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The Essentials of Community Building by Mack Fogelson


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Community building is not about social media. It’s about people. It’s not about how many followers you have. It’s about truly becoming a valuable brand and then building an engaged audience around it. This deck walks through three of the biggest building blocks of community: the tools, the process, and the measurement.

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The Essentials of Community Building by Mack Fogelson

  1. 1. Building Blocks The Essentials of Community Building by Mack Fogelson with
  2. 2. Building a Community is a better way to build a business. @MACKFOGELSON
  3. 3. Building a Community is not about the numbers It’s about an engaged audience. @MACKFOGELSON
  4. 4. The Key T P This indicates a resource This indicates a pro-tip This indicates a page number in our guide @MACKFOGELSON
  5. 5. The Truly Monumental Guide to Building Online Communities @MACKFOGELSON
  6. 6. The Stuff 1 2 3 The tools The process The measurement @MACKFOGELSON
  7. 7. The Tools @MACKFOGELSON
  8. 8. But Wait. Goals not Tools. Even though we’re talking tools first, always start with goals. @MACKFOGELSON
  9. 9. The Essential Community Building Tools P 32 in the Community Building guide @MACKFOGELSON
  10. 10. content SEO social & PR design & UX cmgr outreach analytics humans email mktg offline @MACKFOGELSON
  11. 11. Your #1 goal with tools Integrate all the things. @MACKFOGELSON
  12. 12. Content Have purpose in your content. Every piece of it tells your brand story. @MACKFOGELSON
  13. 13. SEO Make it easy for people to find your stuff. Optimize the entire experience. @MACKFOGELSON
  14. 14. Social Media Don’t put your focus on tools. What are you trying to accomplish? @MACKFOGELSON
  15. 15. Design & UX Provide the best possible experience. Strong design & UX builds trust. @MACKFOGELSON
  16. 16. In-Person Efforts Offline is the new online. There’s real people behind your brand. @MACKFOGELSON
  17. 17. Email Marketing One of the best ways to foster relationships and stay connected. @MACKFOGELSON
  18. 18. We’re big fans of MailChimp for Email Marketing and stuff @MACKFOGELSON
  19. 19. Targeted Outreach Just because you build it doesn’t mean they’ll come. @MACKFOGELSON
  20. 20. Use Followerwonk for targeted outreach photo credit URL goes here @MACKFOGELSON
  21. 21. Watch the Friends not Followers Hangout @MACKFOGELSON
  22. 22. Analytics Prove the value of your efforts. Make sure proper tracking is in place. @MACKFOGELSON
  23. 23. Use TrueSocialMetrics to calculate true social ROI @MACKFOGELSON
  24. 24. Give Sprout Social a try Their interface is real pretty @MACKFOGELSON
  25. 25. Community Manager Even for small communities. She can scale integrated marketing efforts. @MACKFOGELSON
  26. 26. Use Hootsuite to manage your community photo credit URL goes here @MACKFOGELSON
  27. 27. I also heart Buffer It’s great for scheduling photo credit URL goes here @MACKFOGELSON
  28. 28. But wait! There’s More Those are our staples. @MACKFOGELSON
  29. 29. T The best community building tool is YOU @MACKFOGELSON
  30. 30. Always Remember Goals not Tools Integrate, don’t silo for community building success @MACKFOGELSON
  31. 31. The Process @MACKFOGELSON
  32. 32. Community building in 5 Simple Steps @MACKFOGELSON
  33. 33. Buckle up, kids Here we go @MACKFOGELSON
  34. 34. The Actual Process of Building an Online Community P 64 in the Community Building guide @MACKFOGELSON
  35. 35. #1&2 Set Goals & KPIs @MACKFOGELSON
  36. 36. Setting Community Building Goals & KPIs P 71 in the Community Building guide @MACKFOGELSON
  37. 37. T Set goals for your whole business @MACKFOGELSON
  38. 38. Setting Goals (not Tools) as the Foundation of Your Marketing @MACKFOGELSON
  39. 39. Goals on 3 Levels 1 2 3 Revenue goals Brand goals User Experience goals|af||90163257_20131220 @MACKFOGELSON
