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N ICE GUYS ALWAYS FINISH...            J U L Y / A U GU S T 2 010
Nice guys always finish…
                                        With over 40 years of experience, Don Speace of Sherwin W...
                        House Talk                                                          sketchbook
Simplifying the process of
                                         selecting exterior materials
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July/August 2010 Issue Of DRAWING INTERESTS from Macklin Design


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July/August 2010 Issue Of DRAWING INTERESTS from Macklin Design

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July/August 2010 Issue Of DRAWING INTERESTS from Macklin Design

  1. 1. N ICE GUYS ALWAYS FINISH... J U L Y / A U GU S T 2 010 DISCUSSING THE ESSENTIALS FOR YOUR HOMES FINISHES WITH TWO LOCAL PROFESSIONALS ..…… 2 HOUSE TALK ONCE YOU’VE LIVED ON A LAKE, CAN YOU REALLY BE HAPPY ANYWHERE ELSE? …….…..… 3 Macklin Design DRAWING SIMPLIFYING SELECTIONS THE KEY TO EXTERIOR MATERIAL SELECTIONS IS COLLECTING SAMPLES & SEARCHING FOR EXAMPLES … 4 PERSONAL INSIGHT INTO DESIGNING YOUR FINE HOME interests What we’re up to ... Architectural interns from Baker College of Flint prepare for their future by helping Triple R Ranch plan for theirs. At Macklin Design we design fine ing, they also oversee a custom homes along with helping small private school people plan their futures. In fact, called Oceola Christian over the past 1-1/2 years we of- Academy at the Ranch. fered internships to Baker College Dave approached us students who are at the threshold several months back to of their futures. Last semester we help Triple R Ranch de- asked four students, who already velop a feasibility study. Initial Master Planning meeting at Macklin Design. knew each other, to do a 10-week The study is being formed Clockwise - Dave Gugin, Craig Grace, Chris Macklin, internship with us. They went to in order to move the Lance Underwood, Ron Hart & Melvin Kellogg (not pictured). work on a project for Triple R Ranch from its current lo- Ranch that had more of a personal cation to a nearby 30 acre site. they are fathers with children of impact in their lives than just draw- their own. ing the buildings ever could. Ever since the first meeting with Dave at the Ranch, the interns re- In some of the coming issues we Dave & Karen Gugin, who run the alized the importance of selfless will inform you of the progress and Ranch in Howell, MI, mentor kids ambition. They now know the development of this project. who are in the foster care system cause is greater than the architec- as well as young adults who are ture, but also that the buildings COMING transitioning out of it into independ- ent adulthood. Dave actually was must support the vision or the de- sign will be in vain. This project NEXT ISSUE in the foster care system when he captured the hearts of the interns. • Are you feeling guilty about was a kid growing up in Flint, and One of them could fully relate be- not going green? several years back the Lord asked cause he himself was adopted, him to help the next generation of and the remaining three interns • Why is PRICE always at the top? foster kids. In addition to mentor- simply fell in love with it because • The changing landscape MACKLIN DESIGN, INC. 14165 N. FENTON RD., STE. 203A FENTON, MI 48430 P 810.714.0000 WWW.MACKLINDESIGN.COM CHRIS@MACKLINDESIGN.COM 1
  2. 2. Nice guys always finish… With over 40 years of experience, Don Speace of Sherwin Williams & Randy Lafave of Lafave Decorators, both in Fenton, MI, discuss essentials for your home’s finishes. Don & Randy have been coordinat- ing on projects, almost daily, for years so they understand what it takes to take care of customers. We sat down with both of them to discuss the basic essentials that drawing they most often address. conclusions Q: Do most customers value editorial by chris macklin price over quality? Price, Quality, A: Yes, although this mentality starts to fade when a customer gives Don Time & People & Randy a chance to educate them on the overall process. Approxi- mately 90% of the process goes into A: There are a few general rules to proper preparation, and painting is keep in mind before you start that the easy part. However, most cus- are listed in the chart on this page. tomers see it the other way around, However, talk with Don first so he so most people skimp on the prep. can match the paint & materials to Randy has landed many jobs by go- your application. Also, keep a pro- Q ing in and fixing the poorly done part fessional painter’s phone number -time painter’s or home owner’s (like Randy) close at hand in case Let us venture into a topic work. Don finds most often that the you get stuck. Also, Sherwin Wil- that drives almost every area quality of paint has not been liams offers a “Preferred Customer” of our lives and uncover matched with the quality of prep account to anyone who comes in what is really behind it. We work and/or materials. You can’t and signs up. This gives you 10% deal with it from sun up to expect good results with poor crafts- off paints, keeps a history of your sun down and it often keeps manship even if great paint is ap- colors purchased and informs you of us awake in between during plied. special sales that are offered. See the dark hours. It clearly Sherwin Williams for further details. reflects the order of our pri- Q: How does a customer make orities in life. The topic of sure they are going to get quality General Rules for Painting price-quality-time-people work? 25-30 gallons of primer (on bare drywall) can be quite humbling to for a 2,500 sf home stare at but can bring libera- A: Seeing a painter’s work from past tion if we see it for what it is. & present projects. Also, make sure Use at least 2 finish coats over primer the painter is licensed and insured 1 gallon of finish covers 300 square feet For most people, the graphic and is keeping