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Beauty Products


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A great Collection of the best Beautyproductbrands you can find here :

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Beauty Products

  1. 1. ==== ====A great Collection of the best Beautyproductbrands you can find here : ====The anti-aging skin care field has boomed, with hundreds of new products being introduced to themarket on what feels like almost on a daily basis. This has resulted in what we may call "skin careoverload." People have become overwhelmed and confused by the countless number ofingredients we are told are necessary for anti-aging. It has become impossible to access andapply even a fraction of these ingredients due to the cost and time involved. We feel compelled tobuy multiple products every month and layer them on in order to do the most for our skin. But, aswe fill our medicine cabinets with creams and serums, we are faced with the daily questions ofwhich shall we use, which are safe and which actually work?It has been long overdue that the various categories of anti-aging and the anti-aging ingredientsthemselves be ordered and categorized so that a comprehensive approach to anti-aging may beput into place. Firstly, there are many features to skin aging and people will show one or morefeatures over time, but may differ in the features of skin aging that plague them. For example,some people develop sagging or laxity to the skin due to genetic factors, but may have little or nosun damage. Others may be covered with sun spots but have no sagging or wrinkling. Thefollowing is a validated classification scheme which allows for each clinical feature of skin aging tobe assessed separately on a 4-point grading scale (mild, moderate, advanced, severe):Classification of Skin Aging:Laxity (Sagging)WrinklesRednessBrown discolorationsSolar elastosis (Yellowing)Irregular textureAbnormal growths (keratoses).1This classification scheme of skin aging includes a severity scale as mentioned above (0=None,1=Mild, 2=Moderate, 3=Advanced, and 4=Severe) which allows researchers or users to rank eachindividual persons skin aging according to feature and severity. This scale was shown to be veryuseful in testing anti-aging treatments and has been published in the Journal of the AmericanAcademy of Dermatology.1 Older scales tended to lump different features together into broadcategories, which became less useful as treatments became more specific in targeting variousfacets of skin aging; for example as anti-pigment or anti-redness or anti-wrinkle. With this currentanti-aging scale, our anti-aging products may be quantitatively tested to determine which individualcategories of skin aging they treat and how effective they are in each category. This also allows usto hone our anti-aging regimen to our needs and to compile or group the ingredients in eachcategory that are most effective so as to cover all categories of anti-aging in a logical manner.
  2. 2. The next challenge was to classify the plethora of anti-aging ingredients on the market based onthe features of skin aging that they targeted or treated. I then created a classification scheme ofthe categories of anti-aging targeted by the ingredients that have emerged over the past decade:Anti-Wrinkle - DNA Defense-Barrier FortificationAnti-Redness -Cellular Restore-Emollient/MoisturizerAnti-Brown Discoloration - Damage Reversal - Pro-Skin ThicknessAnti-Oxidants -Aging Repair - Re-TexturizeWith this classification scheme, we can appreciate why people have become so overwhelmed andwhy they have accumulated shopping bags full of skin creams in order to meet their needs!Nevertheless, as anti-aging ingredients have emerged targeting each of these categories, ideallyone would want to incorporate the best ingredients of each category in a single daily regimen tooptimally treat skin aging.Each individual may differ in which category of anti-aging they need most, yet in order to preventand reverse all the signs of skin aging, it is still optimal for all categories to be covered by an anti-aging regimen. It is important to familiarize yourself with which ingredients fall in each category, sothat you can incorporate several of each group into your skin regimen, or look for a product thatcovers the various categories of anti-aging in a logical way. Examples of key active ingredientsshown to yield resulst in each category of anti-aging include: peptides for anti-wrinkles, plant-derived polyphenols and bisabolol for anti-redness, amino acids for anti-brown discolorations,vitamins C, E and ferulic acid for anti-oxidant, DNA repair molecules such as acetyl tyrosine andproline for DNA defense, resveratrol for cellular restore, bark extract or phoretin for damagereversal, Helianthus annuus and Ilex paraguensis extracts for aging repair, dimethicone for barrierrepair, glycerin and soy lecithin for emollients, hyaluronic acid for boosting skin thickness, andmushroom extracts and sodium lactate for smoothening abnormal texture.In sum, the field of anti-aging now has validated classification systems for the various categoriesof skin aging and for the plethora of anti-aging ingredients so that we can assess and determinewhich anti-aging actives we want in our medicine cabinet and to make certain that we cover thevarious categories of anti-aging in our daily regimen. With this scientific basis, we may nowintelligently assess anti-aging products for their ability to comprehensively cover all the variouscategories of skin aging and include the various categories of anti-aging ingredients available.Finally, these comprehensive, validated classification and grading scales provide a framework forsolving the anti-aging conundrum with a system for categorizing skin aging and classifying anti-aging actives to make sure you cover all your skins anti-aging needs.(C) NY Derm LLC, 2010.1) Alexiades-Armenakas, M, et al. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 2008May;58(5):719-37; quiz 738-40.Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas M.D., Ph.D., F.A.A.D., Derm-Scientist®, holds three Harvarddegrees, a bachelors of arts (BA), a medical degree (MD) and a doctorate (PhD) in genetics, isdouble Board-Certification in Dermatology in the US and EU and Director of her own PrivatePractice and Research Clinic in Manhattan. Her 20+ year background in research included plant
  3. 3. molecular biology, cell and developmental biology, genetics, photobiology and mammalian stemcell biology. She served as consultant to LOreal, ran clinical trials for pharmaceutical and lasercompanies, and serves as beauty judge to many magazines, including Allure and In Style.The go-to skin expert for identifying actives proven to deliver results in the laboratory, clinical trialsand in practice, she developed a highly advanced technology 37 Extreme Actives® highperformance anti-aging cream, capable of suspending and microtargeting the greatest variety andnumber of proven actives in a single cream, a comprehensive product logically designed toaddress all the categories of skin aging. The One-Step Skincare Solution™ is the breakthroughthat revolutionizes skincare and does the thinking for you. This patented advanced creamtechnology was designed to suspend and microtarget 37 potent actives in a single cream, whichhave been proven by independent testing to deliver results in all categories of skin aging.http://www.drmacrene.comArticle Source: ====A great Collection of the best Beautyproductbrands you can find here : ====