How to unlock the Wii Console


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How to unlock the Wii
Wii Unlocking

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How to unlock the Wii Console

  1. 1. ==== ====Do you want to unlock your Wii ? check this out ! ====Guinness World Records The Video game for the Wii is seriously underrated and is a real barrel oflaughs! This game is packed with 36 mini games that are perfect to play in multiplayer mode. Froma health aspect, many of the games get you running, throwing, pushing, pedalling and morewith the Wiimote and Nunchuck, so there is lots of action to be had that will get your heartpumping. There are also some really difficult accuracy games that require skilled hand eyecoordination to break records. My favourite has to be the Most Dominos Toppled record game!Read more about this below.Today I want to share some how-tos with you so that you can get the most fun packed action outof the games. The onscreen instructions are only visual, and can be a little confusing at times. Sohere is a guide to my favourite mini games in Guinness World Records The Video game:Hint: The mini games are grouped by location in groups of 3. The first game is free to play; thesecond game will need to be unlocked with 1000 points, and the second game (usually the mostfun) with 5000 points. To gain points, you will need to get high records in the free games. If yougain a Guinness World Record, you will usually be awarded over 1000 points. Then you willsimply need to click on the game to unlock it. The game will prompt you if you need to collect morepoints. Good Luck in breaking those records!Mini Games Group 1 FREE - Fastest Time To Shear 5 Sheep. You will use the Wiimote as yourshepherds crook to catch the sheep. Point at the screen, hover over a sheep and press A to grabyour sheep. Then your Wiimote will control an electric sheer. You will need to press A again andmove the sheer over the sheeps body to shave it. Quick Tip - Try holding the Wiimote at an angleto cover the most wool as you shave with the sheer. aim to shave each sheep with just threestrokes.UNLOCK 1000 POINTS - Land Speed Record. Hold the Wiimote horizontally. Tilt the Wiimotegently up and down to move your rocket from side to side as it picks up speed. The aim of thegame is to avoid any obstacles that will slow you down. This game appears easy at first, but assoon as the pace quickens you will have more obstacles in your path! Dont crash!UNLOCK 5000 POINTS - Fastest Time To Push A Lorry 50 Metres. Flick the Wiimote andNunchuck down in time with the onscreen arrows to get pushing power. Aim to get an Excellentor Nice pop up on screen. Then get your avatar to run to the finish line by shaking the Nunchuckand Wiimote frantically up and down in an alternating motion.Mini Games Group 2 FREE - Longest Fingernails (Grose)! Use the Wiimote as a pointer to tracethe finger nails along the wibbly lines. This will make then grow. Be careful not to go too fast or tooslow as the finger nails might break! You will get 5 try outs, one for each finger and one for the
  2. 2. thumb.UNLOCK 1000 POINTS - Paper Aircraft Accuracy. Throw your paper aircraft forward by holdingthe Wiimote like a dart and making a jerking forward movement. Then tilt the Wiimote gently fromside to side and down to get it into the three barrels.Quick Tip - The harder you throw the paper airplane with the Wiimote, the faster it goes. This isgood if you can be really accurate with your aim. If not, then try to throw it more gently to beginwith until you are a pro!UNLOCK 5000 POINTS - Fastest Time To Catch A Tonne Of Fish. I find that it is easier to playthis game if you hold the Nunchuck in your writing hand. Cast your rod by flicking the Wiimote in aforward motion. Then hook your fish by sharply flicking the Wiimote upwards when you areprompted by the onscreen diagram. Next, Reel in your fish by moving the Nunchuck round andaround as if you really are reeling! Now you will see some arrows on screen as you are reelingyour fish in. This indicates the direction that you should flick your Wiimote in as you reel your fishin with the Nunchuck. If you get this right, you will be able to reel your fish in faster! Good Luck!Mini Games Group 3 FREE - Most Melons Crushed In 1 Minute. This is a really simple game, butlots of rip roaring fun! Simply swing the Wiimote downwards when you