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November 2012 Keyser WV Lions Club Newsletter


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November 2012 Keyser WV Lions Club Newsletter

  1. 1. By-Lions November 2012 2012 - 2013 President Secretary ya Greg Lynch Terry Liller KatOur first meeting of October - on the 4th - featured a presentation by Lee Bensenhaver of theREM organization. He explained the services that his organization provides to allow people withdevelopmental disabilities to remain in residential settings. Our second meeting of the month –on the 18th - featured a presentation by an exchange student from Chile – not Brazil – as wasreported in last month’s newsletter. Catalina gave a very interesting introduction to her countryand engaged the audience in a lively discussion of the similarities and differences between hertown and Keyser.The Annual District 29-I Fall Conference was held in Blackwater Falls on 19-20 October 2012.Lion Dallas Adams and his lovely wife, Arlene, along with your editor, attended the conference.In addition to District Governor Barb Fishel’s Cabinet Meeting, there were two seminars. Interna-tional Director Carolyn Messier conducted the first seminar. The focus of this seminar was ongrowing our local clubs in the 21st Century. Her presentation focused on the need to bring morewomen into the clubs and to consider branch clubs or other means of accommodating the busyschedules of potential new members. The second seminar was about two types of vision screen-ing equipment that District 29-I is considering purchasing. Attendees were able to see videos ofthe new equipment in action. It was very impressive and should allow our clubs to provide evenbetter vision screening services to those who need it. The conference ended with the banquet.International Director Messier delivered the keynote address. There were numerous awardshanded out, the annual parade of checks, and entertainment provided by The Stemple RidgeGiggers. It was amazing to see how many people actually acknowledged knowing Lion Dallas!Assuming that we have all recovered from Hurricane Sandy by then, we will gather at UniversityPlace on November 1st at 6:30 pm. Our first speaker for the month will be the new Provost ofPotomac State University, Dr. Leonard Colelli. No information was available about the programfor our second meeting at the time this newsletter went to the printer.Here is another upcoming event that should be of interest to the Keyser Lions:The 17th Annual West Virginia Leadership School will be taking place at Flatwoods Days Hotelfrom January 25-27th, 2013. More information and registration forms are available on the Dis-trict Governor’s website as well.Looking forward to seeing you at these exciting events. “Liberty Intelligence, Our Nation’s Safety”
  2. 2. 2012 2013 President – Greg Lynch Secretary – Terry Liller 1st Vice President – Mark Conrad Treasurer – Pat Bane Tail Twister – Scott Gahr Lion Tamer – Duwaine Nichols Directors – Scott Gahr, Bunny Markwood, Mike Bane & Jeff Logsdon Membership Director – Howard Boggs Ex-Officio Member – John Cole – Immediate Past President COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS Membership: Dallas Adams – 3rd year, Bunny Markwood – 2nd year Attendance & Greeters: Ken Hollen – Chairman, Don Hott, Dallas Adams Sight: Mark Conrad – Chairman, Dallas Adams – Vice Chairman, Pat Bane, Bunny Markwood, Terry Liller, Terry Mangold, Brian Staggs, Ken Hollen Finance & Budget: Pat Bane – Chairman, Hayward Wilson – Vice Chairman, Charles Logsdon Activities & Special Events: Overall Chairman – Duwain Nicholas Christmas Dinner – Pat Bane, Tom Vieli, Scott Gahr Picnic – Mike Bane, John Cole Mints – Larry Bolyard Broom and Candle Sales – Howard Boggs, Bunny Markwood Goldsworthy Scholars – Jim Goldsworthy, Tom Hartman, Bob Melody Chicken BBQ – John Cole, Scott Gahr, Bob Melody, Joe Bane Dinner Menu: John Cole – Chairman, Pat Bane, Hayward Wilson, Joe Bane Service Projects: Hayward Wilson – Chair, Pat Bane, Dallas Adams, John Cole, Jared Adams, Eric Iser Bereavement: Howard Boggs – Chairman, Dallas Adams Social, Citizenship & Public Services: Bob Melody – Chairman, Larry Bolyard, Jim McCune, Ken Hollen Public Relations:Reeves Taylor – Chairman, Mark Conrad – Editor, John Cole – Newspaper/Publicity Chairman, Howard Boggs – Photographer MEETINGS: 1st & 3rd THURSDAYS @ 6:30 P.M. POTOMAC STATE COLLEGE • UNIVERSITY PLACE DORMITORY • KEYSER, WVBY-LIONSOFFICIAL PUBLICATIONKEYSER LIONS CLUB26726-9028