Yeast Free Cooking


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E-Book for Yeast Free Cooking you get here :

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Yeast Free Cooking

  1. 1. ==== ====E-Book for Yeast Free Cooking you get here : ====Following the proper diet to cure a yeast infection can be as fun as you want to make it. It does notmatter if you are a novice dieter or an expert at dieting, being on a yeast free diet will improve notonly the quality of your life but that of your mate as well! Learning the dangers of yeast infectionand adapting to yeast free meals results in you loosing weight, being energetic and overall you willlook and feel much younger.Creating mouth watering meals is as easy as quit eating processed foods full of toxic chemicalsand eliminate yeast from your diet by substituting with healthy organic and nutritious meals. Mostof the processed foods are empty in carbohydrates anyway. You can prepare your own deliciousdishes such as: steak with baked potatoes and a salad, oven baked rosemary chicken, lemonpepper salmon and even crock pot chicken with buckwheat. Make your own salad dressing for thesalad with a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, honey or sugar, salt and ground black pepper. Makesure to read food labels carefully and shop from your local health food store. When buying salmon,ensure that the salmon or any fish for that matter is wild instead of the farm raised ones. As for thechicken, you want the ones that are free range and grass fed beef for steak. In yeast free cooking,you will need to substitute wheat for grains that are nutritious and wholesome. These wheatsubstitutes can be ground into flour and used in cake recipes and all your other cooking that callsfor wheat.Some examples of good wholesome wheat-free flours substitutes include:1. Millet - Can be ground to flour. Available in most health food stores. It is popular in African andAsian countries where they use it as cereal or porridge for breakfast. It is also used to make flatbreads, griddle cakes and to thicken soups. 2. Sorghum - Similar to millet and high in protein. It is also a great source of iron, calcium andpotassium. 3. Amaranth - Also known as Chinese spinach or elephant ear because the seeds come from aleafy vegetable known as the Amaranth plant. Its seeds are high in protein, magnesium and silica.Very nutritious flour for baking.You have to plan a head of time so as to not stumble in your yeast-free dieting. It helps to have theappropriate foods within reach. Most of these foods and wheat free substitutes are available atnatural health food stores, Asian/African food stores and even online. Recipes for preparing yeastfree meals are easily available online as well.
  2. 2. Pauline is a is a former yeast infection sufferer who knows through experience how disruptiveyeast infection can be. For more great tips and advice on yeast free meals visit Source: ====E-Book for Yeast Free Cooking you get here : ====