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Modern Kiteboarding


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Everything about Kites and Kiteboarding. Check this Link :

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Modern Kiteboarding

  1. 1. ==== ====All Kinds of High Quality Kites and other great stuff you find here : ====Just about any decent sized kite can be used to snow kite. We all know there isnt much frictionout there on the snow or ice, particularly if youre wearing skis or skates! So in theory, just aboutanything with a bit of pull thats hooked up to a kite harness will get you moving. However, from apractical point of view, some kites are much more suited than others.In fact, some traction kites are made specifically for powering across snow and ice. Its a popularactivity too! Just search on YouTube and its not hard to find a good snowkite video wheresomeones gliding swiftly across a powdery white landscape.What Makes A Good Snow Kite?As a general rule, depowerable 4-line parafoils are ideal for snow kiting. This kind of setup takescare of the 4 most important aspects of a snow kite:steerable - of course!soft, flexible constructionreverse launchablevariable powerIts pretty obvious that you need some sort of steering ability. Just like the mainsail of a sailingboat, you need to position the kite according to whether you are running downwind, crosswind ortrying to make progress upwind. On top of that, if youre more adventurous, you might be intogetting big air off the ground. This involves flying the kite high and piling on the power.Like any aerial hobby where you fly something into the air, its going to hit the ground hard once ina while. It would be frustrating and expensive to always be replacing spars, so a soft flexibledesign makes the best snowkite. They are easy to pack away and carry too! Parafoil designs areideal, although even these vary in how much punishment they can take.What happens if you make a mistake and the kite ends up on the snow? That would be reallyinconvenient if the kite wasnt reverse launchable. That means you can get the kite into the airagain, from where you are, a huge bonus. Just lift off trailing edge first, before you spin it aroundand start flying leading-edge first as usual.Conditions on the snow can change every day. For many years, skiers had to own several kites ifthey wanted to kite ski in a wide range of wind strengths. But now there are kites designed todeliver variable power. The control bar is pushed away from your body to reduce the pull, and
  2. 2. pulled in again whenever you need more power. These kites cover the wind strength range of 2 or3 traction kite sizes.Parafoils arent the only type of kite used as a snow kite. A C kite or Leading Edge Inflatable is astyle of kite that is mainly used over water. Tubular spars pumped tight with air hold the kitesshape. These are depowerable too. However, you are in trouble if an inflatable spar springs aleak.Depowerable Or Not?Whats the difference between ordinary 4-line foils and the depowerable variety? The ordinary typehave 2 steering lines which hold nearly all the tension most of the time. The other 2 lines arerigged to the rear edges of the kite, which act as brakes. Brakes are a good safety measure, sincethey can be used to slow the kite down or even stop it flying altogether.A depowerable kite is flown on all 4 lines at once, so its angle to the wind can be altered. Sheetthe back edge of the kite in, and it slows down and pulls like crazy. Sheet the back edge awayfrom you, and the kite speeds up but has less tension in the lines. Hence some people call themsheetable foils.In Conclusion, A General Grouping Of Traction KitesOne day, I did quite a bit of research on more than 70 specific traction or power kites of all kinds.Interestingly, they fell into some noticeable categories. Heres what I saw...2-line stunt kites for flying in the park, with steering ability but little power as a snow kitebigger stunt kites, with more useful amounts of powersmall 4-line traction kites that could be used for snow kitinglow-end depowerable snow kites, tough and ideal for beginnersmore expensive 4-liners, quite good to snowkite withmid-range depowerable foils, perfect for snow kitingmost expensive kites, stable with smoothly controllable power over a very wide wind rangeTim Parish and his family are rediscovering the joys of kite flying. They blog their kiting fun on website, and also research the kiting world. This site will introduce you to manykinds of kites and kite flying activities, including snow kiting of course!Article Source:
  3. 3. ==== ====All Kinds of High Quality Kites and other great stuff you find here : ====