI Standard for Program Management — Scrum Methodology PMI Project Manager Development Competency Framework International Project Management Association (IPMA) Organizational Project Management Maturity Model — ICB® IPMA Competence Baseline (OPM3®) * Optional © Macrosolutions SA. All rights reserved. 6/9
  7. 7. CONSULTING AREAS: APPROACHCOMPREHENSIVENESS AREA COMPREHENSIVENESS DESCRIPTION Integration Includes the processes required to ensure that the various elements of the project are properly coordinated. Scope Includes the processes required to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully. Time Includes the processes required to ensure timely completion of the project. Cost Opcional Includes the processes required to ensure that the project is completed within the approved budget. Quality Includes the processes required to ensure that the project will satisfy the needs for which it was undertaken. Human Resource Includes the processes required to make the most effective use of the people involved with the project. Communications Includes the processes required to ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, dissemination, storage, and ultimate disposition of project information. Risk Systematic process of identifying, analyzing, and responding to project risks. It includes maximizing the probability and consequences of positive events and minimizing the probability and consequences of adverse events to project objectives. Procurement Opcional Includes the processes required to acquire goods and services from outside the performing organization to attain project scope. EHS Opcional Involves processes related to work safety, health and environment, including specific regulations. Strategic Involves the processes which link projects with corporate strategy through the Planning indicators of the Balanced Scorecards goals. © Macrosolutions SA. All rights reserved. 7/9
  8. 8. CONSULTING 13 REASONS WHY YOUR COMPANY SHOULD CHOOSE MACROSOLUTIONS Clients and Projects History Internationally Recognized Experience Macrosolutions structured models and Macrosolutions was the first Brazilian processes that support now more than organization to be accredited by PMI in US$18 billion. their Registered Consultant Program, one of the most comprehensive and Return on Investment Calculated rigorous accreditation programs in Mathematically project and portfolio management Mathematical model based on statistical consulting. processes and simulators which allows the determination of return on Worldwide Operations investment for the consultancy work. Macrosolutions has already done work in 29 countries on all continents and in Assessment of Future Results all stages of economic development. To ensure the effectiveness of the work and also the application, by the client, Mission Critical of the process and structure developed. The experience of Ricardo Vargas and his team, makes Macrosolutions capable Methodology and Work Plan of acting in various projects that are All the work has detailed schedules, considered mission critical. scope clearly defined, project risks management mechanisms and other Ethics, Confidentiality and best practices. Professionalism Everything that we do for our clients Knowledge Transfer and is considered to be confidential and is Documentation thus treated with the highest level of Each piece of information produced professional rigor and security. is cataloged and structured to be physically and digitally delivered to the Accessibility client at the end of the project phases. Our clients have 24x7 access to the team of consultants via telephone, email Ricardo Vargas’ Methodology and video conferencing mechanisms. All Macrosolutions work is based on This ensures immediate response to the experience and the methodology requests and improves the chances of created by Ricardo Vargas, one of project success. the most influential experts in project management in the world. Simulations and Mathematical Models One of the most important service that Excellent Team of Consultantss Macrosolutions provides is the use of The team of consultants Macrosolutions mathematical models and simulations, gathers a select group of professionals which are developed and customized with exceptional skills and proven for our clients. international experience. © Macrosolutions SA. All rights reserved. 8/9
  9. 9. CONSULTING FURTHER INFORMATION For further information about this consulting service, please contact: Phone: +55 31 3024-3003 Fax: +55 31 3024-3005 e-mail: © Macrosolutions SA. All rights reserved. 9/9