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Australian OERu partners meeting

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Australian OERu partners meeting

  1. 1. The OER universitas (#OERu) Anthony Mackintosh OERu: Low cost, low risk but high impact innovation Australian OERu partner meeting
  2. 2. 2 Confirming sources pavlova n.(Cookery) a meringue cake topped with whipped cream  and fruit [named after Anna Pavlova (1885­1931), Russian  ballerina] Wikipedia logo is a Tradmark of the WIkimedia Foundation Country of origin: New Zealand Wikipedia logo is a Tradmark of the WIkimedia Foundation
  3. 3. Australian OERu pioneers Public domain flags sourced from Don Debold,
  4. 4. Crossroads for online futures Dominic Alves It's dangerous to predict the future but … Slide
  5. 5. Crossroads for online futures Dominic Alves Researching the the future is hard but … Slide
  6. 6. The problem ...
  7. 7. Unsatisfied demand for HE 100 million additional places By 2025 Slide 10
  8. 8. BIG vision for a small charity juicyverve But what if ... Institutions assembled only 2 courses from OER Francisca Uloa Jimmy Flink bucklava Agreed to provide assessment services for formal credit
  9. 9. Smart philanthropy Luis Argerich James Cridland James Cridland Asenat29 Giving is receiving Parallel learning universe|New business
  10. 10. The concept ...
  11. 11. The OERu concept Adapted from Taylor 2007 Free learning opportunities for all students worldwide
  12. 12. OER & the sustainable disaggregation of services Traditional tertiary education package OERu package
  13. 13. Members ...
  14. 14. OERu 11.02 OERu 11.11 OERu 13.10 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 3 13 30 OERu meetings Numberofpartners Historical growth + 9 Partners per year Break even: + 48 partners (or 9 per year for 2014 & 2015) (Note – without reliance on 3rd party donors or contract revenue)
  15. 15. Cost levers for OERu Luis Argerich James Cridland Marginal Cost = ZERO Collaborative development = Cheaper the going it alone
  16. 16. OER is a renewable & sustainable resource Jason Scragz James Woolley How do we achieve sustainable OER projects? How will your institution remain sustainable without OER?
  17. 17. Key challenges ...
  18. 18. Chicken or egg? Developing product for OERu programme of study for full degree Melissa Sanders Ricky Challenge 1 Challenge 2 Building OERu staff capability for ● design of open online courses
  19. 19. Bridging the strategic gap Long­term value the OERu network generates Tangible short­term benefits OERu partners can extract from the network
  20. 20. Reuse for full-fee students OERu SCENARIO 1 Example Change with digital technology in education GDTE Elective
  21. 21. OERu personal learning environment
  22. 22. Blending technologies for peer learning support Institutional LMS Open web
  23. 23. OERu SCENARIO 2 Parallel mode delivery Example Scenario Planning for Educators mOOC OER Foundation / University of Canterbury
  24. 24. OERu SCENARIO 3 Multi partner parallel mode delivery
  25. 25. Open planning
  26. 26. OERu strategic and action plan
  27. 27. Free learning for all students worldwide “This is not theoretical speculation, it is entirely viable.” Jim Taylor AM Paul (Dex) Compilation: Chad Miller, James Almond, Wayne Mackintosh See: