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THE CHANGING LANDSCAPE                        F A L L 2 01 1               FALL IS A GREAT TIME TO LAND-               SCA...
drawing                               The Changing Landscapeconclusions                         Fall is a great time to la...
House Talk                                                              project  Style doesn’t have to be defined when the...
Time continued...Funny, He didn’t say “yes”                                                  House Talk continuednor did h...
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Fall 2011 Issue Of DRAWING INTERESTS from Macklin Design


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Fall 2011 Issue Of DRAWING INTERESTS from Macklin Design

Published in: Design, Business
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Fall 2011 Issue Of DRAWING INTERESTS from Macklin Design

  1. 1. THE CHANGING LANDSCAPE F A L L 2 01 1 FALL IS A GREAT TIME TO LAND- SCAPE. WHEN SPRING ARRIVES YOUR YARD WILL BE READY TO BLOOM ………………...………..… 2 G ETTING THE TIMING RIGHT JUST BECAUSE WE CAN DO SOME- THING DOESN’T MEAN WE SHOULD. MAKING SURE IT IS THE CORRECT TIME ENSURES SUCCESS 2 & 4 Macklin Design DRAWING H OUSE TALK STYLE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE DEFINED WHEN THE CHARACTER IS CAREFULLY CRAFTED ... 3 & 4PERSONAL INSIGHTINTO DESIGNING YOURFINE HOME interests Our First 10 YearsWhen we look back on the last 10 ing spaces that meetyears, we see a wide range of ex- your exact needs willperiences. We were blessed with never be taken forall of our 4 daughters being born granted. It truly is awithin that time. Our business has privilege to serve you,evolved from a hope and a prayer and we don’t take itthat we weren’t sure would make’s mark, to a decade old businessthat has been blessed to survive We’re still here...and Photo by Julie Melendezthis latest, crazy economic environ- we plan to continue to be here.ment. Through the struggle to stay afloat already see a couple of apples that the past couple of years, an even won’t fall far from the tree.Our diverse portfolio has been built greater desire has been birthed inby projects that range from boat- us, and our focus and intentions The story will continue to be thehouses and porch additions to have been refined. We feel like we same in that our service is all wegrand estates that sprawl over sev- haven’t even scratched the surface have to give to are theeral acres with multiple buildings. of the quality of personal service reason that we are still here. FromWe feel blessed to have served that we intend to provide in the our family to yours—Thank You.families with a wide range of coming years.needs. We have designed forhealthy active families, and we So, what does the next 10 years WE’VE MOVEDhave designed for those who are in hold? Well, those little girls in theneed of a remodel or addition be- picture will look a whole lot differ- Our new location iscause of sudden physical and/or ent and probably 1 or 2 of them 12940 Old Farm Courtmental capability changes in their will be helping out in the design oflives. Each of you has been pre- your or your children’s home. Hartland, MI 48353cious to us, and the privilege of Coming from Janice and myself,knowing you intimately by design- design is in their blood and we can 12940 OLD FARM COURT 810.714.0000 MACKLINDESIGN.COM CHRIS@MACKLINDESIGN.COM HARTLAND, MI 48353 (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) 1
  2. 2. drawing The Changing Landscapeconclusions Fall is a great time to landscape. When Spring arrives your yard will be ready toeditorial by chris macklin If you ever attempted Price, Quality, to design and install your own landscape, Time & People then you probably rec- ognize the importance of having an expert available to help you mentally sort out the details and physically take care of all the (sometimes back- Q breaking) labor. We met with three localIn the last issue we dis- experts, landscapecussed QUALITY and how designers Chuck andhaving a quality process Johanne Tindall ofneeds to be a high priority Creative Scapes andbecause it balances out the landscape contractorpyramid above. In this issue Ryan Payment of Outdoor Living, to ify your landscape contractor by inspect-we will cover how crucial identify key reasons how value is added ing the quality of the projects that theyTIMING is to everything. In to your property when you enlist the have installed. They will also look forthe book of Ecclesiastes it help of professionals. wavy or uneven patio and walkways,talks about how there is a cracks in patios, standing or poolingseason (time) for every pur- The benefits of hiring a landscape de- water, health of plant materials andpose under heaven: a time signer are many. With their expert trees, and overall quality of tear down and a time to knowledge of plant material (these peo-build. ple actually know what all those Latin That’s where Ryan Payment comes into words mean) and their ability to envision the picture. He loves what he does soI would like to share with you the landscape throughout each season much that he installs beauty in his owntwo stories in our life that and each phase of installation, they help yard. He is very careful to work closelyillustrate the struggle of be- you to avoid expensive “tear outs” and with the designers, homeowners, anding patient for the right tim- “redos”. So, their fee of approximately install crew to ensure that the designing. The first story took 3% of total project cost, is money well intent is carried out. Many clients comeplace about 6 years ago spent. Most of us regular folk know ex- to Ryan with questions about materialwhen our family was growing actly what we dont want…. but few can pricing and process. He says that hard-out of our house in Fenton. identify exactly what we do want. The scaping, retaining walls, patios andWe thought it was a great Tindalls know the questions to ask that walkways make up about 50%-75% oftime for us to build our mod- will help establish the project priorities. the total project cost, with limestoneest dream home. We even They have a keen eye for design and walls ($50 per faced square foot) beingstarted to scope out different are sensitive to how the selection and about 2 times the cost of boulder wallsproperties to see what would placement of materials will accentuate ($25 pfsf). Two more important consid-best fit our desires. Before the architecture of your home. From erations are drainage (approx. 5% ofwe dove too far into the staggering blooms throughout the grow- total cost) and irrigation (approx. 8%-process, I prayed to God to ing season to selecting shrubs and ev- 10% of total cost), which is needed for 1see if this was the right thing ergreens that will have winter interest as year warranties on plant do. He revealed to me well, a landscape can be aestheticallythat we could build, but the pleasing all 12 months of the year…yes, By bringing these local experts on boardoutcome would be me losing even in Michigan. for your next outdoor project, you canmy family for a year because just kick back and relax in the ham-our plan was for me to de- Chuck and Johanne will not only design mock, surrounded by your beautiful,sign and manage the con- your planting beds, layout of driveways, new outdoor living space.struction project.(cont. pg. 4) patios, walkways, pools and exterior lighting, but they will also help you qual- See page 4 for experts contact info. FACEBOOK.COM/MACKLINDESIGN TWITTER.COM/MACKLINDESIGN MACKLINDESIGN.SMUGMUG.COM 2
  3. 3. House Talk project Style doesn’t have to be defined when the character is carefully crafted. sketchbookSometimes the design of a beautiful that with creativity and determi-home begins with the ability to spread nation, liabilities can become as-out over a large piece of property with sets.many options for layout at your finger-tips. Sometimes it begins with one The homeowners, Pat & Tonistrong view that the homeowner wants Widing and their kids, Luke &to see from all main spaces in the Corina, are creative people whohouse. And sometimes, a truly great came with a storehouse of greathome begins with severe site con- ideas. When I stand in theirstraints that completely dictate where home, I can stand in one spot foreach square foot of the house can sit on a long period of time and neverthe site. The latter is the story of this look at the same thing twice.fine home. There are so many beautiful and Lake Elevation intriguing ideas that my eye wanders Dining RoomPhoto by Adam CookeWith a high water table, wetlands, and a around endlessly, trying to take it all building envelope, concessions The Widings’ goal was that their homehad to be made up front in order to pro- would be a collection of appealing ex- Daughter’s Roomceed with initial design sketches. The periences that could not be la-luxury of a walkout basement, or even a beled by one style. Rustic beamsfinished lower level, had to be aban- and columns that appear to bedoned because of the high water table, driftwood that just floated tobut the “walkable” crawlspace that re- shore, were hand-distressed bysulted has become valuable storage Pat, and on them are hiddenspace for the homeowners. The wet- messages and images that arelands dictated the placement of the precious and meaningful to thedriveway, and the result is an inviting family. I find myself constantlyapproach to the home that allows visi- entertaining my curiosity bytors to capture a full view of the lake as searching for a mark that mightthey park their cars. The limited building have been purposely placedenvelope led to an exciting design with rather than randomly struck by alots of movement and interest in the hammer or a chisel. (continued on page Sun Roomfloor plan. It is clear to see in this home 4) HTTP://MACKLINDESIGN.WORDPRESS.COM HTTP://WWW.LINKEDIN.COM/PUB/CHRIS-MACKLIN/22/A49/704 homeLIFE BLOG 3
