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New prospectus 2011 11032011


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New prospectus 2011 11032011

  1. 1. CRICOS Provider Code: 03042K ABN68126522870 Telephone: +61 882126799Universal Network of Infotech (UNI) is Universal Network of Infotech Pty Ltd Signing up for a new Diploma Coursea leading training UNI based in Adelaide (UNI) provides students and trainees with in Web Design is your first big stepSouth Australia. Australia is recognised as a a range of vocational educational programs towards an exciting new and attractive destination for study for expertly designed to prepare you for higher Choosing Adelaide as your overseasoverseas students. Australia is recognising education or employment in Australia and destination for the start of thisprovider of world-class education and abroad. challenge can only add to the sense oftraining. Adventure that you will feel when you Our courses are designed by highly arrive in our beautiful and excitingUNI started its training activities in 2000 in qualified staff with extensive industry and city.India. From this humble beginning the team teaching experience, to achieve teachingat UNI has grown the business so that and learning excellence, flexibility and Adelaide is the international gatewaytoday it has become a global provider of IT personal satisfaction. Our UNI affiliate with to South Australia, beautiful Australiantraining. business and industry, which ensures that beaches are only a short tram ride our study programs are appropriate to form the city.It has more than 63 branches in India, a needs.campus in Fiji, a branch in the UK and now The famous vineyards of the Barossaa new learning location in Australia. UNI is For those who are interested in further Balley are an hour’s drive away froman IT education provider with highly education, we have excellent links with the Central Business District. Travelqualified teachers and up to the minute other institutions, institutes/universities to further field and you will find thecourses. help students and trainees to go on to Flinders Ranges and the outback to the further studies. north.Your study experience will be enhancedthrough close proximity to the many natural In addition to providing excellent Add to this the international shoppingwonders that exist in and around the city of educational facilities, we endeavour to facilities of central Adelaide and theAdelaide. enhance their experiences by providing a many Cultural facilities such as wide range of social activities to ensure Theatres, Museums and UniversityThe Mediterranean type climate means that their time at UNI provides a rewarding life campuses and you have diverse world-the weather is comfortable whole year experience. class facilities at your fingertips.round. Thousands of students from manycountries have enjoyed their time studying I trust UNI assists you make the correct We look forward to seeing you in classat UNI. choice to ensure your educational goals are and to helping you work through this satisfied. If you have any questions, please exciting web design diploma. It will bePlease take the time to look at the study feel free to contact us. a challenging, but we hope, immenselyoptions, campuses and facilities presented satisfying, this publication. Please don’t hesitate tocontact the staff at our international/local Sometimes as you go through life youStudent Centre for further information. Mukesh Kumar may find that it is the journey not the Director destination that provides you with theI look forward to welcoming you to our most enjoyment.learning community. Terry NPala Ram TrainerManaging Director
  2. 2. CRICOS Provider Code: 03042K ABN68126522870 Telephone: +61 882126799 Our campus location The UNI Adelaide training facility is situated in the heart of the Adelaide Central Business District at 31 Franklin Street, Adelaide, South Australia SA 5000, Australia. 3 minute walk to the Adelaide central market 5 minute walk to the Westpac, NAB, ANZ bank 8 minute walk to Rundle Mall (Adelaide Commercial centre) 9 minute walk to the South Australia’s state Library 9 minute walk to the South Australia’s Art Gallery 10 minutes walk to Adelaide University Library 12 minutes walk to Central Railway station 12 minutes walk to Adelaide University River Our campus facilities Campus on ground floor of a prestigious constructed buildingRundle Mall, Adelaide Impressive common room area with grand high carpet and glass panels, providing abundant natural light Central control air-conditioner for every classroom 30 computers with high-speed internet access, installed with popular software, Data Storage online HQ drive for each student 3 iMAC computers (all-in-one) with high quality High-speed wireless internet access throughout the campus Projector (connects to computer equipment) for training Small Library for IT area books e-Library of resources online for students to complete in their further learning programme We have High Performance Digital Copier with Fax, Scanning, Network printing capabilities in our Management Room Kitchen with fridge, microwave, filtered water and hot water system for making tea and coffee Area for student to have lunch and afternoon tea Providing information about “Enhance your life @ Adelaide” School noticeboard – showing the latest information in Adelaide
