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Pony Express Show Bill October 2011


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Pony Express Show Bill October 2011

  1. 1. PONY EXPRESS 4H CLUBQuestions call: 2011 Show Schedule 1st = 5 ptsCheryl Collage October 9, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. 2nd = 4 pts304-726-4129 Mineral County Fairgrounds • Fort Ashby, WV 3rd = 3 ptsJoyce Heinz Class fees: $5.00 (4-H/FFA/Small Fry) – $7.00 (Open) 4th = 2 pts304-788-6207 Ring fee: $1.00 per horse/rider combination 5th = 1 pts Highpoint sign-up: $2.00 1. Open Grooming and Showmanship E/W/H/P 2. Youth Grooming and Showmanship Y 3. Small Fry Grooming and Showmanship SF 4. 4-H Grooming and Showmanship 4-H 5. Western Horse Halter Y/H/W 6. Pony/Mini Halter Y/H/P 7. English Horse Halter Y/H/E HALTER GRAND AND RESERVE 8. Small Fry W/T Pleasure SF 9. English All Day Horse E 10. Pony All Day P 11. English Pleasure Horse E 12. 4-H All Day 4-H 13. Youth All Day Y 14. Green Horse W/T Pleasure 15. Hunter Under Saddle H 16. Novice Rider W/T Pleasure 17. Hunter Hack H * * * * Intermission – Leadline / Cake Walk * * * * HUNTER SCHOOLING 18. Hunter Over Fences H 19. Equitation Over Fences H 20. Open Trail E/W/H/P/4-H 21. Gamblers Choice 22. Western All Day Horse W 23. Pony Pleasure P 24. Small Fry W/T Equitation SF 25. Western Pleasure Horse W 26. Youth Pleasure Y 27. 4-H Pleasure 4H 28. Open Horsemanship E/W/H 29. Youth Horsemanship Y 30. 4-H Horsemanship 4-H 31. Pony Horsemanship P 32. Small Fry Egg and Spoon SF 33. Open Egg and Spoon E/W/Y/H/4-H/P
  2. 2. PONY EXPRESS 4H CLUB SHOW RULES 1. Judges decision is final 2. Show management reserves the right to cancel or combine any class 3. Number stays Horse / Rider combination 4. Must cancel class two classes beforehand 5. All age groups: a. Small Fry – 12 years and under as of January 1, 2011 b. Youth – 13 through 18 as of January 1, 2011 c. All 4-H is open to any regardless of State 6. Ponies must stand 14.2 hands and under and may be shown by child or adult 7. Miniatures must stand 36” or under at the withers 8. Current negative coggins is required and will be checked 9. All 4-H, Youth, Small Fry must wear approved helmets any time they are mounted! 10. THERE WILL BE NO PENALTY FOR ENGLISH HELMETS IN WESTERN CLASSES 11. Must Execute Gait within three strides for Egg and Spoon class 12. Must note any tack changes 13. HAVE FUN!!!!!! PAYBACKS 6-9 Entries and above $8/$6/$4/$2 10 Entries and above $10/$8/$6/$4/$2 HIGH POINTS Western Pony English Small Fry Hunter Youth 4-H (Junior and Senior) Ribbon buy-back $1.00 A concession stand operated by the Pony Express 4-H Club will be available throughout the show.Under West Virginia Law, a participant in equine activities assumes the risk of any injury, harm, damage, or deathand any legal responsibility that may occur to participants resulting from the inherent risks associated with equineactivities. Equine Professionals are not liable for damages resulting from inherent risk of equine activities.Mineral County Pony Express 4-H, leaders, parents, judges, the show committee will not be responsible for anyloss, cost, damage, expense or liability of any kind from bodily injury, sickness, disease, including death, to anyperson or animal. We will not be responsible for any damage or destruction of properties, real or personal, arisingdirectly or indirectly from operations, products, or services provided in connection with this horse show. Visit us on Facebook –