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Barbecue Secrets


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If you like good Barbecue this E-Book is a really "Must-Have" :

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Barbecue Secrets

  1. 1. ==== ====All the secrets of a perfect BBQ you will find in this E-Cook Book : ====This is an article for people who are new to competitive barbeque and preparing for their firstcompetition. I have assembled a list of things that will keep you on top of your game and ready totake on the big boys.Obviously, your smoker!A portable pop-up tent or something to work underLights for the tent if electricity is available. If not, lanterns with batteries or a portable generatorAt least two 20 pound bags of charcoal, maybe 3 or 4 to be safe. And if at all possible, use 100%lump charcoal, not briquettes.A charcoal chimney or propane torch for lighting your fireA supply of wood for your fireA lighterAluminum foil pansHeavy duty aluminum foilHeavy duty cellophaneA couple of 5 gallon jugs full of waterA couple of plastic tubs for washing utensilsDishwashing liquidPlastic scrub brushSeveral rolls of paper towelsWet wipesBleach solution in a spray bottleLarge plastic cutting board1 or 2 long fold out tables with extensions on the legs that allow you to stand comfortably and workElectric slicerSharp knivesMeat thermometersFlashlight with extra batteriesAt least two coolers with iceHeat resistant gloves for removing hot meat from the smokerSpray bottle with plenty of apple juiceRubs, spices and saucesTongs and basting brushesPlastic bucket for brining poultrySalt for making brineBox of latex gloves for prepping meatsApronsTrash bags
  2. 2. Large zip lock bagsLawn chairs, sleeping bags & pillowsOf course, you will bring your meats, greens for the turn in boxes, beer, sodas, snacks etc. but thelist above would be considered essentials. As you grow in experience, you will begin to add thingsto this list. Good luck and have fun!For more information on barbecue secrets visit me at barbecue competition checklist.Article Source: ====All the secrets of a perfect BBQ you will find in this E-Cook Book : ====