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Ten Thoughts on Social Media & Marketing


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Slides for a workshop I did for Montreal entrepreneurs about social media & marketing.

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Ten Thoughts on Social Media & Marketing

  1. [T]witty B@nter Maximize & monetize social media. Generating results in this medium is not about being connected but in how you connect.  Enhance your marketing efforts and grow your business by using social media to truly engage your audience.... Or ....
  2. 10 thoughts about Social Media
  3. I’m Hugh McGuire. I have blogs. Here is one: I have Twitter accounts. Here is one: @hughmcguire
  4. 1. Marketing isn’t convincing people to buy your stuff. Marketing is making sure that the people who want your stuff will find it.
  5. 2. Social media is not a tool. It’s a strategy.
  6. 3. If you are using social media for business or marketing you have to know: a. who you want to connect with b. why you want to connect with them ... ...then you have to figure out what you can do to give them value.
  7. 4. Don’t blog to be known. Blog to be knowable.
  8. 5. Figure out who the influencers are. And who they are influenced by. Interact with them.
  9. 6. Don’t be a social media douchebag.
  10. 7. Blogging effectively requires discipline.
  11. 8. When other people talk about you, Google hears them. And Google smiles upon those who are talked about.
  12. 9. Spread the love. Link out, retweet, show appreciation.
  13. 10. Social media works when you give value to others, so: a. publish good content b. show appreciation for others c. point to great stuff on the web d. interact with your readers c. care about your readers
  14. Hugh McGuire some places to find me online: Twitter: @hughmcguire