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Vegan Cooking


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Healthy Vegan Cooking Receipes you will find in this E-Book :

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Vegan Cooking

  1. 1. ==== ====An E-Book for Healthy Vegan Cooking Receipes you find here : ====What I am saying is that the vegan diet is still a huge mystery to most people but what they dontknow is that vegan food and vegan cooking is simple, tasty, and becoming more and moreubiquitous. Did you know that you can now get vegan lamb and vegan pork? These meatreplacement products can be bought from specialist chinese restaurants, which usually offer adelivery service. Vegan mayonnaise, fish fingers, mince, ice-cream, cream and chocolate are alsowidely available, amongst many other vegan food items. Vegan cooking basically involvesreplacing the animal derived product with the vegan version.Veganising:Pick any recipe that doesnt ask for too many eggs, and you will be able to veganise it. I frequentlymake recipes such as vegan spaghetti bolognese, shepherds pie, fruit pies, trifles, chocolatesponge puddings, rice and bread puddings and many other vegan food dishes. There are severalgood egg replacers you can use to veganise recipes, and as long as the recipe only calls for 1-3eggs, you will be able to deliver fantastic vegan recipes such as light and fluffy sponge cakes,muffins and other vegan goodies. You can even get vegan fried eggs nowadays.You can make delicious vegan cheese sauces too. Vegan cheese is widely available at healthfood shops and you can subsidise these in any cheese sauce recipe. Or you can make a reallytasty vegan cheese sauce with nutritional yeast, which comes in flake form and is rich in vitaminB12. Most vegans opt for this ingredient when making cheese sauces. Vegans use seaweed forfish sauces and vegan seafood dishes. Spirulina seaweed contains at least three times moreprotein than fish does. A lot of vegan supermarket products are actually vegan. Here are someexamples:Condiments:Branston pickleOcean Spray cranberry sauceColemans mustardHeinz tomato ketchupCereals:WeetabixKelloggs corn flakes
  2. 2. Kelloggs frostiesScotts porridge oatsBiscuits:McVities hob nobsMcVities ginger nutsOthers:Heinz baked beansHeinz spaghettiDolmio winter vegetable bolognese sauceMost breadsMost bagelsSome doughnutsTortilla wrapsPitta breadMost oven chips and potato wedgesMy only word of warning would be this: Vegan food products vary greatly from brand to brand so ifyou try one that doesnt tickle your taste buds, just try another until you have a list of favourites.Try some vegan cooking. It is easy, contains no cholesterol, is tasty and is a great conversationstopper/starter.:) Source:
  3. 3. ==== ====An E-Book for Healthy Vegan Cooking Receipes you find here : ====