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Computer on Business


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Computer on Business

  2. 2. Computer in Business Almost everyone is aware that Information Technology (IT) has played a very significant role in taking businesses to new heights. Before the advent of computers and relevant technology, business were totally done using manual resources. As a result, the time taken to complete a task was more, quality of work was not up to the mark, and the procedures also tended to be more complicated. However, as computers started to be used in businesses establishments, the processing of work got more stabilized. 1
  3. 3. The Impact of Computers in Business The business process is under the IT revolution, which is transforming the way we do the business. The way our basic business operations like decision making, customer services, operations, marketing strategies, financial management, Human Resources management, etc. are done are being reformed with the use of computers. Most of our current day business operations are dependent on computers either partially or entirely. 2
  4. 4. Computers are used in every industry andtype of business today. They come in manydifferent forms and new uses are beingdeveloped constantly thanks to evolvingtechnology. While consumers usecomputers to communicate and entertain,businesses are primarily interested incomputer technology as it relates tocompleting projects and handling specificbusiness activities. From this practicalstandpoint, computers have had animportant impact on nearly every level ofbusiness operation. 3
  5. 5. BASIC REASONS FOR THE USE OF IT IN BUSINESS • Efficient Business Operations • Better Managerial Decision Making • Gaining Competitive Advantage. • Business Process Re-Engineering • Solving Business Problems • Globalization of Business • Spontaneous Activity • Office Automation • Communication & Collaboration • Electronic Commerce • Interactive Marketing Etc. 4
  6. 6. MAJOR FIELDS IN BUSINESS WHERE COMPUTING WHERE LARGELY USED1.Inventory Control and Management -Inventory control and managementis a crucial process, especially inestablishments related to retail andproduction. Computers are used forrecording all aspects of the goods comingin, details of goods andservices, distribution of stock, and storagedetails. Note, that in small retail andproduction firms, simple computer softwareare generally used. Whereas in largecorporations, Enterprise Resource Planning(ERPs) are employed. 5
  7. 7. MAJOR FIELDS IN BUSINESS WHERE COMPUTING WHERE LARGELY USED2.Accounts and Payroll ManagementAccounting and payroll management is alsobelieved to be an important part of theoverall system in a company. Be it anykind of industry; computers are largelyused for the purpose of managing accountsofadministration, sales, purchases, invoices,and also payroll management, whichincludes recording financial details ofemployees. These are just somecomponents of the accounts and payrollmanagement system where computing is 6 used.
  8. 8. MAJOR FIELDS IN BUSINESS WHERE COMPUTING WHERE LARGELY USED 3.Database_ManagementDatabase management is associated withfiling and recording, managing, andretrieval of data whenever required. Forsmooth running of businesses, it is veryimportant that they have all proceduresand details stored. This storage of data isdone with the help of large databases andservers which have to be maintained on aregular basis. These information databasesand servers are controlled by computers byappropriate authorities in a company. 7
  9. 9. MAJOR FIELDS IN BUSINESS WHERE COMPUTING WHERE LARGELY USED 4.Software_DevelopmentIt can be said that for every computingneed, a software has to be used. Softwarecan only be made using computers for thepurpose of helping businesses to combineprocesses and carry out their workproperly. Nowadays, ERPs are largely usedin business to blend all their processestogether and execute the output asexpected. There are many other softwareand application packages that a businessmay need to use according to the nature ofwork. 8
  10. 10. Computer Uses in BusinessTechnology has forever changed thebusiness world. In order to staytechnically competitive and efficient intoday’s information age, the majority ofbusinesses now rely on computers.Computer uses in business range fromthe scanner at the checkout line of thegrocery store to the ATM at the bank andthe monitor listing flight arrivals anddepartures at the airport. In fact, whenwe really stop to look around, it seemsthat computer uses in business havegrown too numerous to count. 9
  11. 11. This certainly explains the push ofschools, colleges and universities around theworld to offer courses, majors and degreesin the fields of computer science andinformation technology. It comes as nosurprise that the number of computerrelated occupations will continue to grow incoming years.But the question that remains is; whichbusinesses and professions are mostcomputer oriented, and what are thecurrent and future uses of computers inthe business world? 10
  12. 12. …Communication/networking The world may have grown smaller in the internet age, but only because the power of communication has grown by leaps and bounds. The top computer uses inbusiness include e-mailcommunication, and networking such asvideo and web conferencing, socialnetworking, and various other online chattools. Even faxing, which has becomeincreasingly obsolete in light of newtechnologies, is still a relevant businessuse of the computer. 11
  13. 13. ...Search Engines and Browsing Computers have provided us with instantaccess to a world of information. To staycompetitive, businesses must utilize searchengines such as Google or yahoo to obtainreal time information and news and conductresearch. 12
  14. 14. …Financial Transactions/E-Commerce Retail purchases, credit card transactions, automatic debits… can all be processed over computers, and through the internet today. Banks, creditcard companies, and other financialinstitutions are some of the best examplesof computer uses in business. E-commerceis a rapidly growing industry, promising tobecome one of the top computer relatedprofessions in the future. 13
  15. 15. …Storage, Archival and Retrieval Thousands and thousands of manuscripts, files, charts or other document types can be stored on a tiny microchip. Inthe old days, businesses needed filecabinets or warehouses to store pertinentrecords and data. Today, data managementis easy, thanks to computers and computerproducts that enable businesses toorganize, store, and easily retrieve criticalinformation. 14
  16. 16. …Design and PresentationJust a few short decades ago, artists werestill creating business documents by hand.The advent of graphic design, digitalphotography and printing technology hasenabled businesses to display informationmore clearly and artistically. 15
  17. 17. …OrganizationThe ease with whichdatabases, spreadsheets and data can becompiled on a computer has certainlyimproved the efficiency and managementpractices of businesses worldwide. Manyoffices now uses computer programs tohandlescheduling, accounting, billing, inventory 16
  18. 18. …Document ProcessingWord Processing, forletters, manuscripts, proposals, etc hasrevolutionized the business world.Today, many professionals would actuallyfeel lost without simple editing tools such 17as spell check.