  3. 3. CRICOS Provider Code: 03042K ABN68126522870 Telephone: +61 882126799South Australia’s State Library has free wireless broadband and a South Australia’s Art Gallery on North Terrance, Adelaidefree Lending Library on the ground floor.UNI is an international provider of Information andTechnology Education and Training. We have more than63 branches at the international level. The companypolicy is to provide the best possible service at anhonest price. This has resulted in many satisfiedstudents and parents.UNI started its training activities in the year 2000 in theIndian capital, Delhi. Within a short period of time thisunique strategy of providing good value in technicaltraining has led to significant growth of the company.The company is very responsive to the needs of thetraining market.We provide our students with the essential skills in ITthat are needed to succeed in this competitive marketplace. We also deliver quality education programs thatallow the students to demonstrate the work-ready skillsso highly regarded by potential employers.The training delivered at UNI incorporates state-of-the-art training rooms and facilitate. Its teachers and ACPET 2009instructors have a high level of industry experience.Helpful support staffs are always ready to provideintroductions to recruitment companies and potentialemployers.The way of UniversityIf you are keen to study at University but don’t quitemeet the academic requirements, our training in IT canhelp you on your way to a University place. In somecases the training you complete here can earn creditstowards your University course.Registered Training OrganisationUNI is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). We arerecognised by the Australian Government for thedelivery of Nationally Accredited Courses.Internationally Recognised CourseOur Website Development Diploma course isinternationally recognised and in Australia it isaccredited as a nationally recognised courses.
  4. 4. CRICOS Provider Code: 03042K ABN68126522870 Telephone: +61 882126799 Living Adelaide Adelaide hosts over 15,000 international students and is known locally as the twenty minute city. It takes only twenty minutes form the city to get to the beaches or to the Adelaide hills. Students receive a discount on public transport fares. A ten trip multi ticket costs about $17.00. The Adelaide Free bus service provides a convenient link within the city. It runs regular services between the Hospitals, Universities and various shopping precincts. Also available more details on e.htm Cost of Adelaide Adelaide is Australia’s most affordable capital city. International students will require approximately $18,000 a year or about $330 a week to cover living expenses in Adelaide. This is a rough guide only. Remember your living costs are separate to your tuition fees.Average weekly living costs in Adelaide AUD USD CNY KRW EURAccommodation $90-250 $78-216 533-1480 80,520-223,667 52-145(shared or single)Telephone/postage $10-30 $8-26 59-178 8,965-26,907 6-17Food cooked at home $80-100 $69-86 475-893 71,752-89,690 46-58Transport $15-20 $13-17 89-119 13,454-17,952 9-12Electricity/Gas $15-20 $13-17 89-119 13,454-17,952 9-12Clothes/Entertainment $35+ $30+ 208+ 31,431+ 20+Total $245-455 $141-393 1,452-2,696 219,575-407,589 142-263Regular purchased items in Adelaide AUD USD CNY KRW EURBowl of noodles $4.50-5.50 3.88-4.75 26.69-32.62 4,041-4,939 2.6-3.18Slice of pizza $3-$5 $2.59-4.75 17.79-32.62 2,691-4,939 1.74-3.18Loaf of bread $3.07 $2.65 18.21 2,753 1.782 litres of milk $3.20 $2.76 18.98 2,870 1.85600ml water $2.00 $1.73 11.86 1,793 1.16Takeaway coffee $3.00 $2.59 17.79 2,691 1.74Big McBurger $3.60 $3.11 21.35 3,228 2.08Newspaper $1.25-2.00 $1.08-1.73 7.42-11.86 1,123-1,794 0.72-1.16Movie Ticket $12.00 $10.36 71.17 10,759 6.94Phone call(local) $0.50 $0.43 2.97 448 0.29Bus/Train/Tram/Ticket $1.20-2.10 $1.04-1.81 7.12-12.45 1,076-1,883 0.69-1.22(single)
  5. 5. CRICOS Provider Code: 03042K ABN68126522870 Telephone: +61 8821267991. Entry Level UnitsSome academic programs require you to have passed some subjects called Academic ProgramPrerequisites. The following units are prerequisites for this qualification. They contain the basicfundamentals of ICT knowledge and skills for all the qualification at Certificate III and above: Follow Workplace Safety Integrate CommercialBSBCMN106A ICAU2013B Procedures Computing Package Design Organizational Use Computer OperatingICAD2012B Documents using Computing ICAU2231B System Packages Work Effectively in an ITICAU1128B Operate a Personal Computer ICAW2001B Environment Communicate in theICAU2005B Operate Computer Hardware ICAW2002B WorkplaceICAU2006B Operate Computing Packages2. Prerequisite Units 01Apply principles of visual design andCUFMEM07A communication to the development of ICAW 4027B Relate to clients on a business level a multimedia