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Learn amazing Magic Tricks and surprise your Family and Kids !
Here you can find a way to learn Magic Tricks :

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Magic Tricks

  1. 1. ==== ====A great Card Magic E-Book you get here : ====In my magic courses and magic shows, Im often asked how parents can foster their childsinterest in magic.Below are a few important steps to help to your kids learn how to do magic tricks and explore theArt of Magic.1.Encourage your children to learn how to do magic tricks through the local library.You dont need to buy the latest magic set or stacks of DVDs on sleight of hand to learn how to domagic. Libraries have a ton of resources on magic, magic history, juggling, and magic specificallyfor kids. It doesnt hurt that all this knowledge is FREE! A good beginners book in magic willprovide the initial foundation for your child to learn several magic tricks and help assess theirinterest in learning more about the Art of Magic.2. Remind them to practice both the "moves" and the "story" when learning the magic trick.Magicians refer to their "story" as patter. Patter is the words used in the presentation of the magictrick. Kids (and adults) new to magic often focus purely on the "moves" rather than thepresentation. Reminding the performer to focus on the story as well as the moves will only helpyour son or daughter become more proficient in their performance. Plus their magic trick will bemore entertaining!3. Visit your local magic shopThe library has a lot of resources, but a magic shop is often the defacto hot spot for any buddingperformer. Reputable magic shops are staffed with experienced prestidigitators that can help yourchild learn how to do magic. Watch out for any magic dealer who will sell an expensive magic propwithout considering the skill of the performer. When purchasing magic, my recommendation is toinvest in books before DVDs. Books have a lot of material that can be referred to time and timeagain. DVDs are good too however, the latest trend in magic is to release one trick per DVD. Youwant to ensure you get the most magic for your investment. The DVD will also show how the effectwill be presented as well as the "secret". Both books and DVDs are useful learning tools. I preferthese to the standard tricks you find in the glass booths...but those are fun too! Magic shops willsometime host magic nights where local magicians get together and have a "jam session"demonstrating their latest magical pursuit.4. Join a local magic assembly, ring, or group.If you search or, you can find a local Assemblyor Ring comprised of local magicians in your metropolitan area. Magic meetings are a fun place to
  2. 2. network with other hobbyists, professionals, and newbies interested in the Art of Magic. Mostmagic organizations are welcoming of new members and are willing to share the secrets of theirtrade. However, the student must be willing to learn and practice rather than expect all the secretsto be revealed.5. Attend a magic conventionMagic conventions are another excellent way to meet other magicians, see different magic acts,meet different magic vendors, and purchase new magic. Most conventions are held in a hotelwhere magicians provide lectures, advice, perform parlor sized shows, and even perform full scaletheater shows. Every night magicians gather in the lobby and session with each other. It is anothereasy way to make new friends and learn a few new tricks of the trade.I hope you found these tips helpful in your childs pursuit of learning how to do magic.In addition to his day job as an IT manager, Andy Makar is a freelance writer, instructor and a life-long Magic enthusiast. Please visit Kapoof for more information on how to do magic tricks andlearn more about the Art of Magic! He can be reached at andy@kapoof.comArticle Source: ====A great Card Magic E-Book you get here : ====