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OERu: Pacific innovation for more affordable education for all


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Public lecture prepared for presentation at USP

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OERu: Pacific innovation for more affordable education for all

  1. 1. The OER university (#OERu) Pacific innovation for more affordable education for all Wayne Mackintosh Commonwealth of Learning Chair in OER Anthony Mackintosh
  2. 2. USP – An outstanding open education pioneer Prof James Maraj Former USP VCPacific regionrepresents70% of OERuCountries USPPublic domain flags sourced from
  3. 3. A return to tradition? WE MUST BE FREEShare, Remix, Reuse“Legitimate plagiarism? ” WE MUST BE OPEN Woodleywonderworks,
  4. 4. We dont need no education?In the open source world,we have a few of “rock stars”In open education, is seemseveryone wants to be a rock starSharing to LEARN | Learning to SHARE Tradmark of 4 GNU logo used under FSF permissions
  5. 5. The OER Foundation The Open Education Resource (OER) Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that provides leadership, networking and support for educators and educational institutions to achieve their objectives through Open Education. “OER is a sustainable and renewable resource”OERs are materials used to support education that may befreely accessed, reused, modified and shared by anyone.Stephen Downes 2011
  6. 6. WikiEducator Were turning the digital divide into digital dividends using free content and open networks. We hope you can help us. Inaugural recipient of the Voted best educational award for Exemplary Open wiki, Steven Downes, Education Resource Dec 2007 (OER) practices
  7. 7. OER is a renewable & sustainable resource How do we achieve sustainable OER projects? How will your institution remain sustainable without OER? Jason Scragz James Woolley
  8. 8. Doing the OERu numbers Cost of a 4-year degree (Excluding text book and living costs) OERu (USQ) Otago USA (OERu using Polytechnic (Median Tuition course- based (Tuition cost) cost 4-year portfolio) public university) BA (Hons) US$6,759 US$19,452 US$26,312 (Note: USA figures based on Delta Cost Project for 2008)OERu Model +30% of full-tuition cost (NZ U$5835; USP US$3000?) “ As a founding anchor partner in the OERu, USQ is proud to give students worldwide, the ability to access university level courses and where cost has been removed as a barrier to learning.” Jan Thomas, Vice-Chancellor USQ DaveBleasdale Luis Argerich James Cridland
  9. 9. Smart philanthropy Giving is receiving Parallel learning universe|New business Luis Argerich James Cridland James Cridland Asenat29
  10. 10. Bootstrapping OERu for future sustainability Design an ecosystem for mainstreaming OER Compelling vision aligned with core university values Open source everything Generate competitive advantage for network partners Leverage the network effect Smart solutions for scalability – ie no new staff needed for growth Minimise risk – recurrent cost for OERu partners is guaranteed  Dont innovate on too many fronts  11Wayne Mackintosh, personal image
  11. 11. Reasons for joining the OERu
  12. 12. Strike the right balance OPEN SUSTAINABLE education = education Quality OER + OEP = Cost Access Pink Sherbet Photography: Fdecomite:
  13. 13. Tragedy of the commons? Shoulders of giants … “They hang the man and flog the woman Who steals the goose from off the common But leave the greater villain loose Who steals the common from off the goose.” Anonymous protest poem 1764 or 1821. Eben Moglen Isaac Newton Luis Steothis Bernard Shouters - Robert Merton • Anonymous noteWill the academy remain thirsty on the village green ?Richard Taylor Brown
  14. 14. Appropriating the public domain Statute of Queen Anne 1709 Your copyRIGHT© University of Auckland, Department of Anthropology, Anthropology Photographic Archive
  15. 15. Sharing knowledge freely2008 Bourewa excavationsDirected by Prof Patrick Nunn P. Nunn
  16. 16. Disruptive innovation?The fundamentalsstay the same … just WE MUST BE FREEthe way we do WE MUST BE OPENbusiness changes.” June 22, 2009, Kodak announced Kodachrome would no longer be manufactured. Findicons Kungfuman
  17. 17. Innovation & new technology Ice harvesting Once the largest industry in America In 1850 – invention of “artificial” ice makers (Reusable) digital learning resources Ice harvesting or new innovation?ElementaryTechTeacher,
  18. 18. Red Open Education herrings RED HERRING “rhetorical tactic of diverting attention away from an item of The sky is falling significance” Wikipedia Poor quality (a.k.a poor quality materials are embarrassing) Andrew Gray Laurel Russwurm Slide 10
  19. 19. Awareness of open education concepts The majority of educators are aware of the concepts of OER and Creative Commons Licenses International 78% 22% Did you know about the concept of OER before today? New Zealand 92% 8% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Yes No / Not sure International 82% 18% Did you know about Creative Commons licenses before today? New Zealand 84% 16% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Yes No / Not sure
  20. 20. Reuse, use and knowledge of CC International 78% 22% Have you used Creative Commons Content before? New Zealand 92% 8% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Yes No / Not sure International 82% 18% Have you applied a Creative Commons license before? New Zealand 84% 16% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Yes No / Not sure Self evaluation of knowledge of Interational 61% 32% 7% Creative Commons licenses New Zealand 48% 28% 24% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Beginner Intermediate Advanced
