Task 7


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Task 7

  1. 1. Abraham Bautista<br />Task 7 – Review and Evaluate finished product<br />The search engines that we used were very effective because we were able to find what we needed for our magazine. E.g. images, article research. The search criteria we used were very good because it enabled us to do the task consistently and we were able to use it as a checklist. The internet source was more informative than our non-internet source because the internet source made more sense, more reliable and we were able to access the statistics for the technology article.<br />The quality of the information that we gathered was very informative and very appropriate for the article we were going to do for our magazine. It helped us explain the technology in more depth in which would help the readers to understand the use of technology. The articles we made were very suitable for our magazine. It was suitable because each piece is in the appropriate parts such as ‘Past, Present and Future’ and the articles were put together carefully.<br />If we were to attempt a similar collaborative task we need to improve our speed in finishing each task to meet the right deadline. To improve this, in our each meeting the task for each member has to be clear and it’s important that each one understands their part for each piece of the task.<br />The contributions in our group were very good because we communicated very well and understand which task we have to carry on. Each member played their part very well because we were able to complete the task and we were able to correct margin of errors that can affect our finish product. We made sure that our research is enough before we start doing our piece in the article.<br />The effectiveness of the group was very good as each member get along very well. We were able to give our ideas in the group and we made sure to listen to each and everyone’s opinions that can make our final piece a success. We were able to complete the task based on the grading criteria for the unit that we’re doing. Also we were able to work as a team effectively.<br />I need to improve my effectiveness as a member because sometimes I can do things that are off-task and it can waste our time before we reach the deadline for the final product. To improve this I need to stay focus on each and every task that we do and make sure I know what I do next. Also if I’m stuck at something I need to make sure to ask the teacher for some help to avoid wasting time.<br />