  40. 40. Set Integrated Marketing Goals & KPIs with the SMART Framework @MACKFOGELSON
  41. 41. SMART Goals Specific Measureable Attainable Realistic Timely @MACKFOGELSON
  42. 42. Specific 10% increase in software subscriptions. 30% increase in form submissions. Thought leader on a specific topic your space. @MACKFOGELSON
  43. 43. Measureable Assign Key Performance Indicators for revenue, brand, and UX goals. @MACKFOGELSON
  44. 44. Sample KPIs Measuring revenue, brand and UX conversation, amplification, applause branded & non-branded search traffic unique visits return visits page depth revenue micro conversions decrease in bounce rate decrease in funnel abandonment rate @MACKFOGELSON
  45. 45. Measuring Community: KPIs and Social Media Metrics for Community Building @MACKFOGELSON
  46. 46. Attainable Set challenging yet attainable goals. Use data to determine trends. @MACKFOGELSON
  47. 47. Realistic Are the goals you’ve set practical? Verify for feedback & buy-in. @MACKFOGELSON
  48. 48. Timely What’s the proposed time frame? Be realistic. @MACKFOGELSON
  49. 49. T Setting goals & KPIs helps with buy-in @MACKFOGELSON
  50. 50. Got all That? I’ve got more. @MACKFOGELSON
  51. 51. #3 Develop a Strategy. @MACKFOGELSON
  52. 52. Developing Your Community Building Strategy P 81 in the Community Building guide @MACKFOGELSON
  53. 53. Start by building the foundation @MACKFOGELSON
  54. 54. Assess all the Stuff Audit the website. Conduct a content inventory. Analyze the competition. Optimize all the things. @MACKFOGELSON
  55. 55. Identify your Audience Figure out exactly who you’re talking to. Develop your persona. @MACKFOGELSON
  56. 56. The Essential Persona Lifecycle: Your Guide to Building and Using Personas ie=UTF8&qid=1386865294&sr=8-1&keywords=the+essential+persona+lifecycle @MACKFOGELSON
  57. 57. Identify your Community Use questions to identify seeds. @MACKFOGELSON
  58. 58. How to Identify an Online Community for your Business @MACKFOGELSON
  59. 59. Questions For identifying community seeds who do you respect in your industry (companies & people)? what industries would you like to serve? who are your partners? to which organizations do you belong? what blogs (industry or otherwise) do you read? whose advice do you follow when you make business decisions? what events do you attend? @MACKFOGELSON
  60. 60. Develop your Engagement Pipeline Keep track of all the people and things. @MACKFOGELSON
  61. 61. The Mack Web Engagement Pipeline Spreadsheet @MACKFOGELSON
  62. 62. Hold a Strategy Jam Use the idea bucket. Come to the jam prepared. @MACKFOGELSON
  63. 63. T Plan strategy for 90 days not 12 months @MACKFOGELSON
  64. 64. T Prioritize short-term wins to earn trust @MACKFOGELSON
  65. 65. Do you need a Snack? You’re almost there. @MACKFOGELSON
  66. 66. #4 Execute that Strategy. @MACKFOGELSON
  67. 67. Executing Your Community Building Strategy photo credit URL goes here P 97 in the Community Building guide @MACKFOGELSON
  68. 68. Remember these 3 important things. @MACKFOGELSON
  69. 69. Start Today Don’t wait for perfect conditions to build your community. They don’t exist. @MACKFOGELSON
  70. 70. Focus on Engagement Remember it’s not about you. Be customer and value-centric. @MACKFOGELSON
  71. 71. Building Community with Value photo credit URL goes here @MACKFOGELSON
  72. 72. Make it a Team Effort Great community building comes from the stuff your whole team reads and writes. @MACKFOGELSON
  73. 73. The Mack Web Community Management Knowledge Spreadsheet @MACKFOGELSON
  74. 74. You just have One more to go. @MACKFOGELSON
  75. 75. #5 Analyze your Efforts. @MACKFOGELSON
  76. 76. Analyze Your Community Building Efforts P 115 in the Community Building guide @MACKFOGELSON
  77. 77. Always bring it back to Goals and KPIs, too @MACKFOGELSON
  78. 78. Standups. Have them weekly. Keep everyone accountable & engaged. @MACKFOGELSON
  79. 79. Meetings. Have them monthly. So that you can communicate progress on goals. @MACKFOGELSON