product Produce basics client side script forICAB4137B ICAT3025B Run standard diagnostic rests dynamic web pages Determine and confirm client business Design a website to meet technicalICAA4142C ICAA4041C expectations and needs Bazaar Ceramics requirements Project Create a simple mark-up language Determine and apply appropriateICAB4135B ICAA4233B document to specification development methodologies3. Student Selection and 4. Course Available The class sizes are smaller at UNI.Enrolment Experienced staffs are on hand to Qualification CRICOS Code: give support and guidanceStudent selection and registration in ICA50605 throughout the course. Plenty ofUNI is based upon students Course Name: Diploma of hands-on experience means a greatsatisfying the following entry Information Technology (Website training environment for students.criteria. Development)• English proficiency: Minimum CRICOS Course Code: 065987C 6. Commencement dates for IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent 2011.• Academic qualifications: 5. Course Description Minimum completion of the HSC February or equivalent This accredited course provides the May• Work Eperience skills and knowledge for a student to August• Age: the minimum age is 18 train as a competent Web designer. November years The responsibilities of this role cover• Visa status: as per assessment design, development, site Course duration: 24 months levels for the country of origin performance, database integrationApplicants who do not meet the to implementation and acceptance 7. Fees and chargesEnglish entry requirement are testing. The qualification has arequired to register in the strong common core ICT Diploma Annual Fee: AUD $10,000appropriate English course. base. Total Fee: AUD $ 20,000 (2 years) The above fee structure excludesOriginal or certified copies of all This Diploma course provides living expenses such as housing anddocuments must be submitted with aspiring Web Developers with a fast food. It does not cover Medicalapplication. Further details for these track to a great job in the IT insurance, textbooks,requirements can be round at industry. After the successful entertainment, telephone calls, completion of the course students expenses or additional compulsoryFurther information is available at will receive a course certificate. This course qualification is recognised throughout the world.
  6. 6. CRICOS Provider Code: 03042K ABN68126522870 Telephone: +61 8821267998. Units ContentsUNIT CODE DURATIONManage project qualityThis unit specifies the outcomes required to manage quality assurance processes, and BSBPMG505A 40 hoursusing review and evaluation to make quality improvements in current and futureprojectsValidate quality and completeness of system design specificationsThis unit defines the competency required to check the system specifications against ICAA5054C 20 hoursoutcomes and quality standards. System quality may refer to the network system, aprogram or a projectPrepare disaster recovery and contingency plansThis unit defines the competency required to analyse the impact of the system on the ICAA5056B 30 hoursorganization and carry out risk analysis, disaster recovery and contingency planningfor the project.Design and develop dynamic websites to meet technical requirementThis unit defines the competency required to produce a plan that analyses specified ICAA5141C 40 hourstechnical requirements and then designs, builds and tests a dynamic website so that itmeets those technical requirements.Develop website information architecturesThis unit defines the competency required to develop information architecture for a ICAA5146B 30 hourscomplex website that meets current and future business requirements.Gather data to identify business requirementsThis unit defines the competency required to identify, analyse and document business ICAA5151B 30 hoursrequirements.Translate business needs into technical requirementsThis unit defines the competency required to identify the needs of a business or ICAA5158B 20 hoursbusiness process and quantify those into technical requirements that will enable thebusiness or process to meet expectation.Create dynamic web pages ICAB5165B 30 hoursThis unit defines the competency required to build active or dynamic web pages.Integrate database with a websiteThis unit defines the competency required to establish and maintain client user liaison IACB5180C 25 hoursand future internal operational enterprise requirements.Match IT needs with the strategic direction of the enterpriseThis unit defines the competency required to ensure IT services meet current and ICAP5039B 20 hoursfuture internal operational enterprise requirements.Establish and Maintain client user liaisonThis unit defines competency required to ensure that personal information of user is ICAS5102B 20 hourshandled in a confidential manner.Ensure privacy for usersThis unit defines the competency required to ensure that personal information of users ICAS5202B 20 hoursis handled in a confidential manner.Perform systems testThis unit defines the competency required to ensure that the properties of the entire