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A Community Collaboration Framework


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Cultivating a community is hard work. This short presentation to the Larimer County Workforce Investment Board (with the Workforce 2020 Initiative) provides insight into 3 community building lessons that provide a framework for success.

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A Community Collaboration Framework

  1. 1. A Community Collaboration Framework Workforce Investment Board December 11, 2013 36/40ff36c85a756fc6376fba815d356afc.jpg @MACKFOGELSON
  2. 2. COMMUNITY IS A place to find common ground @MACKFOGELSON
  3. 3. COMMUNITY IS Something you can rely on @MACKFOGELSON
  4. 4. COMMUNITY IS A forum for contribution @MACKFOGELSON
  5. 5. LET’S TALK Community Building @MACKFOGELSON
  6. 6. Be a Resource - for job seekers & employers - WORKFORCE 2020 - - for youth assessing job & career options @MACKFOGELSON
  7. 7. It’s NOT about you. @MACKFOGELSON
  8. 8. What does your community need? @MACKFOGELSON
  9. 9. Surveys INTERVIEWS Meet-ups Email FOCUS GROUPS Social media All you have to do is ask. @MACKFOGELSON
  10. 10. It takes both on & offline efforts. @MACKFOGELSON
  11. 11. Community starts with people. f3/50c5f3be3a99907c7053616e48ffc3c4.jpg @MACKFOGELSON
  12. 12. Find Other Communities Leverage the groups of people that already exist. @MACKFOGELSON
  13. 13. It’s about GOALS not tools. @MACKFOGELSON
  15. 15. Content SOCIAL MEDIA SEO & PPC Face-to-Face Email Marketing PR Just remember there are no tricks. It’s really just about people. @MACKFOGELSON
  16. 16. Community building is hard work. It requires time, consistency, dilligence & the human element. @MACKFOGELSON
  17. 17. Blog Website Guide @MACKFOGELSON