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The best Products for personalize your Cellphone you will find in this shop :

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Personal Cellphone

  1. 1. ==== ====If you need some cell phone geeks you have to check out this store with a lot of funny and usefulstuff for your cellphone !!! ====If you are looking for some quick and easy ways to customize your cellphone, there are a ton ofdifferent accessories and features you can get to add both personality and fun to your mobilehandset. Today Im just going to talk about three things that you can accessorize your phone withwhich will create a custom phone that says "you".The first idea, which is probably not anything new to most of you, is ringtones. Even if you thinkthey are old hat, it might be time to revisit ringtones and find something that makes your cellphoneeither sing with the choir, or have a solo voice. Im sure most of you recognize the one defaultringtone that comes by default on certain handsets. Its time to get surfing and find a ringtone thatwill make people around you smile when your phone rings, instead of gritting their teeth wishingfor an electromagnetic wave to kill all cellphone ringers forever.Idea number two is more about the personality that you project just to the people that call you,rather than coming right from your cellphone for you and people around you to hear. What I meanis the ringtones little brother, the ringback tone. This lets you set up music or sound clips to playfor people calling you, as they wait for you to pickup. Instead of just hearing the standard ringbeeps, they could be introduced to the latest club tune that you just have to share, or maybe youdlike to play some actual live elevator music just to amuse your friends.The third way to customize your cell is not about how it sounds, but rather how your handsetlooks. Getting a cellphone cover is a great way to dress up your cellphone, and along withprojecting your favorite style or theme, its also an excellent way to protect your phone fromdamage. If you just want to protect your screen from scratches, you could just get a polymeroverlay to protect the screen. Other options which allow you to choose different colors texturesand designs include rubberized cellphone skins, one piece faceplates, two piece form-fitted plates,hard or soft once piece cases in any color or material you could imagine, or the ultimate geekaccessory, the cellphone holster.So spend a few minutes the next time you are at your local Best Buy or Future shop to look forsome cool covers or cases to protect your cellphone as well as project the look you are going for.This might be a wild and colorful look, or you might want to project a more elegant spendy kind oflook. And the next time you are surfing your favorite music sites, take a minute to look for greatnew ringtones and ringback tones to download and upgrade your existing musical library with. Acombination of personalized sound and graphics will certainly make your cellphone stand out fromthe crowd.
  2. 2. ==== ====If you need some cell phone geeks you have to check out this store with a lot of funny and usefulstuff for your cellphone !!! ====