ICAT5081A 20 hourssystem are tested and proved adequate before handover to the client/user for finalacceptance testing.Develop and conduct client acceptance testThis unit defines the competency required to plan and conduct acceptance testing as ICAT5083B 20 hourspart of the process whereby clients will determine whether to accept the system.Use site server tools for transaction managementThis unit defines the competency required to use site server tools to build, host and ICAU5208B 20 hourstrack and monitor transactions on an e-business site.Manage complex projectThis unit covers management of projects that may be reasonably complex in terms ofscope, degree of risk, political, cultural and social factors that apply, consequences of PSPPM502B 80 hoursfailure and degree of control of the projects. It includes managing start-up, projectimplementation, project integration and follow-up activities.Design a databaseThis unit defines the competency required to establish client needs and technical ICAA5139A 50 hoursrequirements and to design a databases that meets those requirements.Implement quality assurance process for websites ICAI5212A 50 hoursCreate a simple mark-up language document to specification ICAB4135B 40 hoursAutomate processes (Elective) ICAB4225B 40 hours
  7. 7. CRICOS Provider Code: 03042K ABN68126522870 Telephone: +61 8821267999. RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING ASSESSMENT RPL Assessment Language, Numeracy and only. Credit transfer is for Literacy Assessment and students who have preciouslyThe assessment of your skills Support studied and successfullyand training in relation to the completed one or more subjectsqualification you want to Language, Numeracy and containing the samecomplete is made by UNI. All Literacy Assessment and competencies as those offeredapplications require you to Support Language, numeracy by UNI for Credit Transfer.gather evidence of your claims. and literacy must be assessed byFor detailed information see RPL a suitably qualified assessor Credit transfer assesses thePolicy & Procedures on our prior to registration. Offers of initial course or subject that thewebsite link course placement will be based individual is using to claim on the student being assessed access to, the destination course/rplcredittransfer.htm as satisfying these entry to determine the extent to which requirements. it is equivalent learning CRICOS Student outcomes, competency Support will be provided in all outcomes, or standards in aStudents registering under subjects as normal tuition qualification.CRICOS (those on a student practice. Students requiringVisa) must complete of twenty extra support will be provided To apply for Credit Transferhours per week face to face with help on request. students will need to submitstudy. They must achieve a certified copies of theirminimum average course Course Credit transcript prior to starting withattendance of 80% at any time. UNI. Fees may apply if Credit Transfer is the application is submitted after recognition of VET study which the student has commenced has been conducted in Australia with the institute.10. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT Upon acceptance of an offer of a International student programsPROGRAMS place at the UNI by a student, fees are payable in Australian these terms in so far as they dollars.Each prospective international relate to a refund of programstudent making an application to fees in the case of a student Commencing internationalthe UNI agrees to the Terms, defaulting only constitute a students are required pay thePayment and Refund terms written agreement between the fee at the time of accepting awhen signing the international UNI and the student for the place in a course. Continuingstudent’s application form. purpose of section 28 of the international students are Education Service for Overseas required to pay the fee by theEach prospective international Students Act2000 (“ESOS Act”). date specified on their invoice.student will receive a copy of Failure to comply with thethe International Student These terms do not remove the required payment date willProgram fee payment and right to take further action result in the termination of therefund terms at the time an offer under Australia’s consumer offer of a place or of enrolmentof a place is made. This copy protection laws. at the UNI.should be retained by thestudent. Payment of International Where student enrolment is Student Program Fees delayed through no fault of theThe terms and conditions set out student, then help will be givenin this document apply equally The annual international for the student to catch up withto new students and to student’s programs fees and the rest of the class.continuing students unless course durations as advertisedotherwise specified. by the UNI are for standard full- In any teaching period a student time course where students are who enrols up to four weeksUNI reserves the right as agreed progressing satisfactorily. after the first day of teachingas retained. will be given individual help to PAYMENT POLICY catch up with the timetable.
