How to Be Your Club's VPPR


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This presentation is core training for Toastmasters Vice President of Public Relations. Learn about your club's distinguished Club Plan (DCP), how to market your club, and how to use the Toastmasters brand effectively.

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  • Welcome to District 36 summer TLI training. I‘m Beth Stinson, your facilitator for today.
  • We will have some this morning too! This session is for you. There is some material I need to cover, but we can spend time on the subjects of that are of interest to the group. Please let me know if you’d like to expand on topics I touch on during our time together this morning.
  • Promote your club internally and externally by communicating.Internally to:Your existing club membersDistrict officersAnnounce upcoming events and programsAsk for contributions for club newsletters, club websites, and the District websitePhotosArticlesSuccess StoriesAttend meetings and greet members and guestsAttend club executive council meetingsExternally to:Local mediaCommunityOther clubsPromote club to local media Produce a club newsletter and/or website Promote membership programs Attend other Toastmasters events Attend TLI Identify and prepare your successor for office
  • The word branding began simply as a way to tell one person's cattle from another by means of a hot iron stamp. The word brand has continued to evolve to encompass identity — it affects the personality of a product, company or service.A brand can take many forms, including a name, sign, symbol, color combination or slogan. The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a "name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. A concept brand is a brand that is associated with an abstract concept, like being green or recycling, rather than a specific product, service, or business. A commodity brand is a brand associated with a commodity. Got milk? is an example of a commodity brand.Nike – what do you think of? Concept or commodity?Breast Cancer Awareness - Concept or commodity?McDonalds - Concept or commodity?Apple - Concept or commodity?Toastmasters?So a brand is made up of more than just a logo, right? It has an idea behind it. It has a tag line. It has a story, sponsors, and more.
  • A brand is an identity. When you see the golden arches or the swoosh, you know what to expect. The main idea behind a brand is to get everyone focused on saying the same thing. As the VPPR, part of your job is to promote the Toastmasters brand using style guide TI has created for this purpose. We are ambassadors of the same message. The elements of the Toastmasters brand are a Tagline, a Vision, Core Values, Visual elements, and a message. Let’s look at each of these things.
  • A tagline is a variant of a branding slogan typically used in marketing and advertising. Its used to create a memorable phrase that sums up the tone, idea, or premise of a product or brand.Anyone know Toastmasters tagline?
  • A vision statement is a declaration of an organization’s goals for the mid-term and long-term future. A vision statement identifies what the organization would like to achieve or accomplish. A good vision statement provides inspiration for the daily operations of the organization.
  • The core values of an organization are those traits or qualities that are considered the highest priorities and deepest held beliefs. Core values are the driving force of the organization. They define how the organization is represented to its members and in the world. When you are communicating about your club or telling your toastmasters stories, these core values are part of your message.
  • We covered some pretty high level ideas that you can use to motivate yourself and others. You can use the tagline, the vision, and core values in your communications about your club in press releases, on your website, in social media and print. To help communicate these ideas, TI has also created some visual elements such as logos, templates, color set, graphics, stock photos, and font faces. These elements combine with the Tagline make up the brand of Toastmasters, just as the you see the Nike swoosh and the words “Just do it.”
  • This is your new best friend. It has all you need to re-brand your website, your business cards, your stationary, and every your written communication.
  • Everyone is an ambassador for Toastmasters and to talk about our organization we need to have a similar message, but a personal one that is targeted to our listeners. As VPPR, part of your job is communicating the Toastmaster message, but in a personal way. People remember stories. For our last exercise this morning we are going to write a first draft of your elevator pitch for Toastmasters. An elevator pitch should be a very short speech. Anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds. Longer if you networking. You can have different lengths and different stories. You can use your story for a blog article, as part of a social networking post or newsletter. You can illustrate your story with visual elements.List three things that the Toastmasters International program helped you accomplish over the past year.Take one item and draft a story about the work you do in Toastmasters that is personal, compelling and representative of the Toastmasters’ organizational purpose.
  • Or tweet and deliver, or blog and deliver…
  • How to Be Your Club's VPPR

    1. 1. District 36Toastmasters Leadership Institute
    2. 2. Vice President for Public RelationsBeth Stinson, DTM
    3. 3. Tonight’s AgendaWelcome and House KeepingIcebreaker ExerciseDistrict 36 and the Club Success PlanWhat is Public Relations?Toastmasters BrandingWhere Leaders are Made Exercise
    4. 4. Thanks for being here!Cell phones off pleaseFill out paperworkto get credit
    5. 5. Who are you?Show of handsFirst time at TLIFirst time officerNew ToastmasterSeasoned ToastmasterDTM
    6. 6. Ice BreakerTake what you need and pass it on.
    7. 7. My Calls to Action for YouExecutivemeetingsArea GovernorHelp a clubmemberHave fun
    8. 8. DCP – Distinguished Club PlanTwo CC AwardsTwo more CCsOne AC AwardOne more ACOne CL/AL/DTMOne moreCL/AL/DTM7. Four new membersFour more newmembersFour officers trainedtwiceOne semi report andone officers list
    9. 9. What is Public Relations?
    10. 10. Target Your Audience Demographics Target club members you want Understand your competition
    11. 11. DigitalSocial MediaCloud sharingTraditionalReaching your Target Audience
    12. 12. Break
    13. 13. What is a Brand?
    14. 14. Components of Toastmasters BrandTaglineVisionCore ValuesVisual ElementsMessage
    15. 15. “Think Different” Apple“Like a rock” Chevy“Does she or doesn’t she?” Clairol“57 varieties” HJ Heinz“Got milk?” Cal Milk Processing Board“Where leaders are made” ToastmastersTagline
    16. 16. VisionToastmasters International empowerspeople to achieve their full potential andrealize their dreams. Through our memberclubs, people throughout the world canimprove their communication and leadershipskills, and find the courage to change.
    17. 17. Core ValuesIntegrityDedication to ExcellenceService to the MemberRespect for the Individual
    18. 18. Visual ElementsTemplatesColorsGraphicsPhotosFont faces
    19. 19. Brand Manual and Brand Portal
    20. 20. MessagingYour elevator pitch about Toastmasters
    21. 21. Pencils and Paper3 things Toastmasters helped youaccomplishDraft one short story that ispersonal, compelling, and representsToastmasters
    22. 22. Stand and Deliver
    23. 23. What are my Calls to Action?Executive meetingsArea GovernorHelp a club memberHave fun
    24. 24. Questions?