How to Share Your Digital Stories


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From a one-hour webinar about digital storytelling. Audience: Fulbright and other U.S. State Department alumni. Date: October 19, 2012. Sponsor:

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How to Share Your Digital Stories

  1. 1. Digital Storytelling for@StateDept Exchange Alumni Mindy McAdams Professor, University of Florida Fulbright Senior Scholar: Indonesia 2011–2012 Malaysia 2004–2005
  2. 2. How do you share stories?
  3. 3. 1. Follow news sources.2. Find and share links to news.
  4. 4. Upload anyPowerPointtoSlideShareand allowpeople toview itonline.
  5. 5. Upload anyPowerPointtoSlideShareand allowpeople toview itonline.You can alsoallowdownloads.
  6. 6. An easy-to-usemicro-bloggingplatform — with noword limit! Andyou can post pictures!
  7. 7. In Tumblr, you have a dashboard (above).
  8. 8. < ChooseText, Photo,etc., andthen addyour content.
  9. 9. The Washington Post used Storify as part of its coverage of this news event (March 16, 2012).
  10. 10. All of the quotes and photos came from Twitter.
  11. 11. Sign up for Storify (free) at storify.comand make a “Storify” immediately
  12. 12. The icons at the top enable you to quickly find and add items from popular social media sites.
  13. 13. Example: After selecting YouTube,a search for syria (18 March 2012)
  14. 14. SoundCloud makes it easy to upload and share audio files.
  15. 15. Each audio file has its own page, its own URL. And people can leave comments too.
  16. 16. You can record directly into SoundCloudif you have a microphone attached toyour computer. You can store up to2 hours of audio, free.
  17. 17. How will you share your story?
  18. 18. View all links to all sites and all examples here: storytelling-webinar
  19. 19. Mindy McAdamsProfessor, University of Florida Twitter: @macloo