  8. 8. CRICOS Provider Code: 03042K ABN68126522870 Telephone: +61 882126799 Documents required 1 APPLICATION Completed ADMISSION FORM2011, you can download at Apply through one of the official international representatives Original or certified copies of your academic qualification, OR transcripts, English Language test results, and any other Send application directly to the UNI Institute supporting documents. Documents to be certified by a Justice of the Peace or by the UNI Institute official representatives Information and contact details Please go to our website at The international Office, Universal Network of Infotech, GF, No. 31 Franklin Street, Adelaide SA 5000 If successful. 2 APPLICATION ASSESSMENT You will be emailed through the Official Representative, or The UNI Institute will assess your application directly recieve An offer letter An acceptance Agreement Complete and sign all pages of the Offer letter and3 ACCEPT OFFER Agreement All international students accept their offers in the same way Arrange for payment of deposit of $5000 and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for duration of program Provide a copy of the personal details section of your passport. CONFIRMATION OF ENROLMENT 4 After receiving the full payment required, the Use your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) to apply for an UNI will send you a Confirmation of Enrolment Australian student visa through the Australian Diplomatic (CoE) Mission you nominated on your Offer Statement and Acceptance Agreement. After you arriving, please read our International Student Handbook. Further information is available at:
  9. 9. CRICOS Provider Code: 03042K ABN68126522870 Telephone: +61 882126799 Australia Student Visa processing OBTAIN INTERNATIONAL STUDENT VISA Applications are assessed by the Department of5 Apply for an international student visa through Immigration and Citizenship ( DIAC) which gives countries your agent (or official UNI Institute Assessment Levels from 1-4. Visa processing is different for representative) each Level. It is your country of citizenship (not residence) OR which determines the Assessment Level used for your visa Directly through your nearest Australian application. Diplomatic Mission (Embassy, Consulate or High Commission) Student from Assessment Level 3-4 countries face longer visa application processes and must provide a Pre-Visa Assessment letter or use e-visa when they accept their offer. For more information on student visas please consult: Your agent, if applying through an official representative of the Institute Your nearest Australian Diplomatic The DIAC student visa website Airport pickup fee is $1206 PREPAREtravel DEPARTURE Make FOR arrangements Temporary accommodation is guaranteed if you request it. It is Inform the UNI Institute of your expected at your own expense and will be available for one week arrival date Book your airport pickup and temporary accommodation if required Orientation Program7 ARRIVE, ATTEND PRESENTATION AND Includes enrolment in your program and your classes. ENROL Arrive in Adelaide in time to attend the Those who enrol early get the most convenient timetables as some tutorials fill quickly. New International Student Orientation Familiarise you with the city and campus Program. Gives you a change to meet staff and other students and to make friends before you begin your studies Details of the Program can be found at
  10. 10. CRICOS Provider Code: 03042K ABN68126522870 Telephone: +61 882126799DEFERMENT, SUSPENSION AND CANCELLATION OF STUDYRefer to the Deferment, Suspension and Cancellation policy for more details on UNI Website: (available under policies tab )Direct Link: Framework for Students Visa Obligation available on OBLIGATION (UNI CODE OF CONDUCT) AVAILABLE ON UNI Website ALL LATEST UPDATES AND CHANGES REGARDING UNI POLICIES AND PROCEDURES OR INFORMATIONPROVIDED PLEASE ALWAYS VISIT UNI UPDATES PAGE ON OUR WEBSITE: DETAILS
  11. 11. CRICOS Provider Code: 03042K ABN68126522870 Telephone: +61 882126799Mode of Study Lectures which may include, but are not limited to, assessmentThis course will be delivered Lecture is a formal session tasks, research, revision,over a 24 month period of where a lecturer instructs a written, consultation withfull time study. This program large group of students. They staff, and informalis delivered in a classroom are designed to give students discussions with otherand simulated /work/ a good starting point on a students. Non-contact timeprojects based environment specific area of knowledge and may vary form course toallocated for the practical simulation task to identify the course, as a guide; a full-aspects of the course. most important areas of the time student should expect course. Students are expected to spend a total 20 hours perAnd 20 hours study each to listen carefully and take week on their studies duringweek. notes. teaching period.Units and Levels Student Study Commitment Assessment MethodEach course within a To successfully pass your Assessment method includeprogram has a unit value and courses, you will need to competency baseda level. Each academic allocate an appropriate time assessment with simulatedprogram has a total number commitment to your study. In project based, role play,of units that must be addition to the formal contact activities, observation,completed, and requirements time required for each of your presentations, reports,for a certain number of units course (e.g. lectures, written and practical specific levels, in order to practicals), you will need tofinish the program. allocate non-contact time. . Non-contact time will be required for a rage of activities
