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Why Your Newsroom Should Be Using WordPress - ONA13


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Presentation from ONA13 demonstrates how various media organizations are using WordPress -- not for blogs, but as a CMS.

Why Your Newsroom Should Be Using WordPress - ONA13

  1. 1. WORDPRESS: CMS Mindy McAdams Department of Journalism University of Florida Gainesville, Florida, USA
  2. 2. News organizations use WordPress … • To create separate, stand-alone websites for special topics or coverage • For individual stories that are long and have many visual elements, such as videos • To run their entire news website • And more!
  3. 3. • Open-source software (free) • Lots of functionality, and lots of developers worldwide • Thousands of templates (themes) and plug-ins • Lots of control • Full-featured comment moderation • Full-featured spam filtering for comments • Multiple, separate WordPress sites can be added to your domain (We’ll discuss at the end)
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  6. 6. Case: KPLU • A public radio station in Seattle, USA. • A news organization. • Has a traditional news website (next slide). • URL
  7. 7. Case: KPLU • KPLU also has a separate website called Quirksee. • The name is an odd word made up from “quirk,” which means a habit or behavior that is strange or unusual. • KPLU says Quirksee is a “community of discovery.” • The site focuses on Seattle, the city where KPLU is based. • KPLU invites the public to contribute story ideas to Quirksee. • URL
  8. 8. All of the small photos are clickable. Each one can be seen large, in a slideshow viewer.
  9. 9. WordPress can also be used to quickly deploy a “micro site” to aggregate all coverage of a big breaking story, to track a long-term ongoing issue, to cover an event.
  10. 10. Screen capture from July 9, 2013
  11. 11. Case: The Washington Post Uses WordPress software to create many different kinds of micro sites, all under the domain: • A breaking news “blog” for new unrest in Egypt (2013) • An interactive graphic about the U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing gay people to marry • A long narrative story about a U.S. bicycle racer who hopes to erase the shame of Lance Armstrong • A photographic journey through the presidential election year 2012
  12. 12. Videos, maps, photos and other graphics are integrated in a layout like a magazine’s.
  13. 13. RUN is a visual story about the entire 2012 U.S. election year.
  14. 14. RUN is a visual story about the entire 2012 U.S. election year.
  15. 15. RUN is a visual story about the entire 2012 U.S. election year.
  16. 16. Case: CNN • The global TV news network uses WordPress to run each one of CNN’s many different blogs. • Also to run what is essentially a micro-site for each news program.
  17. 17. Case: Global News • The site is the main website for a national • • • • • • TV news program in Canada. The entire site runs on WordPress. Most stories include at least one embedded video. The site is updated many times each day. Reporters across Canada contribute to the site — they can post news from any location. Reporters in 3 foreign bureaus — Beijing, London and Washington — also upload to WordPress. Some reporters post updates with the WordPress mobile app.
  18. 18. The WordPress difference • Some people think WordPress is a blogging platform, like Blogger / Blogspot. • The site allows individuals to have free blogs. • However, is different, and … • The WordPress software (which is 100 percent free) can be downloaded and installed on your own Web server. • You have complete control. • Your software team can modify WordPress. • You can add free or paid themes and plug-ins to make a WordPress site do almost anything you can imagine.
  19. 19. Edit Flow is a free plug-in for WordPress that provides many helpful tools for editing teams.
  20. 20. WORDPRESS: CMS Mindy McAdams Twitter: @macloo