Why AcquireB2B?


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AcquireB2B is a demand generation agency that gives you the right balance of strategic thinking, systems expertise and tactical know-how to create marketing automation programs that drive more leads and sales for our customers.

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Why AcquireB2B?

  1. 1. Why AcquireB2B?Strategy | Tactics | Data | Messaging | Content | Campaigns | Systems Integration | Metrics ©2010 M. H. McIntosh. All rights reserved. www.sales-lead-experts.com
  2. 2. AcquireB2B helps companies likeyours to drive more leads and sales with marketing automation
  3. 3. We help you design, implement or improveyour marketing automation campaigns to Generate, nurture and qualify your leads Accelerate your sales Grow your customers  Increasing usage  up-selling  cross-selling Retain your customers re-activate dormant customers Drive self-service, e-commerce sales Generate referrals 3
  4. 4. AcquireB2B’s three rights The right people The right expertise The right technology More qualified leads, more closed sales and a higher ROI 4
  5. 5. AcquireB2B IntroductionsMac McIntosh, Partner• B2B marketing and sales consultant and expert on using marketing to drive leads & sales• Blue chip client list – Examples: ADC, Intel, GlobalSpec, Microsoft, NEC, NS K, Siemens, Sigma-Aldrich• Sales Lead Report® newsletter with 15,000 subscribers• Sales Lead Insights™ blog with 4,000+ readers• 5,000 followers on Twitter 5
  6. 6. AcquireB2B IntroductionsPeter Dikeman, Partner• Senior technology executive - marketing, general management, & product development for startups to large enterprises.• Founder of two successful startups - Digital Techniques and Lexidata (IPO)• Most recently started and led CardScan’s B2B division, leveraging marketing automation to drive the sales of its CRM products• A B2B marketer and technologist, able to “think” and communicate in both disciplines 6
  7. 7. AcquireB2B’s Team of Experts • Our expert team includes 13 key, “been-there, done- that” people – http://www.acquireb2b.com/about-us/our-team • This core team is supported by a virtual team of 30 moreStrategy | Tactics | Data | Messaging | Content | Campaigns | Systems Integration | Metrics 7
  8. 8. A sampling of AcquireB2B’s clients From small, one-time projects to being an ongoing extension of your marketing team 8
  9. 9. The right technology 9
  10. 10. AcquireB2B offers a full-menu of services From simple projects to a complete turn-key programs 10
  11. 11. Three ways to put us to work1 On a project basis2 As a virtual extension of your team3 As a lead generation/nurturing/qualification agency 11
  12. 12. We understand how best to drive leads and sales Marketing Touches Inquiries/Responses Marketing Qualified Leads Sales Accepted Leads Sales Qualified Leads Closed Sales 01/19/11-10/31/11 12
  13. 13. We know how to get your email read, clickedthrough and converted to leads Before After 13
  14. 14. Our clients get better results TOTAL LAST 60 DAY LEAD CATEGORY INDUSTRY AVERAGES1 COST PER LEAD COST PER LEAD (EXCLUDING SETUP) (Sept + Oct) ALL LEADS $3731 $54 $34 HOT+WARM LEADS $725-$16252 N/A $254 HOT LEADS $1,250 -$2,5002 $1,156 $502 1. Hubspot - cost of outbound leads -June 2011 2. Based on aggregated results from other AcquireB2B/Mac McIntosh clients which are generating leads for big ticket, complex, multi-decision maker products and services (e.g. ERP and CRM software) from senior marketing and IT executives at larger enterprises in North America. 14
  15. 15. We know how to get better results from youremail marketing automation How to get it delivered How to get it read How to get it acted upon 15
  16. 16. We are happy to show you samples of our workfor other clients• Please suggest a good day and time for short web presentation 16
  17. 17. Want to drive more leads and sales with your B2B marketing? M. H. (Mac) McIntosh, Partner mcintosh@acquireb2b.com +1-401-234-4406Strategy | Tactics | Data | Messaging | Content | Campaigns | Systems Integration | Metrics ©2010 M. H. McIntosh. All rights reserved. www.sales-lead-experts.com