  12. 12. CRICOS Provider Code: 03042K ABN68126522870 Telephone: +61 882126799Information about Visa student services office via email at info@uni- For more information visit us atGeneral Visa Conditions international students intending to enter Australia Airport Reception and Airport Pickupto study must apply for a student visa. Applicationsfor a student visa can be lodged at Australian New students arriving from overseas are met atDiplomatic Offices around the world. Details are Adelaide International Airport by friendly staff oravailable at the following website. senior students and are transferred by car or bus to the arranged accommodation. Students are assisted with basic needs such as the changing of money, telephoning home, buying food and any other itemsLegal Service they need. Conditions and charges may apply for money change and telephones. Contact the studentInternational students can seek legal advice in services office for details at to immigration (visas), discrimination andmany other matters. Legal advice and assistance Accommodation and Setting –in Supportcan be obtained for free or at minimal cost. Forfurther information please see below: Our student support staff will help organise accommodation for students in advance of their Legal Aid SA can provide free legal advice by arrival. Every effort is made to help students to find calling LawAccess SA legal helpline on the accommodation best suited to their needs. Staff 1300366424 will assist students to find the accommodation best (cost of a local call from within SA). suited to their needs. Staff will assist students to Website: settle quickly and successfully into their accommodation. They will help familiarise the vice.php students with local shopping. They can help with opening a bank account, with getting to know the AHM private OSHC offers Free 24 Hours city and the local transportation system. Many Emergency Advice and Assistance, this accommodation options available on service is only available for international students who are members of AHM Private OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) call Accommodation Options helpline 1800 006 745. Several options are available for students includingOne of the many benefits of your Private OSHC rental accommodation, shared accommodation andmembership is that you have access to a 24 hours home stay. Most international students prefer toemergency telephone service which provides share rental accommodation to reduce costs. UNImedical, legal and other assistance over the phone, staff can assist students to find accommodationwith the aid of an interpreter where necessary. although accommodation is available easily. The beginning of each term is a busy time. StudentsService Include: should request assistant to find accommodation two Help with the costs of medical treatment weeks prior to arrival. For further information 24 hour emergency service helpline 1800 contact us at The approximate 006 745 for: cost of Home Stay living in Adelaide is between Emergency medical assistance AUD$150 to AUD$200 per week. UNI keeps a list of Stress and trauma counselling real estate agents and home stay providers to make Interpreter service the necessary arrangements. Students are required Online claiming services, any time of the day to make a request for this service at least two weeks or night in advance (conditions and charges apply). For Informative web site further information contact us at info@uni- Information and AssistancesUNI provides information and advice about how toprepare for arrival in Australia and what you shouldexpect on arrival. However students may contact our
  13. 13. CRICOS Provider Code: 03042K ABN68126522870 Telephone: +61 882126799Course Advice and Enrolment Assistance EmergenciesStudents are introduced to the academic staff of UNIand to their Course Co-ordinator. Students will also In an emergency, where there is a danger to life orbe provided with course advice and assistance at a crime is in progress you should contact the police,enrolment. fire department or ambulance by dialling 000 from any telephone. This is a free call in emergenciesOrientation Program only.An orientation program is conducted before classes Fire safety in the homeand is compulsory for all newly-arrived internationalstudents. The program includes an introduction to In South Australia, legislation is in place to makeUNI service and facilities as well as an introduction smoke alarms compulsory for all residentialto Australian Culture, Society and life. Students are buildings. Most fire-related deaths result from thealso introduced to the academic culture and rules of inhalation of toxic gases rather than from directUNI which are considered necessary for successful contact with flame or exposure to heat. Correctlystudy. located smoke