  21. 21. Open policy and copyright exceptions for education Majority agreement that learning materials funded from public money should be released freely and majority support for educational copyright exceptions International 95% 5% Content funded from taxpayer revenue should be released freely for use by everyone New Zealand 96% 4% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Agree Disagree International 81% 19% It is fair and reasonable for educators to have unrestricted permissions to COPY materials for New Zealand 72% 28% teaching & learning 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Agree Disagree
  22. 22. Perceived barriers to OER adoption International 22% 78%Im reluctant to share teaching materialsbecause I dont have time New Zealand 12% 88% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Agree Disagree International 22% 78%Im reluctant to share teaching materialsbecause there are no incentivesfor me to do so New Zealand 12% 88% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Agree Disagree International 13% 87%Im reluctant to use OER becausethere is no guarantee of thequality New Zealand0% 100% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Agree Disagree
  23. 23. The business of open education Majority opinion of educators suggests that institutions generate competive advantage through the learning services they offer (not the teaching materials) International 22% 78% Education institutions which give away teaching materials will loose their competitive advantage (e.g. reduced New Zealand 12% 88% student registrations) 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Agree Disagree
  24. 24. OERuA model reincarnated?University of LondonExternal SystemOPEN webOPEN IPToday the original “examination-only” conceptsuddenly looks very modern – Sir John Daniel Captain-tucker Derek Ramsey: WMF Commons: File:Monarch_Butterfly_Danaus_plexippus_Pupation_2419px.jpg Derek Ramsey: WMF Commons: File:Monarch_Butterfly_Danaus_plexippus_Pupation_2419px.jpg Armon: WMF Commons File:Monarch_Butterfly_Chrysalis.JPG
  25. 25. The OER university concept Free learning opportunities for all students Adapted from Taylor 2007 worldwide
  26. 26. The BIG & small context Unsatisfied demand OER cost behaviours Growing OER base Free-tuition courses Existing protocols (e.g. APL) Jimmy Flink juicyverve bucklava Francisca Uloa
  27. 27. Unsatisfied demand for HE 100 million additional places By 2025 Slide 10
  28. 28. Slide 16
  29. 29. Cost levers for OERu Marginal Cost = ZERO Collaborative development = Cheaper than going it alone Luis Argerich James Cridland
  30. 30. So what have we got? ... INPUTS for the OERu logic model: OpenCourseWare Open Access Journals OER and OEP Open Distance Learning experience Open protocols for APL Melissa Sanders Ricky
  31. 31. The OER university concept Free learning opportunities for all students Adapted from Taylor 2007 worldwide
  32. 32. OERu – Logic model & plan for action 23 Feb 2011 +200 participants +46 Countries
  33. 33. The OERu logic model
  34. 34. OERu 2011.11 meeting of anchor partners 160 people from 41 countriesOERu anchor partner decisions Bachelor of general studies Prototype courses during 2012 Formal launch of the OERu 2013 Slide 16
  35. 35. The view from an OERu partner Traditional model OERu model
  36. 36. Open planning for open education futures Remote Tweets: @dendroglyph The cast of players at OERu meeting gives this event and its outcomes instant credibility I can feel the buzz in the room in Dunedin, NZ. Let the Genie out of the bottle! Public domain and free content images sourced from
  37. 37. Rules of the OERu game ... OERTen partners agree ... Credential OER learners (cost recovery) Assemble minimum of 2 OER-based courses (for agreed credential) Course credit transfer among OERu partners (for agreed credential) Gold or silver member of the OER Foundation Dawn Huczek:
  38. 38. Mechanics of OERu operations ... OERu does not confer degrees (anchor partners do) OERu anchor partners retain decision-making autonomy, eg: - Price for assessment and credential services - Local matriculation requirements - Courses and credentials provided under OERu network Recognition of prior learning (RPL) protocols provide precedent for recognising OER learning, however: - Existing RPL systems are expensive - Dont scale well. Dawn Huczek:
  39. 39. Technology requirements to set learning free Open planning and development Collaborative development environment Support multiple delivery platforms (LMSs CMSs) Scalability Detailed version control Major Nelson: Slide 19
  40. 40. Open planning and implementation
  41. 41. OERu course materials in WikiEducator
  42. 42. Online and print-based delivery Blogs LMS
  43. 43. OERu learning environment
  44. 44. Peer learning support Ask OERu
  45. 45. Calibrating sustainable innovation …Next steps … No new money required Recurrent cost recouped OERu is low cost, low risk But high IMPACT innovation Dongio: Watercolour painter dedicated to the public domain Slide 20 Hugiene Matters
  46. 46. Free learning for all students worldwide “This is not theoretical speculation, it is entirely viable.” Jim Taylor AM You are free to join us ... Paul (Dex) Compilation: Chad Miller, James Almond, Wayne Mackintosh See:
  47. 47. Crossing the OER chasm Sharing to LEARN | learning to Share Embrace your responsibility to lead A transformational leadership dilemma .... All that is necessary for the closed and unsustainable education systems to triumph is for good organisations to do nothing. Edmund Burke (Paraphrased) OER advocates | Organisational implementation