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How to Build an Online Community for Your Business


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Building a community around your brand is one of the best ways to build your business online. All it takes is some targeted goals, a strong strategy, and a whole lot of hard work and passion. Just remember to put your focus on goals, not tools to build a brand of awesomeness.

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How to Build an Online Community for Your Business

  1. 1. How to build an onlinecommunity for your business by Mackenzie Fogelson, Mack Web Solutions @mackfogelson Tweet with Mozinar attendees: #mozinar Technical problems or feedback: Please email
  3. 3. SEO CONTINUES TO CHANGE daily IF YOu are not already working on adapting, today’s the day. it’s time.MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  4. 4. Build a community to weather algorithms because those suckers are always fluctuating.MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  5. 5. Build a community to add equity and more value to your business. that means more traffic & leads, too.MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  6. 6. Build a community to have purpose so that you matter vs. just being online, because everyone else is.MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  7. 7. Build a community to stand outbecause this process is something that pushes you to differentiate your business. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  8. 8. Build a community to put the focuson goals not toolsWhich is where it should be.because you want to grow your business.not just rank for keywords. @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  9. 9. don’t get me wrong, you need tools like seo, social media, content marketing, email marketing & other stuff, too. @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  10. 10. just remember to stay focused on what’s really important which is building a better business. @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  11. 11. we know this works because we tested this out on ourselves @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  12. 12. and now our clients are starting to experience similar success. @mackfoglesonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  13. 13. so it’s time tosharewhat has worked so that youcan try it on for size. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson 13
  14. 14. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  15. 15. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  16. 16. let’s break it down into stages so that you can build a ginormous community around your business. @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  17. 17. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  18. 18. focus on the goals you have for your whole business, not just for seo or social media or content or marketing. @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  19. 19. Think about these importantquestions what makes your company unique? why do you care? what do you want to build? who do you want to build it for? @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  20. 20. when yougrow upwhat do you wanna be? MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson 20
  21. 21. What makes your company unique? try things like: analyze your competition define your usp @mackfogELson @mackfoglesonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  22. 22. Why do you care? think about this: besides money, what’s important? what drives your passion? @mackfogELson @mackfoglesonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  23. 23. What do you want to build? marinate on this: what’s your vision? think both short & long term @mackfogELson @mackfoglesonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  24. 24. Who do you want to build it for? please remember: every person is not your customer it helps to build some personae understand your conversion funnel @mackfogELson @mackfoglesonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  25. 25. now it’s time to identify your goals for your entire business. start with just a few. @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  26. 26. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  27. 27. you’ve gotta have the right TEAM who want to be part of this if you want it to be successful.MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  28. 28. you’ve got to have A team of people who are passionateand committed to seeing this thing through - even when it’s tough - so that you don’t give up.MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  29. 29. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  30. 30. lots of roles to consider project manager community manager strategist designer seo content developer email marketer Outreacher readers & learners PR-Er @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  31. 31. Don’t just assign team members,elect the right onesone person cannot carry all the weight.Can’t be interns or short-timers.don’t silo internal & External teams. @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  32. 32. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  33. 33. a strategy is what will help you to achieve your goals by breaking them down into actionable, chewable pieces that can be measured. @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  34. 34. Start with some preliminarydiscovery workTHe what: Campaignsthe when: calendarthe how: ongoing efforts @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  35. 35. Campaigns arethe what what’s going to need to be created in order to accomplish your goals? @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  36. 36. Your execution calendar isthe when high level: plan for 2-3 months & coordinate all vehicles. detail level: execute efforts & work together to meet deadlines. @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  37. 37. Planning for ongoing efforts isthe how [1] stay accountable [2] analyze your efforts [3] always revisit goals [4] make strategy changes [5] push forward @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  38. 38. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  39. 39. you’ve gotta take the time to set the team up for success by addressing fears, concerns & resistance. @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  40. 40. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  41. 41. Before you even get started, answer thesequestions why are we doing this? how much work is involved? when will we see results? @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  42. 42. Why are we doing this? build confidence this isn’t just about social media we’re working toward goals that will help us grow our business @mackfogELson @mackfoglesonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  43. 43. How much work is involved? convey purpose we have a strategy that is driving us toward our goals we are going to rely on ongoing training @mackfogELson @mackfoglesonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  44. 44. When will we see results? be realistic discuss short & long term expectations understand importance of commitment, consistency & passion @mackfogELson @mackfoglesonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  45. 45. Most importantly,disrupt your routinecreate a new routine.commit to learning & growing.tap into your endurance. @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  46. 46. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  47. 47. your number one goal is to provide The bestcustomer experience that you can possibly provide.MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  48. 48. In order to do this, you have tolearn continuouslyso that you can be creative, innovative & that you have cool things to that you can open up opportunities that didn’t exist. @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  49. 49. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  50. 50. so step away from your computer and meet peoplemake new friends, find someone to mentor you, build relationships with super cool people & companies. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  51. 51. then go back to your computer and read a lot awesome stuff inside & outside of your industry. cool stuff that will open up your world.MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  52. 52. all of this stuff is what manifests serendipityand although you can’t measure that, it’s what ends upmaking the biggest difference when building community. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  53. 53. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  54. 54. blog posts, video, graphics, audio & resources are all valuethat’s the stuff that attracts people to your business, your brand & your community. @mackfogELson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  55. 55. The value that you generate needs to focus onyour customerso that it is useful & that they know you that it also earns links. @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  56. 56. In general, you need content that’sfoundational this is the static stuff on your website that explains who you are & what you do. @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  57. 57. But you also need content that iscommunity building this is the dynamic stuff on your blog that is less about what you do & more about what you know. @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  58. 58. And don’t forget about working onpre-outreach you can survey people, engage on social media & get feedback before you create your content. @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  59. 59. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  60. 60. now here’s where the good stuff happens share all the valuebut remember that the focus is on the customer. It’s not about you. @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  61. 61. so i encourage you to use the80/20 rule80% share other people’s great stuff20% share your own remarkable things MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson 61
  62. 62. Whatever your ratio is, rememberit’s not about youcurate other people’s great stuff.Leverage relationships with would-be competitors.test out what works best for your community. @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  63. 63. And don’t forget aboutoutreach all those friends you’re making? this is where you let them know you have good stuff to share. @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  64. 64. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  65. 65. once your community is underway,build & foster its growth. this is ongoing and never, ever ends.MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  66. 66. Don’t forget toget in thereyou & your team are part of your community, too.contribute & engage on a genuine level. @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  67. 67. work to build a thriving community listen & respond feature people in your community acknowledge the awesome hold events help each other be human give back @mackfogELsonMACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  68. 68. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  69. 69. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  70. 70. and last but certainly not least measure and analyze all of your hard work. and then don’t forget to tell people about it.MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  71. 71. You want to make sure tocommunicateweekly: stand-upsbi-weekly: pushesmonthly: reportsquarterly: strategy @mackfogELson @mackfogleson MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  72. 72. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  73. 73. always bring everything back to your goalsillustrate how your efforts have been working towards the objectives you’ve set out for the company. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  74. 74. make sure that youuse the datadon’t just collect it. analyze it and put it to work. make changes based on what you know.MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  75. 75. MACK WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  76. 76. in case you want to learn more, here’s a link bundle WEB SOLUTIONS @mackfogELson
  78. 78. Q&A Time! @mackfogelson