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5 Experiments Publishers Should Be Doing TODAY


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Presentation at Book Expo / IDPF about 5 experiments publishers should be doing, and how PressBooks can help them do it.

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5 Experiments Publishers Should Be Doing TODAY

  1. 1. 5 ExperimentsEvery PublisherShould Be Doing TODAY (and how PressBooks can help)
  2. 2. I am Hugh McGuire:- Founder of (online bookproduction software)- Founder of (free publicdomain audiobooks)On Twitter: @hughmcguire
  3. 3. is a simple online tool to make: -- a beautiful EPUB / Mobi -- a beautiful typeset PDF -- a beautiful webbook -- Docbook and other XML outputUsed by big publishers, individual authors, and everything in between.
  5. 5. Session title: “Content-centricpublishing workflows.”... and one of the things we are todiscuss is:“the radically more efficientworkflows that these types ofsolutions enable.”
  6. 6. I don’t think efficiency reallymatters.
  7. 7. OK. So.5 Experiments Every PublisherShould Be Doing ...
  8. 8. 1.(Kindle) Singles / Shorts etc.(eg. Harvard Business Review Press)
  9. 9. 2.Digital Only Imprint(eg. Fortress Press)
  10. 10. 3.Web samples(with lots of content).(eg. O’Reilly Media)
  11. 11. 4.Online subscription-based books.(eg. Say Books)
  12. 12. 5.All of it!(eg. no one, yet)
  14. 14. PressBooksadmin interface:
  15. 15. PressBooks: Outputs
  16. 16. PressBooks output: ebook (ibooks)
  17. 17. PressBooks output:typeset PDF for print or print on demand
  18. 18. PressBooks output: mobile web
  19. 19. PressBooks output: web(with social features)
  20. 20. Tools like PressBooks ARE more efficient ...
  21. 21. ..but efficiency isn’t going to “save” anyone.
  22. 22. What will “save” us is figuringout how all this efficiency can help usconnect readers and writers in “new” ways.
  23. 23. Nice thingspeople say about PressBooks:
  24. 24. “PressBooks has been great for our digital singles publishingprogram. Its easy input and multiple outputs have given us aquicker way to produce content for our readers.” -- Ania Wieckowski, Managing Editor, Harvard Business Review Press"PressBooks is a godsend. All the technicalities of ebookproduction no longer require my attention. I can concentrateon my work: writing."-- Nath Jones, self-published author"[PressBooks is] an amazing tool, and if you’re alreadyfamiliar with how WordPress works, then you’ll find it evenmore incredible." -- Jane Friedman, Professor of e-media, University of Cincinnati
  25. 25. We’d like to experiment with you. Hugh