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Perfect Barbecue


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If you like good Barbecue this E-Book is a really "Must-Have" :

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Perfect Barbecue

  1. 1. ==== ====All the secrets of a perfect BBQ you will find in this E-Cook Book : ====Most people who hang around barbecue, eat barbecue and talk about barbecue will debate to noend, what is the best sauce, what is the best type of sauce, how to apply the sauce, etc. They willdiscuss this till the cows come home, or the beer runs out, whichever happens first. Sauce is notthat big of an issue when the meat to be devoured is pork shoulder or a beef brisket. These areusually served sauce-less, with the sauce on the side. The eater will then apply the sauceaccording to their wishes. It is a totally different story when it comes to pork ribs and smokebarbecue chicken. Of course with ribs, there are the wet and the dries from the Memphis school,that is a whole other issue, and has an article written directly to that point.Most barbecue enthusiasts will agree though, that the final step to properly cooking barbecuechicken and ribs is to apply what is known as a finishing sauce. Most competitive barbecue teamsand serious backyard barbecue chefs will prepare their own sauces with their "secret" recipe.Many recipes for sauces can be found all over the world wide web, at any good library, or in the e-book that is reviewed below.Generally, finishing sauces are made from something with tomato, like ketchup, something sweet,perhaps brown sugar or molasses, vinegar for a little tang, cayenne pepper for a little heat, andvarious other spices. The most important secret to saucing a barbecue, is to put the sauce on atthe very end of the cooking process. since most barbecue sauces contain sugar in some form, andsugar easily burns, sauce should only be applied after the meat is mostly completed cooking, Mostbarbecue cooks will slather the sauce on, liberally, for the last 45 minutes to an hour of cookingtime, when the heat is really low since most of the fire has burned down. Be careful not to burn thesauce!There are also different styles and varieties of sauce based on the region where the barbecue ismade. Check a barbecue book for recipes applicable to each region. Most importantly, usewhatever sauce tastes good to you, the barbecue pit-master. If you find a commercial sauce thatyou like from your local grocery store, by all means use it. Why go to needless steps andprocesses if you can get something you love right off the shelf. Barbecuing is about relaxing andhaving fun, not going through a hundred tiny steps to get the smoked meat you really want.Free book review shows you a simple, easy, proven way to learn how to smoke perfect barbecueeverytime - guaranteed. Get it here: Jim Hess is an expert article writer.He reviews e-books about barbecue cooking. See Jims webpage here:
  2. 2. Article Source: ====All the secrets of a perfect BBQ you will find in this E-Cook Book : ====