up with current stan- above will represent a pyra- dards. Recently, the EPA requires Paint sequence 1. ceiling 2. trim 3. walls mid or a three-legged table. contractors to be certified in order to So, for the next several is- Interior Surfaces Type of Paint Finish deal with lead based paints found in sues we will examine each many homes built before 1970. So, Interior Doors/Trim Semi-Gloss or Satin part individually but also see before you venture into applying how they are interrelated. In new finishes to old walls, check with Walls Satin or Eggshell the next issue we will dive Lafave Decorators. Ceilings Flat right into PRICE...the one most of us put at the top of Q: What if someone feels brave Cabinets Satin or Semi-Gloss the pyramid or see as the and wants to do the project them- strongest leg of the table. selves? Don Speace Randy Lafave 810.750.9797 810.691.3500 MACKLIN DESIGN, INC. 14165 N. FENTON RD., STE. 203A FENTON, MI 48430 P 810.714.0000 WWW.MACKLINDESIGN.COM CHRIS@MACKLINDESIGN.COM 2
  3. 3. project House Talk sketchbook From Southern Michigan to Northern Michigan and back again, see how this couple chose to settle down & nestle in to their dream. Over the years we’ve helped many with carefully selected trees families realize the dream of lake- remaining in just the right lo- front living. However, here’s a cou- cations (note: landscape de- ple who lived that dream for years sign by Creative Scapes). and then decided to move off a lake Together they created a strik- in Northern Michigan back to their ing and warm home with inland roots in Fenton, closer to their much care taken to choose children and grandchildren. exterior materials that brought the design intent to life. As the American population contin- Back Patio ues to age, much focus is being put Weeks were spent, and countless on universal design. Many couples samples were considered, before Partial Front Facade Concept sketch comes to fruition! Family & Friends Entry are opting for living in a ranch rather the decision was made to for- than a multi-story home—knowing mulate a custom color of that as they age, a single story stone. The builder, Patrick home may come to be a necessity. Widing Custom Homes, To combine the best of both worlds, worked with various craftsmen we disguised this home to have the to assure that all the selec- look of a two story home with the tions were beautifully con- ease of having the main living space structed together to convey on one floor. the English Cottage character of the home. She brought a portfolio filled with Tractor parking or eye-catching details that formed the See the article on the next a nice shade spot character of the home. He brought page for more details on se- Carriage Garage a tractor—and a vision that turned a lecting exterior materials. wooded lot into an open landscape, Patrick Widing Custom Homes & Creative Scapes 810.750.8855 810.610.8985 MACKLIN DESIGN, INC. 14165 N. FENTON RD., STE. 203A FENTON, MI 48430 P 810.714.0000 WWW.MACKLINDESIGN.COM CHRIS@MACKLINDESIGN.COM 3
  4. 4. Simplifying the process of selecting exterior materials The key to making selections is taking your time to collect larger samples and searching for real world examples. drawing from cedar shake siding—in the sun your experience cedar shake siding—in shade We would like to know more about your personal experi- stone veneer—in shade & sun ences going through the de- sign & construction process. Everyone has a story to tell about it, some good & some bad. The first thing we would like to know is “what Selecting exterior materials can be stone mason build a 30”x30” you would have done dif- the most frightening process of mockup on plywood after you nar- ferently if you were given home design & construction be- row your selection (note-this will be another chance to do it cause you feel like you have only heavy and won’t travel well). Also, again?” Would you have one chance to get it right. This talk with your local building supply added more square footage? process should never be rushed or stores and get a list of addresses Spent less money? Hired thrown together therefore it should that have the materials you like in- different people? Been more be started in the design phase not stalled on them. Real world exam- patient? That should jog during construction. ples say everything. your memory. Collecting larger sample boards and Finally, make sure you view the We will pull together some of mockups of the stone or brick, sid- samples & examples in different the responses we get over ing with color and roofing is the first lighting conditions because material the next couple of months step. However, most stone sample color & texture can change greatly and publish them while boards obtained from suppliers are from sun to shade like the photo maintaining your privacy. not large enough to see the full color above illustrates. Email your stories to me at and pattern spectrum. Have the What we do ... Founded in 2001, Christopher S. Macklin Design, Incorporated is a residential design firm that specializes in the design of fine new homes, renovations and additions. Our focus is to provide each client with creative and personal solutions for their unique needs. Each client is distinct; therefore each project should reflect this by being one of a kind. Throughout the design process, we work to polish our client’s dreams and ambitions to arrive at a func- tional and aesthetically pleasing home. Design Services Scope of Services • New Homes • Pre-Design & Planning • Remodels & Additions • Preliminary Design • Facade Renovations • Zoning Board Submittals • Feasibility Studies • Schematic Design w/ Cost Estimate • Existing Conditions Analysis • Construction Documents • Universal & Aging-in-Place Design • Bidding & Negotiating Chris Macklin • Interior Design • Construction Observation • Renderings (Concept & Character Drawings) MACKLIN DESIGN, INC. 14165 N. FENTON RD., STE. 203A FENTON, MI 48430 P 810.714.0000 WWW.MACKLINDESIGN.COM CHRIS@MACKLINDESIGN.COM 4