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Flipping your university with OERu


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Slides for workshop at Australian National OER Symposium

Published in: Education
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Flipping your university with OERu

  1. 1. The OER universitas (#OERu) Scenarios for flipping your university with OERu Wayne Mackintosh Anthony Mackintosh
  2. 2. Smart philanthropy Giving is receiving Parallel learning universe|New business Luis Argerich James Cridland Cridland Asenat29
  3. 3. The OER university concept Adapted from Taylor 2007 Free learning opportunities for all students worldwide
  4. 4. OERu SCENARIO 1 Reuse for full-fee students Example Change with digital technology in education GDTE Elective
  5. 5. OERu SCENARIO 2 Parallel mode delivery Example Scenario Planning for Educators mOOC OER Foundation / University of Canterbury
  6. 6. OERu SCENARIO 3 Multi partner parallel mode delivery