  80. 80. Make sure you’re using the Data to effect change. h/t @dohertyjf @MACKFOGELSON
  81. 81. And that’s the Community Building process @MACKFOGELSON
  82. 82. Good work. Glad you made it through. @MACKFOGELSON
  83. 83. Remember this is a guide Community building is different for everyone @MACKFOGELSON
  84. 84. The Measurement @MACKFOGELSON
  85. 85. You’ll need to have the buy-in conversation. @MACKFOGELSON
  86. 86. Communicate expectations on progress 90/6/12 and Return on Investment (ROI) @MACKFOGELSON
  87. 87. 90 days Expectations on Progress & ROI The entire team (internal & external) is moving forward as a unified group (same page, working toward the same goals) A routine has been established (everyone knows what’s being done and who’s responsible) We’re beginning to build a foundation and establish trust and authority in the right places (with the right people) @MACKFOGELSON
  88. 88. 90 days Expectations on Progress & ROI We’re testing and experimenting in all channels to determine what’s working We’re engaging with existing customers and leveraging other existing audiences and communities on and offline @MACKFOGELSON
  89. 89. 6 months Expectations on Progress & ROI We’re continuing to test and experiment in all channels Typically there is a noticeable increase in conversation, amplification, applause, and social referral traffic We now have a baseline of data illustrating trends @MACKFOGELSON
  90. 90. 6 months Expectations on Progress & ROI We’re expanding our audience and building reach through strategic campaigns and targeted engagement Outreach efforts begin to open up; we’ve established some trust and authority that earns opportunities in the space @MACKFOGELSON
  91. 91. 12 months Expectations on Progress & ROI Momentum is becoming more natural; traffic has increased consistently and social continues to build quality relationships and present opportunities The possibility of events and partnerships may open up (e.g. speaking at conferences, collaboration with influencers and partners) @MACKFOGELSON
  92. 92. 12 months Expectations on Progress & ROI We have year/year data available We can use the trust we’ve established in the brand to begin pushing endeavors by using more creative content, bigger content, and asking more of our relationships @MACKFOGELSON
  93. 93. Measurement is a conversation of value @MACKFOGELSON
  94. 94. The value you’re adding to the entire brand. @MACKFOGELSON
  95. 95. See, Think, Do: A Content, Marketing, Measurement Business Framework by Avinash Kaushik photo credit URL goes here @MACKFOGELSON
  96. 96. What “see” Means Get your brand, products, and content in front of your target customers so that they can begin to trust you. @MACKFOGELSON
  97. 97. What “think” Means Do such an incredible job with the experience that customers keep you in mind when it’s time to buy. @MACKFOGELSON
  98. 98. What “do” Means Only a small portion of users actually ever fall into this category. The experience must be everywhere. @MACKFOGELSON
  99. 99. Sample KPIs Measuring revenue, brand and UX conversation, amplification, applause branded & non-branded search traffic unique visits return visits page depth revenue micro conversions decrease in bounce rate decrease in funnel abandonment rate @MACKFOGELSON
  100. 100. Our Experience with See, Think, Do: a Reporting Framework photo credit URL goes here @MACKFOGELSON
  101. 101. Proving Community ROI takes longer @MACKFOGELSON
  102. 102. The Wrap-up @MACKFOGELSON
  103. 103. The Tools. You, that’s right, YOU! You’re the best community building tool you’ve got. @MACKFOGELSON
  104. 104. The Process. Goals not tools. Always start from goals and remember this is about people. @MACKFOGELSON
  105. 105. The Measurement. Communicate value. Prioritize short-term wins to earn trust. @MACKFOGELSON
  106. 106. Stuff B @mackwebteam L G @MACKFOGELSON
  107. 107. More Stuff B @OpenView_Labs @MACKFOGELSON