want your avatar to hit theMelons. Now you can see your avatar hit the melons with his/her head! The more melons youcrush, the faster they come, so watch out!UNLOCK 1000 POINTS - Highest Jump On A Pogo Stick. Jump by holding the Wiimote sidewayswith both hands like handle bars and flick the Wiimote upwards. You will need to jump just at theright time to get extra height. Look out for the arrows on the ground, and try to jump when theyturn green. Aim for an Excellent. Now repeat jumping in a pattern of 3 when prompted byonscreen instructions and see where you come on the height measurer!UNLOCK 5000 POINTS - Most Arrows Caught In A Minute. In this game the Wiimote andNunchuck control the hands. Move the controllers left and right to catch the arrows as they flytowards you. This sounds easy, but it really isnt. If you miss an arrow, you will be penalised for ashort while and the offending hand wont move.Quick Tip - This game is all about timing. To get the timing right, try looking at the bottom left andthe bottom right of the screen to catch the arrows at just the right time!Mini Games Group 4 FREE - Highest Video Game Score. Point your Wiimote at the screen andpress A on your Wiimote to shoot at oncoming ships.UNLOCK 1000 POINTS - Fastest 100m on a space hopper. Jump up by holding the Wiimote andNunchuck upright and jerking upwards. Jump at just the right time by waiting until the arrows onthe ground turn green. This will give you more speed if you get an Excellent! Go for that record!UNLOCK 5000 POINTS - Fastest Rocket. First, shake the Wiimote up and down to boost therocket engines. Next, press A on the Wiimote when the count down reaches zero to launch therocket. Now the Wiimote controls the hand. Click on the coloured buttons on the rockets controlpanel as they light up. Be quick, or your game is up!
  3. 3. Mini Games Group 5 FREE - Highest BMX Jump. When the bike is on the ramp, pedal as fast asyou can by moving the Wiimote and Nunchuck round and around as if your hands are the feet onthe pedals. Get a high jump with the BMX by moving the Wiimote and Nunchuck upwards whenthe bike leaves the ramp.UNLOCK 1000 POINTS - Longest Motorcycle Jump. Hold the Wiimote and Nunchuck sideways inhands like holding onto bike handles. Tilt the Wiimote sharply towards yourself when the bikeengine revs reach the blue lightning bolt on the speedometer. Aim for Excellent. When the bike isin the air, move the Wiimote and Nunchuck upwards in rapid succession to keep the onscreenarrow in the central position. Now just see how far you can go!UNLOCK 5000 POINTS - Fastest 50 Metre Tightrope Walk. Hold the Nunchuck in your left handand the Wiimote in your right hand. Make sure that your arms are outstretched so that the wirebetween the controllers is straight. This game is all about balance, so try to keep your Wiimote andNunchuck as straight as possible to stop your character from falling off the rope! Press Z on theNunchuck and B on the Wiimote to move the avatars feet. Good Luck!Mini Games Group 6 FREE - Longest Balance Of A Vehicle On Your Head. This game is playedwith just the Wiimote. Hold your Wiimote horizontally and gently tilt it to get your avatar to balancethe bus! Try to make small adjustments so that you dont lose control and go crashing off screen!UNLOCK 1000 POINTS - Furthest Toss Of A Cow Pat. This game is played with just the Wiimote.Swing the cowpat around the avatars head by making a lasoo movement with the Wiimote. PressB to release the cowpat into the field at just the right time.UNLOCK 5000 POINTS - Most Dominos Toppled. This is definitely MY FAVOURITE. This game isplayed with the Wiimote only. Hold the Wiimote horizontally and tilt it from side to side to get alongthe track and knock down all of the dominos. Press the D-pad or 2 on the Wiimote when you raceover them to knock down the extra dominos to the side. Remember to press left or right asindicated on the track.My name is Jodie Lawton and I am the owner of Wii Health Zone membership site is committed to giving members and Wii fanatics like youbreaking Nintendo Wii news, Wii Fitness guides, Wii gaming guides, Celebrity Wii Spotter updatesand more.Wii Health Zone is currently giving away a FREE 10 day Wii ecourse so that you will be Wii Savvyin a flash! Please visit if you want to participate.Article Source:
  4. 4. ==== ====Do you want to unlock your Wii ? check this out ! ====