  19. 19. …Telecommuting and Remote BusinessPortable laptop computers, smart phones,wireless internet, air cards and hub spotsare the wave of the future when it comes tocomputer uses in business. Today, businesscan be conducted remotely from almostanywhere. 18
  20. 20. …MarketingSo much of marketing has gone online.Social media marketing, websitedevelopment, blogging, advertising, e-newsletters have all become swift means ofmarketing in an increasingly globalizedsociety. 19
  21. 21. …E-learning,Web-based Training andSoftware Packages Electronically supported training programs are made possible by computers. Educational software, web trainingprograms and virtual classrooms are allhighly utilized in the business world,enabling professionals to learn new skillsadvance their careers. 20
  22. 22. …OTHER USES• Accounting • Customer -Business success Interaction is dependent upon -Computers now accuracy. Many assist human call businesses use centers with accounting answering customer software and questions, taking ledgering systems payments and to ensure the providing general accuracy of their assistance. The financial status. automated voice systems are available with unrestricted hours and are always friendly. 21
  23. 23. …OTHER USES• Scheduling • Websites and -Scheduling is of Advertising great importance to -The combination many of websites, businesses, especia advertising and lly businesses marketing provide involved in a swift means to manufacturing and vast business deliveries. globalization. Scheduling systems Websites helps the allow businesses to companies to have ensure they are an ease in-touch to meeting their goals the market while being 22 efficient.
  24. 24. Types of Applications Used in Business There is a computer application for just about every purpose you can imagine. Software is constantly being written, tested, and marketed to meet every conceivable business need. 23
  25. 25. Word Processing ProgramsWord processing programs are software applications designed to create documents that are primarily text but that may contain a few graphics. Businesses use them to:• Write letters and memos• Produce research papers and reports• Develop business and marketing plans• Write contracts• Take notes and record meeting minutes• Create announcements 24
  26. 26. Database ProgramsDatabase programs are applications that allow users to store, sort, find, choose, and organize information. The power of the database is its ability to link information together. Companies use databases to:• Maintain customer lists• Catalog furniture and assets for insurance records• Manage time and track billable hours• Catalog personnel records• Track the searches and purchases of clients 25 visiting Web sites
  27. 27. Spreadsheet ProgramsSpreadsheet programs are used to organize, calculate, and analyze numerical data. Businesses use them to:• Develop budgets• Analyze financial performance• Track loans or mortgages• Calculate and produce a payroll• Manage business assets• Track sales and service• Conduct marketing research 26
  28. 28. Desktop Publishing ProgramsThe invention and rapid development of desktop publishing programs illustrates both the computer’s creative potential and its usefulness for business.Marketers use desktop publishing programs to:• Create layouts for newsletters, books, brochures, and advertisements• Create professional-looking forms, such as invoices and project planning sheets 27
  29. 29. Graphics and Design ProgramsGraphics and design programs are software applications for creating and modifying images, including:• Drawings• Designs• Photographs• Design promotion materials• Create logos and letterheads• Illustrate floor plans and furniture arrangements• Create professional-looking illustrations• Create images for presentations 28
  30. 30. Presentation SoftwarePresentation software produces slide shows or multimedia presentations. These programs can be used by marketers to:• Prepare verbal and visual copy for meetings• Present and discuss ideas interactively over the Internet• Create slide shows using pictures or Web pages• Add voice narration to accompany visual material 29
  31. 31. Web Page EditorsMany businesses use their Web sites to promote their companies and products and to stay connected to their customers. Web sites generally contain an initial home page X which is the entry point for a Web site.In the past, Web pages were created using a complicated code called hypertext markup language (HTML) X, but today, special programs can create Web pages using word processors or publishing programs. 30
  32. 32. Communications ProgramsCommunications programs enable users to communicate with others around the world through their computers. The key to any communication software is connecting to some kind of network.Broadband technology is a high-speed connection that transmits information through special phone or TV cable lines. This technology allows for videoconferencing, which can reduce expenses for business travel. 31
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