  4. 4. Time continued...Funny, He didn’t say “yes” House Talk continuednor did he say “no” but God Set into a cove that is surrounded by also easy to relax and unwind in thisgave me the outcome and this rustic woodwork are beautiful and home.then let me decide. I also refined cabinets and furniture pieces –arealized that losing them for combination of styles that, in theory, Outside, with an expertly designed andone year could take 10 years should not work, but in reality is very installed landscape, there are a seriesto heal. The cost was too appealing to my eyes. I’m still standing of outdoor rooms that continue thegreat, so rather than building in the kitchen, and I turn around to see theme of, well…no theme! Each spaceour dream home, we moved the double islands and magnificent offers a completely different, yet equallyinto someone else’s dream views of the lake, and I can’t shake the enticing, experience. From the coveredhome. Indeed, it was time to feeling that I must cook something— pergola with plush seating to the sandymove the family to another now! The scale of the space is so com- beach, and from the grilling patio to the fortable and inviting that I can envision rocky “cliffs” that children love to con-home, just not one that we myself baking and preparing meals tire- quer, endless options for relaxation anddesigned and built our- lessly for hours on end. And yet, I turn entertainment are readily available.selves. It taught us that just to the dining area and living room with When it comes down to the bottom line,because we can do some- their warm tones of wood and comfort- it’s a family that makes a home. Andthing doesn’t mean we able seating (not to mention the impres- this family has made this home trulyshould. Conversely, when sive stone fireplace), and I know that it’s spectacular. by Janice Macklinwe should do it, then we can. Builder & Owner: Patrick Widing Custom Homes—810.750.8855The next story happened Landscape Designer: Creative Scapes—810.610.8985about 3 years ago during an Landscape Contractor: Outdoor Living—248.875.9161unlikely time to build, whenthe realty and constructionmarket took a very sharpdecline. The home we hadmoved into desperatelyneeded new landscaping butI didn’t want to take from oursavings to pay for it. Onceagain, I prayed for direction.It was revealed that the land-scaping needed to happenbut I was treating my savingstoo sacredly. I tried to play itfinancially safe and startedto do a lot of the work my-self. Everything went wrongwith this approach because I Photo by Pete Reynoldsmissed the point. It was timeto do the landscaping but itwasn’t for me to do because What we do ... Founded in 2001, Christopher Macklin Design, is a residential design firm that specializesI needed to pay someone to in the design of fine new homes, renovations and additions. Our focus is to provide eachdo it. A couple of issues client with creative and personal solutions for their unique needs. Each client is distinct;back we discussed PRICE therefore each project should reflect this by being one of a kind. Throughout the designand how making it the most process, we work to polish our client’s dreams and ambitions to arrive at a functional andimportant priority will cloud aesthetically pleasing home.our vision. We can plan all Design Services Scope of Serviceswe want, but only God • New Homes • Pre-Design & Planningknows the correct timing and • Remodels & Additions • Preliminary Designthe outcome • Facade Renovations • Zoning Board SubmittalsIn the next issue we will • Feasibility Studies • Schematic Design w/ Cost Estimatewrap up this series with • Existing Conditions Analysis • Construction DocumentsPEOPLE…the reason the • Inclusive Design • Bidding & Negotiatingwhole process begins. • Interior Design • Construction Observation • Renderings (Concept & Character Drawings) • Project Management 12940 OLD FARM COURT 810.714.0000 MACKLINDESIGN.COM CHRIS@MACKLINDESIGN.COM HARTLAND, MI 48353 (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) 4