alarms in your home give early warning of fire. This will provide you with time whichCounselling service may be vital to your survival.The UNI Counselling service is free. Confidential and Beach safetyvoluntary counsellors help students in understandingthe way UNI works. These counsellors know who to Be careful when swimming in Australian water.refer you for solving problems and dealing with Some parts of the coast have powerful currents anddifficult personal situations. tides. Shark attacks are rare but sometimes do occur. It is safest to swim at popular beaches. AreasOverseas Students Health Cover (OSHC) marked by red and yellow flags are patrolled by surf life-savers. Never mix alcohol with survival.All international students must have current healthinsurance while studying in Australia. This is a Visa Students with School Age Dependantsregulation. The only exceptions are Swedish andNorwegian students, who will be required to pay up Students should add a further 20% per annum forfront for their medical service. living expenses if they have one child (plus AUD 8000 per annum for the cost of schooling) if theMedicare children are of school age.All permanent Australian residents are entitled toreceive free treatment as a public (Medicare) patientin a public hospital. This includes free treatment bya doctor and includes treatment by specialists wherenecessary. Subsidised service is available fromoptometrists and dentists for specified services.Adelaide Glenelg Beach Adelaide Kangaroo Island
  14. 14. CRICOS Provider Code: 03042K ABN68126522870 Telephone: +61 882126799Payment of tuition fees * If a student withdraws from a The course cancelled course more than 28 weeksFees are reviewed annually before semester service The commencement ofand may increase. commences, less $450 of the the course is postponed semester’s fees will be refund. for more than four weeks.Tuition fees do not cover the * If a student withdraws from acharge for accommodation, living course 28 days or less before the The student is refused the offerexpenses, textbooks, stationery, semester service commences, of a place due to enrolmentequipment and external 50% of the semester’s fees. capacity limits e.g. the course isexaminations. If fees are not full.paid by the due date, a late fee * After the commencement ofmay be charged. You will not be course – No Refund e. Permanent residencyallowed into class if you have not status:paid your tuition fees and this b. No Refund Conditionsmay lead to loss of attendance. International students whoPlease keep your receipt as proof If a student’s enrolment is attain permanent residencyof payment. terminated after course status will be refunded as commencement as a result of a follows:If you are having difficulty with serious breach of student visayour fee payments, you must conditions or UNI’s Student Code • For written notice providedspeak to the director at UNI. of Conduct (as given in Student before course commences – Handbook available on all tuition fees refundedIf you fall behind with your fees, then, except $450 administrationUNI will report you to DIAC for the student will receive no refund. fee.non-payment of fees. UNI will • For written notice providedsend intention report due to non- C. Non-Institute Default after course has commencedpayment of fees with 20 days – no refund.time to access complain and Where a refund is approved bycompelling policy which available the Director and is not due to the f. Refund of Service Feeson institute defaulting, UNI will make and Student Amenities payment of refunds within 282.6.1%20Policy%20and%20Proc days of receipt of the application. Feesedure%20for%20Students%20C The refund will be deposited intoomplaints.pdf the student’s bank account only * Accommodation arrangement less the $200 administration fee in fees- full refund if two weeksPayments can be made by: the event that: notice is provided before the * The student is refused a Visa to flight arrival. Cash study in Australia; * Student amenities fees- full Cheques * The student is prevented from refund per semester for study Bank draft/Money order entering a course by reasons not undertaken. Bpay beyond the student’s control, Telegraphic Transfer including but not limited to Acts of Electronic Transfer God, Acts of Government g. Refund disputes Authorities, Civil strife and riots;Refund Policy * In the event of dispute * Special circumstances as determined by the Institute between the institute and theRequests for refund must be student, that dispute will be Director.lodged to the Director of UNI in resolved by the institute deputywriting, using the Application for CEO.Refund Form available at UNI c. Statement of refunds * The Institute’s disputewebsite resolution processes do not If UNI defaults, then the student with negate the student’s right toefound%20request%20form.pdf a statement clearly outline to how the pursue other legal remedies. refund was calculated.For international student d. Refunds after UNI defaulta. Refund on Notice ofWithdrawal (for reasons The Institute shall refund allother than those listed in b, c, course fees paid by the student ind, e, f and g) the event that:
  15. 15. CRICOS Provider Code: 03042K ABN68126522870 Telephone: +61 882126799