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Pressbooks 2015: How We Help Our Clients Make Books (2015)


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A short presentation on Pressbooks, the simple online book production tool, and some of the clients making books with us (for print, Kindle and other ebook platforms). Featuring books from, among others: the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek Europe, University of Minnesota Press, Fortress Press, Wrongful Dismissal Inc. ... contact: for more information.

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Pressbooks 2015: How We Help Our Clients Make Books (2015)

  1. 1. pressbooks simple online book production. PDF. EPUB. MOBI. WEB. | |@pressbooks
  2. 2. Pressbooks is a simple online book production platform that outputs: * camera-ready, designed interior PDFs …for print & print- on-demand * MOBI files, optimized for all kinds of Kindle devices (from legacy eink Kindles right up to the latest Fire) * EPUB files, optimized for iBooks, Kobo, Nook, Google Play and others
  3. 3. In addition, Pressbooks: • keeps all your production files in one place • can be easily managed & edited by non-technical staff • replaces outsourcing, and back-and-forths with freelancers and offshore suppliers • reduces costs and increases speed to market
  4. 4. the interface:
  5. 5. import from word:
  6. 6. arrange your text:
  7. 7. edit a chapter:
  8. 8. choose a theme:
  9. 9. export your book in PDF, EPUB & MOBI:
  10. 10. Pressbooks output samples:
  11. 11. Pressbooks'bread&butterisnovels, andnonfiction.Theadvantagefor publishersistheygetcamera-ready PDFsforprint,aswellasebookfiles, fromasingle,easily-editedonline interface.Herearesomesample outputs:
  12. 12. Weworkwithanumberofuniversity presses,andwe've addedfeaturessuch asgoodsupportfor footnotes.This exampleisfromtheUniversityof MinnesotaPress:
  13. 13. Oneofourclients,FortressPress, publishesscholarlymonographson theology,withrequirementsfor supportofancientGreekandbiblical Hebrew:
  14. 14. UniversityofBritishColumbiaPress wantedaspecificlook&feel,sowebuilt acustomtheme:
  15. 15. We'vedonesomemorecustomized non-fictionworkwith,forinstance, theWallStreetJournal:
  16. 16. Aswellasmorestandardnon-fiction withWSJ:
  17. 17. NewsweekEuropeusesPressbooksfor it'sNewsweekInsightspublishing imprint,whichpublishesshortebooks andprint-on-demandtitles.
  18. 18. OnegreatapplicationforPressbooks: booksthatneedtobeupdated constantly.OurclientWrongful DismissalInc.isalegalpublisher,and issuesnewversionsofitsbooksevery6 monthsorso,tokeepupwithcaselaw:
  19. 19. Oneofourcorporateclientsproduces learningmaterials,PaloAltoNetworks Academy:
  20. 20. NGO,andcorporatereports/ whitepapersareanothermarketwhere Pressbooksefficienciesarehugely valuable.Here'sawhitepaperfromthe SyrianJusticeandAccountability Center:
  21. 21. And…amuchmorecomplexprojectwe didwithPATH/JointLearning Network:
  22. 22. Finally,wehelpedthecommunications departmentatAndreessenHorowitz transformMarcAndreessen'sblog archiveintoabook:
  23. 23. NOTE: foreveryprintdesigntemplate,wehave acorresponding(andtested!)ebook design(inallformats).
  24. 24. iBooks Kindle Fire Kindle Paperwhite Kobo (Android)
  25. 25. In all these cases our clients get a simple online content management system that outputs all the book files they need to publish: —a professional,typeset PDF ready to go to the printer —a designed EPUB file that will look great in Apple's ebook platform,as well as Kobo,Nook etc —a MOBI file optimized for all Amazon/Kindle devices —a beautiful & mobile-friendly web version (for those that want it!) —lifetime ability to make changes & reexport new files, with no additional costs. …all without having to learn*how to code or design books (*OK,so: knowing very basic HTML helps)
  26. 26. For more information contact: Hugh McGuire +1.514.464.2047